University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Everyone is welcome here! Come if you're willing to study, want to have fun, live on a beautiful campus, meet new people and enjoy your college experience.


Someone who is committed religiously is going to have a much easier time finding friends and social events to get involved in that won't lead to trouble.


The type of person who should attend the University of Mary Hardin Baylor is one that will be very dedicated to their school work and their future career because this University has fairly difficult course requirements. Also this University has very strong roots in religion so you should have good morals and be willing to follow their rules even if you are not necessarily a Christian. This University has a lot of social aspects which helps students meet many new people. Also this university is very easy to work with on getting help when it is needed.


A friendly person who is looking for school community to connec with and make memories with. While the school may seem small, it really is the perfect size! If you love being around people and a friendy atmosphere, there is plenty to do to get involved! It doesn't displace you out of your comfort zone too much, it adds to the person you are and the person you will become while attending UMHB.


To attend UMHB you should be a student willing to fill out scholarships and willing to apply yourself to make the expensive tuition worth your every penny. Be active in your faith what ever it may be, we have a wide diversity here on campus. You must be able to get things done when they need to be done, do not just do the bare minimum, try to do the best you can as a student and as a person.


to attend this school you need to enjoy religion, small communities, sports, and small classes. People are easy to meet and become friends with. If you struggle with making new friends, you won't have a problem here. Academic based students attend this school, we are very serious about our education and goals for life and careers.


Students who want exposure to a small, community-minded, Christian community


A very, very religious and conservative person


A person that is close with their family and is a strong Christian/Southern Baptist/Conservative


Some one who attends UMHB should want to learn. It is a small school, so a person should be okay with a smaller campus. They should be able be non-judgemental; willing to get along with those who are different. Being friendly helps, but even if they are not outgoing it is easy to make friends at UMHB. As they are dedicated to acheiving their goals and have a good heart, they will like it there.