University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The oportunities to travel and to study abroad are amazing. There are several trips that a student can go on that will earn them credit for school and there are also great oportunities for service trips such as going to Haiti or to other developing countries.


The classes are small, and all of my teachers learned my name. The professors seem to be there for teaching, and are not distracted by all of the research requirements that some bigger universities require. They seemed to care whether I passed the course, and that was good, because I did too! I even attended a Christmas Party hosted by the Department Head. He invited all of his students and faculty in the department to the party at his house.


I really love the small class sizes infused with the religious side of things. I can have one on one learning with a teacher that knows me by name and can share a passion for fatih.


The best thing about my school is that it is a small school where everyone is extremely nice. The classrooms are small and the enviroment is psychological safe. All of the students and faculty are diverse, open, and very helpful. This made my transition from a community college to a university very easy. I witnessed a car accident today and everyone in the fifty foot vicinity ran over to help. I feel safe and nurtured at this school


My school is small with small class sizes. That allows plenty of individual attention from the professors. My school also offers unlimited tutoring which is included in the tuition. There is a lot of comraderie among the students and you tend to make friends for life.


The best thing about this school is knowing that your professors will do everything they can you help you along the way. There are study groups and you can actually call most professors if you really need help. I went to a community college for summer classes and the professors just did not care. UMHB wants each student to succeed.


It is small and easy to get adjusted to. Everyone is nice and helpful. The administration does really well to keep the students sheltered.


The best thing about the school is the faculty, classroom size, and the friends you make. The faculty are very personable, the small classroom size allows for greater student input and more involvment. Depending on what sort of clique you best jive with, this school offers exceptionally great friends.


Tight-knit community. This is awesome because you feel like you know everyone.