University of Mary Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The biggest piece of advice I would give myself is to plan ahead and look at finances. Getting a loan can be a scary and daunting task, but it is a part of college that should not be put off until the last minute. Plan ahead and see how much you will need to pay out of pocket for your schooling so you know exactly how big of a loan you will need from the bank. College is expensive and most people take out loans. I would suggest keeping a running total on the scholarships you have coming in, how much money you are earning working a job, and knowing how much you have to pay for school. Set up a plan to help save money and keep track of how much you are spending on necessary essentials. You will feel much more at ease when it comes time to pay for tuition if you have everything in order.


When I was in High School there were many things in my day that complicated my school work, come from a large hard working farming family. Raised to work everyday with sports and homework involved it get to be pretty tough. If I had the oppertunity to talk to myself back in time, id tell myself to enjoy my time with my family, work my hardest in all that I do, and trust in god over anything. Life was a day to day struggle being the second oldest of eight children, I had a lot of responsiblity at a young age. Driving our grain truck to help farm since I was 12 and doing chores every day while being in school and sports got to be a lot on my mind. It got to be stressful but I never stopped working as hard as I could but it was a stressful life. When I look back now every thing worked out and I know now it had a lot to do with my strong faith in god but I wish I realized than that God played the biggest role in my life keeping everything okay and blessing my life.


My own self meditated advice would be to analyze my interests more intensely. I would study what the colleges have to offer with great detail and decide which school has the best to offer in my field of interest. Transferring schools cost me a great deal of money lost from the first college financial aid package granted to me. I would apply myself full force and take summer courses on line through my college of choice and finish my career degree in 3 to 4 years with aggressive self application.


You do not need as much as you think you do! Get involved because you will meet lots of new people. Get enough rest, because it is easy to become overwhelmed. Get to know the area before you go and do anything stupid. Do not procrastinate!


Take it seriously. College is an important step in bettering myself to get into a great career and not being stuck making pizza for a long time. Make a variety of friends and be confident about your work and take this experience one day at a time. Don't focus only on the social aspect of school; make sure you have time to complete your work.


To whom it may Concern: To receive a degree is very important to due to education purposes. Getting a job would be easier; and the knowledge that comes with the information anyone will obtain will follow them for a lifetime. Without out a degree and or education life can be very difficult. Seeking a job or just living every day. This would be a great honor to receive this Scholarship; for I have worked so hard to meet every goal in my studies at Glendale Community College seeking a Business Management Applied Science degree. I am on my 2nd full year. I believe with the help of the scholarship it will help me pay for the classes while in attendance. I do attend a full time schedule. My career goal is to achieve an A.A in business and move on to a four year university to earn a bachelor’s degree in business. The scholarship will help me in many ways to prosper. With the career I am seeking in the end is management. Either I can own my own business or run any business. The career goal I am seeking is a Manager in any company.


I would tell myself that college is important and to not think that for a second that taking a year off is going to be for just a year. Life is too short and through my hardships and experiences I have learned that you can not take anything for granted in your life. I would like to change things I have done and know now that were childish and stupid. I would tell my younger self that when you are faced with bumps in the road do not give up do not let them get the best of you. In the long run this question can only be a fantasy of what you would like to do but I realize that everything that I have been through has made me the person I am today and honestly now I wouldn't change anything in the world.


If I had the opportunity to talk to my past self about college, the biggest thing I would tell her is to relax. Make sure to live the life you have to the fullest at that very moment because you never know what tomorrow brings. I took a lot of my time stressing about where to go, what to do and how to do it that I missed out on a lot of great things, like the school basketball games, spending times with my friends on the weekend or even just having a lazy day afternoon. Today I am always worried about school and work that I do not have enough time to enjoy spending time with my family or watching one of my favorite movies. The most valuable thing that I learned while leaving high school was that everyday is a holiday and to live my life like it is that way. I only wish that I could go back in time and tell that to my past self so I could have learned to take it easy and enjoy the simple, but great things that this life has to offer us.


