University of Maine Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


the kind of person on a tight budget


You should attend UMaine if you can embrase the cold and also want oppurtunites to grow in yourself and find your future in the most fufilling way possible.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who loves being around people who have pride in their school and love going their. Stepping on the UMaine campus, it was such a positive vibe and being a cheerleader, there was so much pride in their school. Throughout the campus they have bear paws on the walls and even on the pavement as you walk to class. I m very excited to be attending UMaine in the fall.


Any person could attend this school since it is so diverse. You should be hard working but like to have fun as well as the university offers quite a few 'out side of class' activities for students.


A person willing to recieve a great education and experience. It's the best first step in the outside world, and the University of Maine prepares you for it. It has a very nice atmopsphere. People are friendly the staff and teachers are the best at what they do, and it is a place anyone can attend because it isn't focused around a specific major, its for anyone.


Anyone who doesn't mind a friendly campus with alot of stuff to do at any given time. Not many local hotspots off campus, but on campus there is plenty of stuff to do.


To be honest, UMaine has a lot of drinking/partying going on, so only people who can handle that sort of thing without losing control should go there. Have fun but don't die of alcohol poisoning etc. The engineering school is really good, and of course so are the athletics.


The type of person that should attend this school is a motivated people who whats to get a good education.


The kind of person who ought to attend the University of Maine is one who likes to learn, likes to have fun, and likes nature. The campus, like the rest of Maine, is picturesque and beautiful all year round, and there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in it.


Lots of students here are in engineering majors. I think that if that was a field you wanted to go into this would be a great school. I would not go here if you were very much into the liberal arts because those programs are being cut due to budget concernes.


Any person looking to be accepted and feel comfortable should attend this school. The University of Maine is very welcoming and open to everybody. I feel right at home here and would not want to be anywhere else. The people are extremely friendly which creates a warm, sociable feeling. Anybody looking for an excellent education is also encouraged to attend this school. The courses are challenging and rewarding all in one . Any person looking to meet new, interesting, kindhearted people and exciting adventure should attend school here. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anybody.


Someone that wants to go to a University that is not too big or too small. Someone that wants a lot of options available to them.


To attend the University of Maine, it takes a person with immense motivation - for that boring literature one has to read for his/her class , self-discipline - which ties in with time management skills to get work done on time and still do extracurriculars, and then of course social skills - to make all those life-long friendships get along with one's roommate.


A person should attend this school if they dont mind snow, but also if they would like a unique experience. This school offers a cozzy community that a person who likes a warming hello would thrive in.


The kind of persont hat should attent the University of Maine is one that enjoys outdoors, possibly snow, and a great environment. The person has to like a medium sized school.


You should come to UMaine with an open mind and a heart filled with passion, UMaine is full of people from each and every walk of life, if you love sports, music, theater, arts, science, engineering, animals, kids, research, computers or anything really, UMaine has it-here you can find/explore all of your passions, so be ready and be passionate!


Personally and socially responsible. Very aware of their environmetal footprint. People who ae willing to help others and continue to do so after graduation.


A Umaine Black Bear is unique and looks out for everyone's best interest, no matter how well they know them or don't. A Black Bear has spunk and spirit and shows them both all the time. They are hard working and dedicated, they expect nothing less then their personal best. They know when you say Maine Black Bears, YOU SAY IT ALL!


Someone who is focused and would like to futher their education.


Someone outgoing, friendly, focused and work-oriented. Someone who can balance a social life and an academic life easily. The school's academic programs are extremely well designed, and can cater to anyone. All kinds of people can very easily fit in there. There are groups and clubs for every type of person. It's a wonderful place to be!


The type of person that should attend the University of Maine is an outgoing student who knows what they want to do. They should aso be interested in outdoor activities and working towards a green campus.


someone interested in either forestry of engineering


Just about anyone. This is a very diverse school and people are generally well accepted. I do not live on campus however, and that may have a rather large impact on acceptence.


Some one who is laid back, focused and driven and who is willing to meet new people and try new things.


A person who has goals and is driven to acheive academically. The education offered here is good, if you take the time to listen and actually do well in your classes you will learn a lot and be able to be successful when you graduate.


A person who is interested in research and/or the fields of forestry and engineering would do well at Umaine. Also, people who want a friendly campus wouldn't be able to find a friendlier one than this school. Umaine has the added benefit of being not too far from all sorts of outdoors recreational activities--skiing, hiking, the coast--making it good for people who like the outdoors.


I think a person who enoys the outdoors would be best suited to attend the University of Maine. There are so mnay outdoor excursion opportunities on campus and the surrounding areas. Also, if you're interested in business or engineering, those programs are very strong.


The best person to attend the University of Maine would be either someone interested in the engineering department or someone who fits the "hippie" image. If you are artsy or science oriented you would do well here.