University of Mary Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first thing that I learned quickly here at Mary is not to think about yourself first. You need to put others ahead of you and give back to the society what they give you. Volunteering here is big. I don't think that if I didn't attend this school, that I wouldn't care about volunteering as much. Last year I helped sandbag to prepare for a flood. It would have been so easy to sit at home and play a video game or watch tv, but what I got out of filling sandbags, that in the end were never needed, was so much more than just a physical workout. To see some people there whose homes would have been in danger if it did flood and getting to help them save memories that could have been destroyed. They have a family and where would they go if their house went under, how long would they be gone from their home; all of these questions you can ask yourself and then put yourself in their shoes. What if that was your home? University of Mary has opened my eyes to help people that need help.


This is my first year attending college, and I have to say the experience has been a very good one. The students and the faculty have all been very helpful, and I appreciate everything they have done to help. I have seen much more kindness here than any place I have gone to, and I have not seen another university treat their students as well as they treat us here. I am sure I can speak on behalf of my fellow classmates when I say everyone is wonderful and easy to work with. The education I am gaining from attending college cannot be beat. I have always believed education is the key to diversity. It is through education that students are able to better their critical thinking skills and learn more about the world in a well-rounded way. Gaining this education gives students the knowledge to make their own decisions based on the opinions they get. It is with education that students are able to back up their opinions and views of the world. Without education, the human species would be very dull. Without education, there would be no diversity or opinion. Education is the best thing we have.


I have taken away multiple life lessons in everything from school work to friends and family relationships. I have learned what hard work is all about, and that it takes a lot of hard work to become the person you want to be. I have learned that when it comes to school nothing should stand in your way and you should never get yourself down about mistakes. I have graduated with and Associated degree and from that learned a lot so I felt I needed to continue on and keep on learning, I chose to go into nursing because in the field you are learning something new everyday.


Going to college has given me many opportunities that I never would have gotten had I decided not to go to college. I have met many good people, students and professors, that I believe will be there to help me through the rest of my life experiences. Going to college has helped me grow into a hard working person. College has motivated me to continue with my education and to one day take everything I have learned in my many classes out into the work field and put it to use. Experiences that I have been given through going to college that relate back to my major have also been rewarding for me, becuase they allow me to see what I will be doing someday in the real world and to decide if this major is really for me. College has been valuable to me in many ways. I have grown socially, mentally, intelectually and spiritually. All of the experiences I have been given through college have helped me grow into a better, well rounded, young citizen, and I hope to one day take my college experiences and share them with the rest of the community through my career.


I have truly gotten the confidence that I can do anyhting that I set my mind to from my experience in college. I never felt like I was going to be able to finish college or be anything special and now I am an LPN and I am on my way to becoming an RN with a BSN degree. I have had such a rewarding experience at the University of Mary and they have been so supportive of my success.


In the past year and a half, I have learned the value of hard work. I have learned what it takes to receive the praise I want at this school. It has been difficult at times, but I persevered throughout it all. It is valuable because I have grown as a person, and through everything I have learned to be a more outgoing person and enjoy the fruits of my labor.


All of the careers I have ever considered required at least some college education. I believe everyone deserves to have a college experience if it is something they are interested in. Not only have I been receiving a great education, but I have also developed some strong friendships which will always be important to me. I could have chosen not to go to college, but I do not think I would be nearly as happy as I am today. The degree I am working toward is to help others and that is what I have always wanted to be able to do. The more I learn, the more I can help others.


I'm 47 yrs.old, and I just started college, and things ,I though I would not remember,came back to me. It makes me feel alive, again and believe in myself more, that , I can do this ! It's been very valuable to me, cause I'm meeting new people and learning new things.


College is a completely different experience from anything else I've done. I think that I have changed a lot since I have come here. I have learned basic things like how to do laundry and how to manage my money more, but I have also learned deeper things, such as who do I want to be when I graduate? Who am I growing into? These also apply to the fact that "we are defined by the choices we make." I have learned that many times while in college and it has helped me to continue my growth as a person. It has been valuable to attend college because I am furthering my education and taking the time to become an elementary teacher one day, as I hope to. Going to college has been a fantastic experience for me and has helped me to grow a lot, both mentally and spiritually.


To be honest my college experience has just started I am a sophomore who just recently applied to the occupational therapy program, I think that once I get into the program that is where my experience will truly start. So far my experience has been life changing. I met amazing people who care about each other and want to see each other grow and succeed, including the faculty. Since I have started to attend the University of Mary I, myself, along with my family have noticed a change in my personality. I know what I want and I konw how to get it through hard work. At this University I have matured and continue to mature into a professional and determined adult. I hope that this transformation never stops. I love the feeling of having these goals and the school perfect for me to help reach them and become the best person that I can be.


