University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


there are very few professor that work their full time, and i was fortunate enough to have one of them, there are professor who will just teach any subject to any one.


My classmates are kind, generous, fun, energetic, enthusiatic, helpful, amazing people.


Friendly loving peple, who have a relationship with Jeus Christ


My class mates are unique in different aspects to create a diverse classroom that maximizes the potential learning environment.


Classmates at UMHB are easy-going, kind, helpful, and approachable.


I only know a few people at UMHB.. unfortunately they have already graduated. I must say they are very strong in their faith...and have told me that UMHB was the best place to go.


A dittohead mob with a few decent people under the current.


The diverse group of classmates that attend UMHB are crazy-happy, high on school spirit, determined, and love the Lord.


Some of them are out going and others are people that keep to themselves, but everyone is really nice.