University of Mary Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As the University of Mary is a private Catholic university, those who have a strong religious aversion to the display of religious materials may not have a great experience.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend the University of Mary is someone not willing to try new things and expand their horizons. UMary provides a plethora of student activities to get students out of their dorm rooms and meeting new people constantly. If someone is not willing to be sociable and willing to go to different activities, even not knowing what they are, then I do not think that they would get as good of a college experience at the University of Mary.


This school does not have the biggest parties or the big college atmosphere that many people are looking for but it does have the one thing that most people should be looking to get out of college anyway, which is a great education. I would say that a person who is looking for the big college/party school that is portrayed on so many teen shows would not like the University of Mary.


A person who enjoys large cities and a large variety of activities such as dances, clubs, malls, and arcades would not enjoy it here. A person who has low academic motivation should also not attend this school. People who do not enjoy cold weather probably would not like the University of Mary becuase the campus is small and we walk everywhere.


The University of Mary would not be a conducive environment for anyone who likes to party a lot and not study or go to class.


I believe anyone can attend this school as long as they are hard working and believe in themselves. This school is very good about including everyone no matter what race or if a person has any disablities. This school is very good about helping everyone out. So as long as the person is hard working and believes in themselves, they will thrive and shine at this school.


Students that don't care about their career and are they are there to party. Students that don't take there studies serious or don't become involved on their campus. It is fine to not be sure of their major but they need to take the opportunity serious and give 100% to their classes.


I don't think there's anyone that shouldn't attend this school; however, if a person is looking for a big campus with a lot of students, this university may seem a bit too small for them.