You do not need to take EVERYTHING with you to college. You will find out you don't need it. Take a break every once in a while, because it is not good to become over stressed. Take advantage of discounts, because they really do help! Go to the college fairs because you get lots of free stuff! Apply for scholarships because it is a big relief not to have to fork out your own money for tuition. Use time wisely; it is nice to go have some fun knowing you got your work done on your break.


The advice i would give to myself would be to pay plenty of attention to what the instructor is teaching me. It can be the most boreing excersice but every little information about any subject would be helpful for college classes. Yes college can be difficult if you dont pay attention to all the free help that is given to you in highschool. Also, another advice i would give myself is fanancial advice. All the free money that is out there for students that dont have money to pay for tuition. Apply for as many scholarships as you can because having to owe money to the college is a situation you don't want to be in. Scholarship money is money for you, for your tuition like books, pencils, notepads, etc. College isn't free like in high school but winning scholarships one, two or three scholarships would make ur finicial problems in college go away. You can pay for a class without any problems with tuition fees.


Dont give up and dont take the easy way out. Do your best in all your classes and dont slack off becasue all your hard work will pay off.


I would tell myself to really look into the school and see what they're known for. Make sure to visit a few places so that I have something else to think about than just what I've read. Make sure that the school has a lot of other majors that I'm interested in just in case I change my mind. Try to save money and keep doing as many scholarships as possible because they are a lot of expenses. Stay focused on your schoolwork and try to study every day even if it is only for a bit. Always go to class and pay attention. Do the best you can and keep your grades up because you need good grades for where you want to go. Always work your hardest but remember to take time for yourself to have some fun, too.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and grants so I could go to a better school instead of having to settle for this school because of money problems.


When I first started college, I was unsure of what to expect. Would everyone party? Would everyone be athletic? Would everyone be a genius? I soon found out that I fit right in at the University of Mary. I have learned to be a more open and compassionate person. The University of Mary focuses all their classes around the benedictine values. I feel as if this balances out how classes are taught. I consider it necessary to have a relationship with God in order to lead a happy life. Here they teach us how to do that, and how to balance our life with servant leadership, moderation, and many more important values. I believe that the University of Mary is not only preparing me for my future career but also for my future life.


What I have gotten out of college is to give it a try. I tried a larger school for my first semester and did not like the way it felt. I came to the University of Mary my second semester and I like the atmosphere more at a smaller school than I did at a larger school. I took a risk with transferring in the middle of the summer and I was not sure if I wanted to give it a try. I did give it a try and that is what I have learned to do. A person has to give everything a try before judging how it will effect you. This is also one of the reasons of why it has been valuable to attend. Since attending college, life has changed and I have had to adapt greatly. One must take risks when trying something new and this is what I have found out. Every day, life is going to have decisions and risks that must be taken. You will never know if you don't try.


Going back to school has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm a history major and my family and friends tell me I will not make very much money, but I don't mind. For what I've learned through my education, I have grown has as a better person. My understanding of the world around me has changed and improved. I feel more confident about myself because of my education. I love the fact that I did not finish highschool, went on to get my GED, and I will be the first of my family to have a college degree, of any kind. I'm happy that no matter what, I have invested the necessary time and energy it takes to succeed with a high GPA. I plan to go onto get my Bachelor's and Master's in History and Education. I want to teach children to appreciate what we have and not to repeat my same mistakes. Because of what I've done for myself, it will improve the world around me.


