University of Mary Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is nothing that is absolutely awful about the University of Mary. I would say that the worst thing is how cold it gets when walking across campus and the wind is blowing. There is absolutely nothing to block the wind so it does get bitterly cold at times.


The one thing I do not agree with at the University of Mary is some of the classes you are required to take. The worst thing about going there is taking the theology classes, catholic belief classes, and Responsible Citizenship classes. I also do not like that you have to live on Campus for 2 years if you are not from Bismarck ND or if you do not have a certain amount of credits.


The worst thing about the University of Mary is that the tuition is significantly higher than other colleges. I am a single parent and very budget-conscious. So far, I have earned three Associates of Applied Science degrees from 2-year colleges, all without burdening myself financially. In these tough times, however, I have made a conscious choice to pursue further education, i.e., take out loans, to find a good job to support my family. Although attendance here is not inexpensive, I feel that the employment opportunities will far outweigh the cost after I graduate with this degree!


The dorms are kind of depressing as they are white brick walls, but overal the college isn't a bad place.


The University of Mary is not the most diverse university. We do live in North Dakota so that definitely impacts the types of students that attend the University of Mary. Most of the studets are caucasian, some of African American, and there are a few Native American and Asian. The University of Mary is very open to different ethnicities and cultures but we just don't see much of it on campus compared to other universities.


The worst part is the cost of tuition and books. I understand that college costs money but it seems to be more expensive than it's worth. The pressure tuition puts pressure on students to get good jobs out of college to help pay for their loans, which leads students leaning more to making money out of college as opposed to getting a job that would have more of a "change the world"" motive. Also the costs of the books are ridiculous and it’s a huge injustice to charge $100 for books that we are required to have.


The worst thing about the University of Mary is that it is not located "in town." There is about a 4 mile drive to get to campus, up on the hill. This, however, is just a small inconvenience since there are necessitie immediately at the bottom of the hill.


To me, the worst thing about my school is being secluded from the city and being out on a hill. Most schools are in town so it is not necessary to have a car on campus in order to go from place to place. But the University of Mary doesn't even have a bus system that provides transportation for students to go into town so it is almost crucial to have your own car on campus, which is not always ideal.


The worst thing about my school is the coldness of the winter. On this hill in North Dakota there is a lot of wind. Other than that I love my school and am very happy with my choice to attend here.


The worst thing about my school is it seems a bit disorganized. I am also allergic to gluten and there was little they could provide for me.


There are not many terrible things about this school. The students are friendly, and the teachers are great to work with. The only concern I have is about the weather. The University of Mary is on top of a hill, and this makes it very windy. During the warm months of the year, this is ok. During the cold months, though, which covers pretty much all of the year, it can be a bother walking across campus. It is usually well below freezing. Add the wind to that factor, and it is just not a good deal.


The only real problem with my school is simply that it is in North Dakota and during the winters it gets much colder then I have ever experienced due to the fact that I lived most of my life in Hawaii.


Our campus is 5 miles out of town which makes it very hard to live off campus. On-living campus has very strict rules about curfew and drinking, and guys and girls hanging out after curfew. Sometime is hard to feel like you're an adult when you feel like you still have strict parents watching over you.


The school is located outside city limits south of town and I live at the north side of town. The worst part was having the school so far from my house.


The worst thing about this campus is the location. Our football games and track meets are across town so it makes it harder to get into the whole school spirit thing.


That is a little ways outside of town by like 5 mintues and if you don't have a car, there is no way to get into town.