Upon attending the University of Mary not only have I gained a better idea about who I am and what I want to do with my life but i now also have a better sence of community. Everyone here is very excited to help as I start out on this very scary journey. I feel as though the ALU classes have tought me how to be succesful on my own and and be succesful with the others who I now live and work with. I feel that because ev eryone here on the staff is so dedicated to helping us students, that if I have gained nothing else I at least have gained an idea about what i want to do for the rest of my life. I came into the University of Mary with really no idea what i wanted to do and with the help of counselors and teachers alike I am now very sure of what career path i want to go down.


In my college experience, I have had my horizons broadened. The instructors have taught me many new things, and they have reinforced some information that I knew from high school classes. I have matured as a student and a person at the University of Mary. I always depended on my parents to help me do almost everything in life. They would make sure that I finished my homework and made it to class every day. Now that I have entered college, I am the only one accounting for "me." College athletics have also helped me gain knowledge of how to live a better life. Playing soccer this past season made me truly understand that there are people out there that can do many tasks much better than I can. I just have to strive to do my best in everything so that I can achieve high amounts of success. It has been a good experience being away from my family and on my own for the past semester so that I can slowly make my transition into the working world and have a family in the future. The college experience has been very enjoyable for me.


My college experience has been filled with new friends, new teammates, volunteer work and a good amount of studying. This is only my second year of college but I have made new life long friends who I am extremely thankful for. I have experienced challenging classes that have assisted me in finding the best ways for me to study and grow as a student. I have developed new interests in specific classes and realized what is expected of college students. Being away from home has definitely taught me how to never take family for granted and I have realized I would not be here without their support along the way. In addition, I have grown to realize what it is like living on my own without my parents right next door if I need them. By attending this college I have been a part of Make-A-Wish, Special Olympics and Salvation Army which have all helped me grow as a person in only a year and a half and I am looking forward to what my next few years have to offer.


I graduated from high school in the top quarter of my class and could not wait to "take a break" and "just relax a little" in college. When I began my first semester at the University of Mary, I skipped classes right and left, didn't do my homework and slept as much as possible. After I realized how low my grades were, the instructors here helped me get back on track and ultimitely taught me that even though the real world is supposed to be fun, it also requires hard work and lots of patience. So far this semester my grades and attitude have improved exponentially. I can't wait to be even more successful in college (and life!) than I was in high school.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience at the University of Mary and it’s been a very valuable part of my life. I first learned the power of Prayer. I had made a decision based on myself and not what God had planned for me. I finally sat back and listened and realized He had a different path for me and I changed colleges 3 weeks before school started and I couldn’t be happier. I have learned how to adjust to life as a college student. Being away from home was the most difficult, but my family and friends have supported me with every step. I also had to adjust balancing a social life, homework, and time for you. A balance of each will lead to the most rewarding experience. Last I have learned how to excel in school and look forward to your future. School has been difficult but rewarding and it’s so fulfilling to know you’re doing well in something you’re working so hard at. I believe that you grow and learn from every experience and this is one that I will forever be proud of.


Though the main purpose of college is most commonly thought of to be learning and getting your degree. The most valuable experience for me would have to be simply getting to know my friends, because I know that as long as i live it will be impossible for us to truly part ways. The time I have spent with my friends in classroomes and on the soccer feild will never be matched. One of the previous questions asked If I was happy with my choice of colleges and whether or not I would pick the same college over again, that question was simple for me due to the fact that I can't see myself as the person I am today without the friends I made at the University of Mary.


I am so glad I decided to go to college. I have met so many people and made many new friends. I have been offered the chance to study in Rome, Italy, an experience I may not have had by not attending college. So far, my professors have been amazing. They are always available if I have questions and are easy to talk to. My future goals are to become a nurse. I currently am a CNA and already just with my generals I have learned how to take better care of my patients. Although school is a lot of work, it will be worth it in the end.


My college expirience has been like no other. Its your first chance to really by out there in the world by yourself and get to expirience live in many different ways. Its valuable to go to college and better yourself and learn new things everyday.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is how you need to keep yourself focused. I have many friends who have gone to universities and completely just fail their classes and just stopped going to school all together. What many students don't understand is that it is a very important issue. Many students think that just because they have been accepted into the school of their choice that everything is going to be easy from that point forward. No it is not, you work a lot harder in college than you did in high school. Pulling all nighters, studying for countless hours, taking many exams just for one specific class. I have seen many students in my college just act like failing a class isn't a huge deal. When in reality they are paying to just study and fail a class. The motivation that helps me the most is that I refuse to be a statistic in the drop out rate of college students. Staying focused in my classes keeps me from being shadowed by bad influences in school and that my education is the most important in the long run.