College really began when I turned sixteen. “What are you going to do after you graduate?” The future was terrifying, I had no idea what I wanted or who I was. The next year I applied for several colleges and to my parents delight, and my dismay, I was accepted to all. I had no idea what to study, where to go, or what was right for me. To everyone’s disappointment, I chose to enroll at a community college in town. Looking back, this was the best decision of my life thus far. I was able to actively search for a major, and found more than just a career path. I was able to find myself, my beliefs and values, and a love and respect for an education. College has given me stable ground under my feet; it has revealed my true passions, attributes, and identity. What I have learned is cherished and valued, one day I would like to educate and help people like my sixteen year old self. This fall, I will be transferring to a four-year university where I can fulfill this dream. I hunger for the knowledge and experience that awaits me next semester.


I have actually found myself enjoying learning and believe that many people can get the same experience out of college if they put in the effort. A few of my classes have been tough and that gives me reason to push myself harder for that A. I look forward to continuing on in getting my career in Language-Speech Pathology. Though it can be hard work at times, I know in the end it will be worth the perserverence when I receive my bachelors and masters degree.


I have gotten so many wonderful things out of my first year of college. I feel like i am on my way to success. I love all the teachers I have gotten to work with. I have met so many wonderful people. I am glad to say I have accomplished my first semester of college with good grades and going on to my second one now. College has taught me to work hard and I will get achievements out of every minute you put into your homework and studying. I want to keep working hard so some day I can pursuit a career I will enjoy. I know that I am going to be good at my job and take pride in what I do. college will always be valuable to me because if it was not for college I would get no where in life. I will take so much from college. I cherish everyday of it and am so thankful that I am attending and on my way to graduating!


The things that i have gotten out of college and why it has been valuable to attend is my education. My education is very important to me because i have a long list of things i want to complete in my life and alot of them revolve around my education. I also value the friendships that i have made while i have been there, i think they will be life long friends, and maybe lead to future business relationships. I try to live my life by the Benedictine values that they have instilled in us into leading a better and more fullfilling life. I also appreciate that they require us to give back and volunteer to the community to graduate, because i think it is important to volunteer and help people that are not as fortunate as you.


College has left me with a lot of things. I have transformed. From an anxious but self-righteous girl grasping wildly for an identity, I have become self-assured and anything but close-minded. I feel very far away from girlhood but equally distanced from womanhood. College helped me see the truth in the saying “not all that glitters is gold, and not all who wander are lost”. College has made me sick, stressed, tired, and above all, happy. College is proof that no matter how many things you have been given in life, the harder you work, the more rewarding college can be. College has also taught me not to forget to play as hard as I work. College is a brilliant example of the pursuit of knowledge having the power to overcome the pursuit of “success” – a term which is subjective, although college has often made me forget that. College has been cruel, and the college’s price tag has caused me more than a little distress. College hurts; college papers gave me carpal tunnel, and college students (the real teachers) broke my heart. I have no doubt that college is where I, a girl in transition, belong.


I have leard that it would have been mych easer to go to school as a eightteen year old . When life was still ahead of you, when you didn't have to worry about paying the rent or wkding sure the kids had clothes and food , when you could sufvive only working part time. I have learnd that any thing worth having takes a lot of work to get and mot only get but keep. I've learnd that life is mot always fare and that we have the power to make of our livew what we . Wewant to. We have the power with in us to do ot be or have what ever we want. The hard part is being willing to reach out for it and grab it and run with it .


The best thing I get out of my college experiences is an awesome feeling of accomplishment. I have been a single parent for fifteen years, and I am still raising the last four of my 'tribe' of eight children. They are my impetus and my motivation to be all that I can be. Because I have been unable to find long-term employment, I have returned to college three times and earned three Associates of Arts degrees. I was even 'Student of the Year' and mentioned in 'Who's Who in Junior Colleges' in 1998, when I graduated with my first degree from United Tribes Technical College! I have been unable to procure a good-paying job because of a lack of work experience and a dismal history of sporadic employment. I have since returned to the world of academia and look forward to using all of my communication, reading, writing, time-management, clerical, organizational, computer, and budgeting skills. I have encountered people who ridicule the fact that I am a student AGAIN, but I am very excited about it! I believe that education is valuable to our success and I am determined to prove this to my children.


