University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the "big happy family" atmosphere that the school has. Because our campus is realitively small, and has extremely small class sizes, people get to meet and know more people quickly than you would at a larger university. This allows for the students and faculty to get to know each other on a much more personal level and helps to give the school a great sense of community and school pride.


The community. We're a smaller school, and sometimes it can feel like everyone knows everyone, but we're not THAT small. We are, however, a close-knit community, often like a family--not only in the warmth, support, and love that that implies but also the drama.


The best thing about Mary Washington is the sense of community that is felt from the very first day you set foot on campus. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything and everything. It is easy to meet new people and it is easy to feel safe and comfortable on a daily basis. It is just the right size to support this tight knit community feeling.


The best thing about school is the people, and the professors! Also, I really like that the campus is small, so everything you need is accessable and not a pain to get to without having a car!


The class sizes are small, therefore, students develop intimate relationships with their professors.


The best thing about my school is how dedicated the teachers are to their students. The classroom setting is incredibly friendly and easy to interact in. The largest class consists of 60 students and even then the teacher manages to give individual attention to those struggling or falling behind.


The best thing about my university is the community.The size allows everyone to know everyone. Very Friendly.


The best thing about our school would be the size of the classes and the teachers. The classes are small enough that you know everyone but big enough that you are not consistently being called on. The teachers are always avaliable and are very good at communicating with their students. They often give out their email addresses and their extensions at school as well as office hours. Some may give our their home phone numbers and sometimes teachers will even invite students over to their houses. They make the classes a lot more interestin d and are willing to help.


A strong sense of community, even among individuals of different social groups.


UMW is small enough and caring enough that you don't get lost in the shuffle. Classes really are small, and you are in constant contact with professors, so you really learn. Socially you don't get lost in frats and crazy drinking, you meet real people and hang out with them.


small size


The best thing about my school is how whenever I'm on campus, it feels like I'm in a park.


The people and the learning environment


The best thing is that there are small classes.


tight-knit community, small classes, friendships


how approachable the professors are


The small class sizes because they allow the teacher to focus on teaching and allow the chance for more indivdual help on work.


There are to many things to choose. I Love the sports. I love the acidemics. I love the social aspects.


I am on a first name basis with many of my professors and, at least in the Geography department, it feels like the falculty cares and really wants to see their students succeed.


The campus and the professors are the greatest thing about this school. Mary Washington does a nice job for the most part with professor selection. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and is nice 99% of the time to stroll down at any point in the year.


The social atmosphere. The people are so friendly here. It's really easy to come here not knowing anyone, like I did.