University of Mary Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes a smaller school with a focus on liberal arts.


A person wanting to attend the University of Mary needs to be a hard working individual who is willing to put the time needed into their education. However, this person does not need to be a die hard student who lives to study. A student who likes to be social but also work hard on their education would be a perfect fit at this school.


Someone that wants a good academic college career and great abilities for networking and job opportunities after graduating. The university gives so many opportunities for students to go above and beyond as well as being able to accommodate to everyones' needs.


Everyone should attend this school. Christians and non-Christians alike should come here because I believe it is a great place to go to school no matter if you have a religion or not. There is all kinds of activities for people to do on campus whether your good in sports or not. Even if your shy and not very outgoing you can still find lots of fun activities to do.


Anyone who wants an indivual based education should attend this school. Because the population of Bismarck is small, the campus is smaller as well. This is actually extremely beneficial to the students because you are remembered by your instructors and can easily get one on one attention.


The University of Mary is the school for students who want a well-rounded education. Yes, this university is Catholic, but the Benedictine values it teaches can be applied to any person of any religion in any types of situations. The education I am getting is beyond compare and the students and staff truly care about our success. As far as the size of the school, it's perfect. It's big enough to accomadate my need to broaden my horizons, but small enough where I can recognize the faces I see and make many close friendships. I love it.


The type of person that wants to succeed in the world today. The University of Mary will help them acheive their goal because the faculty here is amazing. There is so much knowledge between all of them that anything that you would like to know, they will gladly tell you. And, if they do not know the answer off the top of their head, they will find the answer for you or assist you in finding the answer for you.


Personally, I think anyone can attend this school. It does not matter his or her religion. I am Catholic, but some of my closest friends are lutherans or athiest. I think that the diversity is very good, especially for a school in Bismarck, North Dakota. I think that UMary accepts people, no matter who they are, but who also have a desire to be a leader.


The type of person who should attend this University is someone who still has room to grow as a person. The University of Mary provides a beautiful enviornment to grow as a person, in knowing yourself, discovering your faith, and discovering who you want to be for the rest of your life. The staff and the students here alike are all here because they love it and strive everyday to make people who are unsure about what they are here for love it on many different levels.


People who agree with the standards, mission statement and the beliefs of the University of Mary should go to this school. If a person disagrees with the main principles of this school, then it is not the right place for him or her. Also, if the person knows what field he or she would like to go into, and the University has it, then the school is probably a good fit. This school is a good fit for many students, especially the ones that agree with the previous statements.


There are many options for prospective Physical Therapy and Nursing students. The music program is excellent, an aspiring music teacher would have an excellent start into the teaching profession.


The University of Mary offers community as well as a good environment for learning. The kind of person that should attend this school would be one that would like a smaller school that still offers opportunities to advance acedemically. The Benedictine values are shown and there are many activities here that can help strengthen one's faith. It is also nice for those students who what more one on one contact with their instructors.


Someone who is intrested in a medical or therapy degree. I think that this school has a lot to offer as far as medicine goes. Although The University of Mary offers a lot of other majors that aren't medical too.


This school is in a small town, but I have been very impressed at how diverse the University of Mary really is. They seem to really embrace all people from all walks of life. I am a non-traditional student and this university was much more accepting of me than my previous university.