College has taught me that I can be myself and go on in life with out the help of my friends. It shows us how we have to learn to do things on our own becasue our parents and friends and teachers aren't always going to be their for us. We need to be independent and responsible. No one is going to be here anymore making sure we get things done. We are adults and have to learn to manage our own time. You learn to live in a new place with people you have never met before. You have to act like yourself and find some good friends to help you through your journey through college. Life isn't always going to be easy and we aren't always going to like it or the outcomes, but in the end everything makes us better people.


The experiences at the University of Mary are developing me as a person in all aspects of my life: faith, academics, athletics, and life experiences. My faith is being developed in the unique organization called the Knights of Virtue. We explore our faith, what it means to be virtuous, and vow to follow our Code of Chivalry. Academically, I am participating in an engineer training program (through the University of Mary Dual Degree program with the University of Minnesota) and am participating in the Student Equity Club, a student-managed investment portfolio. Athletically, I participate in the football program and learn so many life values and make relationships with coaches and fellow players that will last my entire lifetime. Finally, the University of Mary offers a study abroad program in Rome, Italy! I will have the opportunity to take advantage of a life experience few get when I spend a month studying in Rome next May. These amazing opportunities are on every single day fulfilling the expectations I have for my life and I know with these experiences I will be able to build a life for myself I will be able to look back on and be proud of.


My college experience has been amazing. Upon arrival, I have met many great individuals. The residence hall I am living in is extremely nice. There are always students socializing with each other and having a great time. I have made many good friends here. The education offered here has been exceptional. I did not know what I wanted to major in when I arrived here. Teachers helped me decide what I wanted to do. I love the courses that are offered here as well as the teachers that teach them. I do not feel like I am just a number to the teachers here. I also have been avid in participating in intermural sports. Intermural's gives me an opportunity to step aside from studying and school work and to be around other people and relax. I also enjoy volunteering with my classmates. The University does a great job of advertising volunteer opportunities. Attending this University has been very valuable to me. Not only has attending here shown me how important volunteer work is, but it also shows me how important having a degree is in life. This university is giving me my education, which is something to value.


It has been valuable to attend college because; it has taught me more about time management, maturity and freedom along with, furthering my education which is very valuable. The college experience is unlike anything else and each person must experience it for themselves. Meeting many new people and interacting with the young individuals and new teachers embeds a sense of pride in my soul which I have been told, shows in my personality. The college experience is somthing that has bettered me and, I can tell all my closest freinds and family about.


There have been two huge things that I have gotten out of my college experience. The first one being my friends. I came to my school knowing no one who was attending, and to think about it now, I'm really glad it turned out that way. I met so many great new friends, some of which feel like they're basically my family. The second thing i have gotten out of my college experience is of course my education. Some of my classes have really required me to think outside the box and think in ways that I didnt even know I could. Some of my classes were also very difficult and required me to put a lot of time in effort into the classes, which really paid off in the end.


I have gotten many things so far in my college experince but the ones that i will remember are the freinds and the kids on my soccer team. I became quit close to them than i imagined. Also i am getting really good at typeing papers and the help that i recive towards my paper really helps. Also my mathamatic skills are improving at a high level, the math teacher take time to teach you the problems and they make sure you understand it. It has been valuable to attend this school becaus i was able to play D- 2 soccer and the classes were small enough for me to intaract more with the teacher. Alo the advisors help you make decisions that will help toward your grade. I like this school and i have enjoyed my stay here.