What I have learned from college is that it is important to learn the material, but learning needs to continue far beyond the days of the typical backpack and laptop. Learning is a mental state that ever continues; college has helped implant into me.


College is a life-changing and eye-opening experience. Before college I did not fully understand that my procrastination could lead to serious issues, I did not realize that friendships took so much time and effort, I was ignorant to the intense amount of sacrifice my family makes for me, and I did not even come to the conclusion that dirty dishes, do not in fact wash themselves. College changed my perspective on school, friendships, family, and independence. The process of becoming ‘independent’ is not easy. At times, it can seem downright impossible. Paying bills, missing family and friends, and studying for hours on end can be difficult. However, this collegiate experience has helped shape me. Through my studies, I came to appreciate the process of learning and not just the product of learning. Through my trials financially, I came to appreciate the value of money. Through my piles of laundry and dishes, I came to appreciate the importance of the environment in which I live. Through my emotional stress, I most importantly, came to appreciate the beauty of family and friendship. College is valuable for forming the mind and spirit, for nurturing relationships and freedom. College is valuable!


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to keep marching. No matter what happens in the next couple of years, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will be doing the right thing. ALso, keep positive. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the many things on the to-do list. Focus on one thing at a time, and it will fall into place. And finally, loosen up and have a great time.


I would say to keep a detailed planner, even the most inane details can prove fatal if you don't write them down. College is fun, but it's a lot of work. And when it's not a lot of work, you're not studying hard enough. There's always something to do, but finding a line to draw to get school work done is key. Keep goals in mind and never lose faith. In the long run, the debt is well worth the degree! Also, to realize that the few hours you have free being a music major is yours to eat, sleep, and practice. Free it for summer vacation when you're not working. Work hard and you'll be well praised!


The advice I would give myself is, just be yourself. I don't know how many times I dimmed my light for someone else to shine over me. I would get poor grades because I didn't feel the need to be center of attention or to be better than everyone else. So i would tell myself to shine the light that I have and don't dim it for anyone else. I wish I would have known that a long time ago, but coming to college I have learned to shine my light and I do things for myself and not to please others. I am being the best I can and a person should do no less.


Since I didn't start college until I was thirty, I would go back sit myself down and say,"If you want to live the rest of your life with better opportunities and a brighter outlook, then start to strengthen your desire to attend college now. Four years is nothing compared to the rest of your life. You won't do anything worth while anyway for the next four years. Stay out of the bars, stay in the books, believe in yourself and trust in the Lord. You are going to receive an offer for a full scholarship. I know that the conditions that you will reside in will be dangerous, but take it. Its a gift that you will never get another chance at. Believe me when I say, if you want to drastically improve your future, then get your but to school!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to procrastinate because those habits carry into college and that is not a good one to have. I would also tell myself not to worry and follow what I like to do. I would advise more volunteer time so as to help others as well as learn more about my passions. I would tell myself to take more challenging classes to prepare myself for college life. I would tell myself to enjoy my time because it goes by so fast and appreciate my family because they did so much for me. Now that I'm on my own it gets hard not only emotionally but financially to support myself. Lastly I would tell myself to just have an open mind and not be afraid to try new things because it's through those experiences that we learn about ourselves.


Don't be afraid to commit because fellow students and advisors will help you make the best decision for you. Take it seriously from the start and make choices based on your interests and not your friends. You will have fun if you choose classes and a college that you have interest in.


I would go back to the start of grade 12 and tell my self to start looking into different colleges in Canada and the United States to decide where I want to go a lot earlier. That I should have looked at what the ACT or SAT score requirments are to get an academic scholarship to the school. I would then tell myself that as a freshman I should have lived on campus to get to know a lot more of the other students. To make sure that I get involved into a lot of different activities that are offered during the school year on campus.


College is about more than just grades. Now, I'm not saying don't study. I'm simply saying you don't have to study all the time. It is easy to get caught up in the busy life of a college student, but part of the college experience is getting out and meeting people. In addition, if you work too much you will burn out quickly, so take time to sit on a bench on the walking path and enjoy the scenery. Go for a walk with someone and make new friends. Those friends will be your foundation as you continue with your schooling. Do not jump into things too quickly, though. Some relationships are dangerous, even though they may seem good for you at first. If you concentrate on the things you find important in life other things will fall into place. Concentrate on your grades and activities you want to be involved in but make sure to spend time with friends and relaxing too. This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so enjoy it while it lasts. The years fly by faster than you will ever want them to.


