University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that should not attend this college would be someone who enjoys large sporting events or wants to attend a largely diverse college.


If you are looking at UMW only because of its low price, consider other schools within your ideal price range. UMW offers little to none of its own money to students, leaving financially needy students to take federal and/or private loans.


Students who are concerned with a heavily sports influenced college experience should not attend Mary Washington. The school does not have a football team, and while there are varsity sports available, there is not very much school pride at Mary Washington. In addition, there are limitted student organizations to join, and the majority of social interactions revolve around the small amount of parties on weekends, or dorm drinking.


Someone who is conservative and very interested in school spirit.


If you're looking for a big school with a variety of sports and the traditional Greek life, UMW is not for you. It does not have a football team so a student who likes that atmosphere might want to look elsewhere. UMW is also not a party school. Students here are serious and are not looking for an easy ride. Students have fun but it is not what movies make out college to be., so don't be surprised!


Those who are not willing to devote most of the part of the day to studying and being involved in other experiences that will help a future carrer in education.


Someone who likes a busy and crowded enviroment should not attend Mary Washington.


People who like a big school with a lot of students. People who dont like to go outside and look at the beautiful campus.


People who are not serious about school should not attend, the workload will throw you back if you are not prepared.


I think that anyone looking for a party school should consider not attending the University of Mary Washington. Though there are parties at UMW, our school is very serious about academics and if students are not careful, they can easily lose focus, and once that happens, it is often difficult to catch up.


Someone who is interested in Greek Life, Football, or a big city. Fredericksburg is a medium sized historical town, with Div III sports, no football team, and no fraternities or sororities. Also, there are a lot of General Education requirements, because it is a liberal arts school. So if you are not interested in taking a little bit of everything, you shouldn't apply. Despite any reputation UMW may have, pretty much everyone fits in here and finds their crowd - but the school is unfortunately not very ethnically diverse.


a normal person.


Someone used to a big city might not do well here.


Someone who wants to party instead of learn. Also, people who want nothing but to go to football games on the weekend.