By attending the University of Mary I have gained knowledge, experience, friendships, and professionalism. I am currently majoring in Occupational Therapy where I am receiving a great deal of knowledge, professionalism, and life training. I feel that the University of Mary is preparing me with the skills to enter the real world after I complete my Masters in Occupational Therapy. The University of Mary is shaping me into the woman I want to become. The University of Mary has also offered me the chance to gain experience by becoming a resident assistant. Through this job I have met amazing friends, learned CPR and First Aid, learned how to prepare community based programs, and provide a caring and secure environment on campus. By attending the University of Mary, I have gained experiences that I will have for life. I will never forget the wonderful atmosphere this college creates. The University of Mary takes pride in servant leadership, the Benedictine Values, the founders of the college, and their students. I am proud to attend this college and I'm looking toward the future, knowing the University of Mary will and has provided me with the skills I need to become successful.


From my college experience, I have become an adult. The professors do not hold my hand, they do not make me study guides, they do not make me take notes. College has matured me. I cannot put a value on self improvement. College is worth the money. In the long run, college will make you more money. I will get a high paying job as a dentist, because of attending college. The beauty of grants, scholarship, loans, ect. is that they allow people to educate themsevles when they could not on their own. I would tell anybody that a college education is one of the most valuable things one can earn. It is valuable because of the many life fulfilly aspects it brings with it.


So far, I've met a few people at college that I believe will be my friends for life. I do wish some days I had gone to a larger school where I'd be forced to get out of my comfort zone. Bismarck is a great city to settle down in thought. I've met some great professors that have individually wanted to help me be the best I can by offering me great opportuities. However, I've also had a couple professors that haven't cared one bit about whether people in the class are passing or failing. I just feel that with our class sizes professors should care more about their individual students.


When I was a freshman in high school, college seemed so far away. But then all of a sudden it was May of 2009 and I was graduating! I remember being nervous about my future, but also excited for the challenge. The University of Mary was my first choice of schools and they had my major which is Occupational Therapy. The University of Mary just seemed like a perfect fit for me. My first day of classes my freshman year was sort of rocky, probably just like most other freshman's first days. But within the first week, I knew I was where I belonged. I had a great group of friends, I loved my classes, my family was near by, and I was involved in campus activities. Attending college has been a great experience. I have learned so many new and valuable things. My goal is to be an Occupational Therapist and the University of Mary is definitely helping me reach this goal. I believe that I will leave here with the experience and knowledge that I need to be successful in my career. There is no other college that I would enjoy better than the University of Mary.


What I have gained from my college experience is that I am learning the skills it takes to really succeed in the workforce. Not only will attending college get me a degree necessary for the type of job I want but it also has been giving me on hands experience in my major. I also feel like I have the tools to go into the workforce prepared for interviews and handing in resumes. Our school has a career service that offers assistance in getting students experience in the workforce. What has made college valuable is the leadership skills I have built. Getting an education has built my confidence and made me feel like I can accomplish anything as long as I work hard, and because of my degree I feel like I can lead others. People value me as a person and value my opinion because I’m going to college. I am proud to say that I believe people will follow me because I am a graduate and because I had the dedication and the endurance to get my degree and achieve my goals.


From my college experience I have learned that education is an important part of becoming a well-rounded individual and having a successful fulfilling life. Education is valuable in many ways, including increasing ones earning potential, improving one’s ability to communicate and build deeper relationships, understanding the intricacies of the world we live in, and in making better informed decisions. Several aspects of my life have given me the gift of a love for learning—supportive parents, who value the importance of education; an older sibling who set a good example with making education a high priority, and teachers that have encouraged and inspired me to believe in education’s power. My parents didn’t have a complete education—they had the desire but never had the resources to pursue a formal college education because of the disparity between the cost of education and the financial opportunities to pay for it. However, even though they never pursued higher education, they always felt strongly about its importance, and providing this opportunity to their children became an important goal. And is for these reasons that I value the opportunity to achieve good grades and strive to accomplish my goals to succed.


