University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


the girls are all lesbians, there are no guys, the parties suck, and the people are all socially awkward


Homogenous student body, not a party school, students tend to clique together, preppy


We are all white girls.


That we are a suitcase school and that people like to go home on the weekends.


Well one common misconception is always that it is an all girls school. False! I suppose the only stereotype I can come up with is that we're all the same, not very diverse.


Many people say that UMW isn't diverse enough.


that it's closed off from the community. that nothing goes on at UMW.


Some stereotypes are that a lot of UMW students go home on the weekends because some say there is not much to do. People might also think that since there is no football team that the sports aren't that great at UMW.


That the student body population is all-female; a stigma created from the former years of UMW being the women's school of UVA. Also, a large stereotype that all the students are white, with little to no diversity on campus.


A lot of people think that UMW is still all girls or at least mostly girls. I guess that some people still believe that a lot of "preps" go to UMW.


1. UMW is one of the least diverse schools, and I think people draw conclusions based on that fact. 2. Everyone is preppy.


Mostly white and preppy


They are stuck up/all preppy, we only care about our grades and not about having fun


Most everyone is wealthy and white. The girls are not good looking despite the high female to male ratio


All women's school, very boring and non-college town, very 'frumpy' students (lazy, unprofessional, especially outward appearance).


There's no partying / drinking / fun.


I can't even remember how many times I've been asked "Mary Washington.. is that the all girls school?" No, it's not an all girl's school, but it does have the stereotype. Another common thought about UMW is that it is the "reject school" for the people who did not get into William and Mary or UVA. And, I'm sure there are stereotypes of UMW students, but I have yet to be informed of these. The students at Mary Washington vary too much to form a stereotype -- from the drama kids to the science geeks, to the preppy people and the punks with dreads.


not diverse and pulled from public schools


The biggest stereotypes about Mary Wash. is that we are a small school in a town where there is nothing to do, and that all the students are predominately Caucasian.


Not multicultural. Not a lot of boys.


rejects from uva, william & mary and any other "good" school


Many think that UMW is an all girls college or that most of the students are girls. Before coming to UMW, I heard that there were a lot of commuter students and that most people go home on the weekends. Another stereotype is that because we're not a big school/don't have frats or sororities that the campus is boring.


Umw girls are busted (ugly) umw students aren't very intelligent umw students are all goody-goodys the girls are all lesbians or feminists


There are no minorities, that its just a white middle class school, there are no parties and everyone just studies all the time, there are no guys at UMW


That it is a suitcase school, everyone goes home on the weekends, and that it is full of lesbians and gay guys.


All white, no diversity


That we are a very preppy, rich, slightly snobby class of white upperclass children.


UMW is small, so a lot of people think our school is dull, as in zero fun stuff to do on the weekends due to students returning home whenever they can.


There are way more girls than there are guys, the food is crappy, and the dorms suck.


Being a UMW student myself, I'm not sure exactly how we are perceived by the surrounding community. I do know that there are jokes about how UMW stands for 'University of Mostly Whites', but other than that I'm not sure.


Well, apparently everyone thinks that the entire female population consists of lesbians. Also people think that everyone goes home on the weekends because there is nothing to do in Fredericksburg.


Many complain about the lack of student diversity. Most students are middle class, white, who didn't get into UVA. Many complain about the town of Fredericksburg, the lack of school spirit, food, housing, and small size.


A lot of people see MW as a stuck-up, conservative white commuter southern school. When I transferred to UMW half-way through my freshman year, a girl at JMU where I was transferring from said to me, "Mary Washington? Why would you want to go there? I've heard it's full of all these liberal hippie California lesbian girls," so I guess there is that stereotype, too! Another big stereotype is that UMW students don't like to party -- that it's a nerd school where no one does anything but study. That's probably the one I've encountered the most.


Students are those that couldn't get into UVA. We are really small. There's nothing to do on campus and there are no good parties because there aren't any frats. We are over-run with squirrels.


that it is the university of mostly whites, which it is. There are either artsy people or jocks at the school, not really anything between.


That they're boring, and or that Fredericksburg is a boring place to live, with nothing to do.


I'd say the biggest stereotype is that UMW students go there either (A) Because they didn't get into UVA or William & Mary or (B) They go there for the low in-state tuition. Other than those big two, the stereotypes are that UMW is a commuter school, and that we don't have a big weekend "party" scene.


Rich white girls, popped collars


they are all white, are racist, and gay


That there are more girls than boys, and that all the girls are sluts and the are either in a relationship, gay or assholes. Usually i got asked if it was an all-girls school.


They are all the same, typically female and white and either from VA or Jersey.


A lot of people think that UMW is filled with a bunch of preppie, upperclass students. It's seen as a racially homogenous university. Also, UMW is supposedly filled with those who weren't smart enough to get into William and Mary or UVA. Some people in my hometown, who didn't know any better, asked me if it was a private, all girls college. Also, perhaps because UMW is only 1/3 male, the males have been seen as not being as well qualified as the girls. Another common stereotype is that it is "Mary Washington High School."


Not a good social scene and not fun party school.


Boring, pretty and preppy, athletic, studious


I actually don't hear many stereotypes about UMW Students. I've heard yuppie, I've heard stuck up, and I've heard liberal.


That it's a pack-up and go school (for weekends) because there is nothing happening on campus That we're all Willam and Mary or UVA rejects


pretentious, everything given to them, all white, all girls


Upper Middle Class White Conservatives


lots of gay guys hahaha. but the people are really nice i mad some friends and some enimies, but mostly what i can say i that i made some of the best friends. people think that umw is a small school well i beg to differ. i meet new people all the time and there is nothing wrong with a small school


A lot of girls

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