University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about UMW is how much of a facade the school creates for incoming students. The university values students who will participate in athletics or declare as business majors at the expense of other students who wanted to have a different experience from big state schools. In a nut shell, UMW is a school that is trying way too hard to become a household name and is losing its good reputation as a well-rounded and low-cost education because of it.


The increasing student population and the expansion of the school.


Less hands-on experience.


Well this school is great but has one little annoyance I am a woman of color and I saw that University of Mary Washington had advertise a lot of diversity that went to the school, for example on their website and almost all of their pamphlets so I assumed that Mary Washington had like twenty percent of diversity. Once i got to the school it was more like five percent, I was very annoyed but not enough to leave the school.


We are not particularly wheelchair accessable. While we have paths that claim to be so, however, Mary Wash is situated on a slope that yields steep paths and the way they were built is to be very narrow.


The worst thing would probably that events arent publicized as well as they should be so sometimes cool events happen and you arent aware so you miss out.


The worst thing about Mary Washington is the freshman housing situation. The dorms are just fine, but the problem is that there are several smaller dorms that are spread around campus. This tends to separate the freshmen classes into their separate dorms and makes it more difficult to meet as many people as possible.


I have only been at college for a short time...and I have had no experience that has made me hate it, or even consider transfering or "taking a break" but I guess one thing that is frustrating is the dining hall schedules. The main dining hall closes a little early (8:00?)...I wish it was open later.


Many people have never heard about Mary Washington. Also, there is not a football team at Mary Washington to bring the students together.


The worst thing about attending University of Mary Washington is there is no activities planned on the weekends and not much student interaction with one another. It is a pretty large campus and difficult to meet new people with no activities going on.


The worst thing about my school is its size. The campus is fairly large, but the population is only about 4,000. I love large schools and I wish I had more classmates to interact and learn with. A smaller population can be limiting and provide inadequate social skills and life lessons that would be useful in the future.


One of the bad things about this college, ironically, was also one of the major aspects that coaxed my decision of attending it: the campus. When I first visited Mary Washington, I fell in love with the scenery and size of the campus. The greenery is ever-appeasing during the stressful weeks of finals and the neoclassicism-inspired builduings create a very peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, after repeatedly seeing these buildings and with the lack of off-campus activity due to the isolation of the school, this peaceful atmosphere is gradually distorted into a unpleasantly presented still life painting.


The facilities are in active renovation, but alot has to be done. They spend alot of money renevating the campus, but don't pay attention as much to the interior of the buildings.


There really isn't anything that I can think of. Our school is pretty unified and the professors are great. There isn't really even one thing I can pick out that I truly dislike about my school.


The worst thing about the school i attend is that it is not enough diversity of cultures. The majority race is White American.


I can't think of anything bad to say about my school.


The worst thing about my school would be since we are are a division three school and we don't have a football team, the school spirit is rather lacking at times.


I have just transferred from liberty University to this school and as such I do not have experience with this current school.


Mary Washington, how I loathed thee, let me list the ways: lack of diversity, lack of classes, no minors, limited extracurriculars, limited internet connection, poor parking, poor transportation to both Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Virginia, the administration's inability and / or its unwillingness to work with the student body, and, my personal favorite, the food.


Administration is always friendly but not always organized.


There aren't enough guys at UMW, but I know that admissions is trying hard to boost the male population.


The food because it could be better. There could be more variety and healthier choices.


The administration's agenda does not always match up with students' needs and concerns.


I do wish there was a greater variety of foods available; there is only two places on campus I can use my meal plan and after two years, I am getting weary of the same foods.


That unlike some university we do not have seperate schools within the University of Mary Washington for particular majors. For example, it would be nice to have a Business and/or Education schools. It would allow more focus and emphasis on these subjects and broaden the majors that the school now offers.


The campus is predominantly white, which doesn't really promote the school well enough to those of other ethnicities. Also the campus doesn't have enough housing on campus for students that many are put into forced triples. And the off-campus housing tends to be quite far away meaning you need a car and the school doesn't help students in finding decent off-campus housing.


No hang-outs. People either gather in dorm rooms or people's off-campus houses. There is hardly anything to do on weekends, especially nights, if you don't have a car. The things nearby are shops and stores, and these close early (9 PM), and besides, not everyone likes shopping. There need to be more community events in Fredericksburg, especially more things to do other than shops and movies. Also, an entrance fee may be a deterant, but the smaller the better. It would also be nice to visit other schools and cities for a weekend. City exchange perhaps?


I love that we have such small sized classes, but it makes getting into classes difficult. Getting into certain courses is impossible unless you are an upperclassman.


The professors, and the classes/type of classes they teach are the worst. Like I said a lot of the classes you are required to take, and pay for books, and tuition for are repetitive classes you have already had throughout public/private school career. The rest are simply absurd. The professors aren't helpful, and don't answer questions. My science professor even stole my entire research project (and method I had created), after I had it approved by him, as a class assignment. Another claimed that one 'theme' was wrong when it just restated an identical correct one.


The worst thing about Mary Washington is that there is not enough diversity. Our school is very homogenous. Most of our school is made up of white females. I wish I had more friends and classmates that were less like me.


The school won't make rugby a varsity sport, so there's no scholarships for playing and the school only gives minimal financial assistance, like it does to clubs on campus.