Coming to college was like entering a whole new world for me. Compared to high school, there were so many different things to participate in. There is literally a group for anything you could possibly be interested in. I have learned an immense amount of things from people of different cultures. Even if your not going out of your way to do so, you still see different cultures that you would not see else where. At the University of Mary, it is strongly encouraged to go outside of your 'norm' and get involved with new activities. Without my experiences at college, I feel like the best way to describe my life would be sheltered. I have seen things here I would not see anywhere else, and I have learned things from all the different people I have met. Between the people I meet and the variety of education I recieve here, it has been the ultimate experience.


Memories, the most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience so far. As simple as that may seem, I believe that everything else that I have experienced revolves around them. If I would have chosen to not attend UMary I may not have met my best friends, I would not have gotten the opportunity to go study in Rome, or most importantly missed out on the memories that I cherish so dearly. But at the end of the day, I know that I will always be able to take those memories with me no matter where my life takes me. I value attending UMary very much. I have learned how to live my life to my full potential every day. Recently, I went to a speaker who said, “It’s not what happens to us that really matters, but it is how we deal with it that is most important,” and I really took that to heart. The memories I have already made in just one semester makes me anxious to see what is still to come and makes me thankful that I get to wake up and start creating new memories each and every day.


My most valuble reason I am attending college is that neither of my parents graduated from college. My mom feels so proud of me and my accomplishments that I have already completed. I have made a lot of new friends here in a bigger city. New people are an awesome thing when, someone like me, has been couped up in a small town for 18 years of their life. I have learned to make better decisions for myself and be way more responsible. I keep a planner because making it to meetings and classes on time is a major part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult. College is a great thing that everyone should be able to attend, even if they are in financial crunches at the time.


The college experience that I have experienced so far is much different than the one I had envisioned. When I first came to college I somewhat envisioned what every new incoming freshman might envision which is the most beautiful girls and big parties. I was very shocked to find out that what was portrayed on television was nothing like reality and at first I was actually a little disappointed but soon came to find out that college was ultimately about obtaining a good education and a degree. Who knew right? The greatest thing that I have got out of college is a sense of self-fulfillment. Through three short semesters I have the confidence to take on any challenge that is presented to me. Through challenging school work and an even greater demand through wrestling, I have learned that anything can be accomplished through hard work and the will to actually finish something. This University has already given me so many tools that will help me to succeed in my professional area of study and being the "Leadership University", it has given me credibility in the work force that is now so competitive.


This last fall in college, I have learned a lot about myself. I have discovered who my true friends are, including making new lifelong friendships. I have grown as a person, in my faith life and in my education. I have also learned that I am in the right place for my future career. I know that I will be a great teacher today, after these four years here. I am confident this school will prepare me with all I need to succeed in the future. The majors I have chosen are Elementary and Special Education, and this school so far has been great in making me feel confident in my decison. I am so glad I chose this college, and enjoy it. These next four years will be the stepping stones for the rest of life.


My college experience really helped me grow and to be away from home. It forced me to grow up and deal with problems in a more mature way. University of Mary offers a great atmosphere to adapt to the change in, people are always friendsly or willling to listen and talk. It was a great experience and I definitely recommend to other students considering the University of Mary.


I feel I have gotten alot out of my unversity experince so far it has been so valuble to attend this university because I have learned alot about my family away from my family. This school was founded by the Sisters of St. Benedict, and they have instilled some rules into my mind that I think hold true to all schools: prayer, service, moderation, hospitality, etc. The reason why I think these rules are so important is because you can apply them to your every day life when your out of college and going in to the big world. I feel the Unversity of Mary has turned me into an adult. I am ready to move on with my education in Elemetary Education/ Special Education and with the help of the 5,000 dollars I would be that much closer to recieving my degree.


I have learned so many new things by coming to college. I have met some of my closest friends at college. With only being a Freshman I feel like I have already learned so many things and I knew in years to come I will learn lots more. I’ve already gotten a look at my major because my first semester here I took a class that was just for my major. It was very interesting and gave me quite the insight on what I can expect in the next three years of college. I really liked getting to experience this class because a lot of freshmen don’t get to know what they are getting into until their sophomore or junior year. This has helped me to confirm the major I want to go into. Attending college for my major will help me to become better at my job later on and I will know what to do in different situations. I would never go back in time and not go to college. I have gotten so many things out of college from my great friendships to more knowledge in my major.