I would tell myself not to take time off, and to try my hardest. I would say not to concentrate on the things of this world and to concentrate on what my true desires are in life. I would tell myself to focus and make myself the best person I can be. Not to concentrate on boys and partying, and just like I said before, find what I really want in life.


To really focus on your first year of college. Don't lose focus because even one week off can throw a semester off.


Study hard in high school!! College is tough!


Finding the right college is no easy task, but it is so important to make it a priority to researching schools that are great fit for an individual. The best way to start searching is by asking what type of living do you want to be a part of or are comfortable with- do you like the business of the city or quietness of the country- and how much are you willing pay to go to college. Ask school counselors about certain schools that would be a good fit for you and your career choices; there are many schools out there, you just have to dig a little to find them. After you find a few colleges, call those schools and ask questions, then set up a time to visit them. The best way to get a feel for a campus is to go visit it. It?s important for parents to have a positive impact during this step in their child?s life. Parents need to give constructive advice, but still let their child make the choices. Remember, this is where you will be living for the next 4 or more years, make sure that you absolutely love it!


Apply for all scholarships available and start saving early.


When looking for the right college I would advise parents and students to decide what is important. Do not wait until senior year to begin considering what is right. Narrow your choices to five or few during your junior year and visit the campuses to learn more about the programs they have to offer. Get to know people in the admissions office and financial aid personnel. Be sure to talk to students who go there. Consider the setting, size, location, cost, in-state vs. out-of-state, religious, ethnic affliation, diversity, degree types, programs offered and what the campus life will be like such as sports, clubs and housing. To make the most of the college experience I would recommend making connections inside and outside of the classroom. Make friends naturally by meeting people in your classes. Start or join a study group and go to your professors outside of class if you need help. Stay organized and manage your time well. Most of all have fun and be actively involved in your passions and interests.


I feel that is is a great benefit when parents are actively involved with their children in the college searching process. They can give their children good input and advice about the school and the courses offered. I think one of the most important things is finding a college that not only has the field of study that a person wants, but also has the type of atmosphere that will be comfortable to the student. A student has to be comfortable and happy in his/her environment to be able to be successful in his/her studies. Studying is a very important part of college, but so is meeting other people and making friends. To make the most of the college experience, students should become involved in extracarricular activities that interest them so that they can be an active part of the community and meet others. Finding a good balance between studying and socializing is essential to a person's college success.


To start the college search early and find the one that best fits you and not settle for what someone else wants to you to, but to settle for what you like and what best fits your needs.


make sure that you are ready for college


Make sure you visit every campus you are considering attending. Also, I would encourage students to visit with students from the college they are considering attending.


I would tell parents to be open to why their student wants to attend college. I would also suggest applying to a lot of different places so you have options. The biggest reason I chose where I am going is location, not school. I wanted to live far enough away from home that I felt independent, but not too far that I couldn't visit home. I would suggest that students keep an open discussion with their parents about different colleges, and visited them if possible. I would also suggest job shadowing before college, even if you're not sure what you want to do. Job shadowing can give you more ideas of what you really will be doing with you planned career. After that, you can find which schools have the best programs for what you wish to study.


Your first choice may not always be the school you will attend. I always want to attend this one school in the Twin Cities but, my parents and I could not afford it. I was really disappointed with them and my self. So, I had to begin looking at schools all over again. Thats when I found University of Mary. It had the same major things I was looking for in a school. Once I got here, I loved. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My advice to parents or students is not overlook small schools and take your time deciding. I was not even 100 percent sure about my school but once I started I never wanted to leave. I knew in my gut that I would make it work. So, if you don't get in your dream school or can't afford, there is always other great schools are there that you have not discovered yet that is just waiting for you.


Make your first concern your education. Only once you do that should money be put into the picture.


I feel that one of the first things parents and students should look at is whether they want to be in a small or large university community. There are benefits to both types of universities depending what area of study a person wants to pursue. It is critical that a person finds a university where he/she will function the best and be the happiest. These things are very important and will have a great impact on the students' success. Students should also be encouraged to become a part of their college community in some way, by joining clubs or groups, etc. These things help the student to meet new people, form new relationships, become an active part of their community, and broaden their perspectives which all work together to create a stronger support structure for the student throughout the years. Finding a good fit for the student has a great influence on his/her success, happiness and growth through the college years.