I think the most important thing I've experienced while at Mary is the new people I've met. I've had so many experiences in and out of classrooms that have really helped me develop into the person I want to be. I have learned through hard work and from classmates and professors how to be a good teacher and I plan on taking the knowledge I've gained here and use it to positively impact the lives of my future students. My time spent here has taught me to be a life-long learner so my education will not be completed upon graduation but will continue for the rest of my life.


As a returning student later in life, I have discovered that obtaining an education in something that you are truly interested in makes the college experience so much more amazing and valuable. About 10 years ago I received a BS in Marketing because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Recently, I decided to go back to art school. At first I signed up for two classes here, two classes there, but I enjoyed these classes so much that I am changing careers to become an art teacher. After four years of attending night classes, I have acquired my Associates in Fine Arts, and am now applying for my Masters in Art Education. My advice to young students entering college is this. Don’t settle on a major because it’s practical or because you’re unsure of what you want. Keep trying things until the classes you take make you happy. I can honestly say that although I have had much success in marketing (financially), I have never been more fulfilled or content since I began pursuing my new career in art. You only have this one life to make something amazing happen!


College has not only opened my eyes to the opportunities that lie ahead of me, but also the valuable exposure to experiencing life's lessons as well. During my college career, I have been asked many questions and have had to make many of my own choices that will determine my future. When given these choices, I have found that the answers cannot be googled or found in a book, but are rather found from within. Before college, I did not think of myself as a strong, certain student. I have always questioned my thoughts and often depended on guidance. Now, I can proudly say that because of the choices that I have carefully made for myself, I am looking foward to life that I can see before me. I plan to work with special needs children, because simply, I am good at it. Throughout college I have found that I am a patient, hard working, and caring individual who will do well in this field. This career choice is not for all, but during my college experience I have found that it is certainly right for me.


My college experience has overall, been the best experience of my life. Throughout high school, due to health related issues, I was homeschooled and though that was a good part of my life, I really missed out on the real meaning of school and social life. I was really nervous to leave home and live in a dorm with an absolute stranger, but as it turns out, we are now the best of friends. I love learning and feel confident that I will be a better person because of my college experience. I would encourage everyone that is able to go to school, to go! I am very thankful for scholarships such this one, that provide students with finances associated with school.


College has been one the best experiences in my life. My freshman year I attended a Junior College called Gillette College. I went there because I happen to get a scholarship to run there. However, during the second semester, cross country coach at Umary, Dennis Newell recruited me. I decided April 2010 to sign with the Umary cross country team. I have learned a lot just by transferring that it takes a lot more work to go from school to school just because a lot of credits don’t get accepted. Also the hardest part was having to meet new friends and start all over again. Now that I am here I wouldn’t take anything back I love Umary not only because of the cross country program but also because of the classes. I feel like the University of Mary challenges me in a way that makes me learn more. Not only have I become physically stronger because running but also spiritually stronger because of the great Christian environment here. In conclusion, College has been a roller coaster for me the last two years however has been an experience I would not change for a life time.


My college experience has been amazing. I feel like I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I have grown into myself and am proud that that happened at a place like the University of Mary. This school has taught me to be an all around good person. I know that the education I have received here will help me to become one of the best nurses around! I am completely satisfied with my decision to attend this school. I would recommend it to anyone.


From my college experience I have gained insight and knowledge of my career. The instructors here at the University of Mary teach you what you need to know and give you explanations on how to make your classroom better. This has been very helpful and I feel by teaching us what is actually going to happen when we are in the classroom will be more valuable to me than I can ever explain. The people here are so friendly and helpful, you have friends and peers who help eachother to accomplish goals in class.