University of Mary Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the fact that I will be a catholic athlete attending a christain college, doing my work in school for the lord and playing my hardest in my sport for him who strengthens me.


We have Mass offered every day, Adoration, and Confession. The retired bishop lives out here! The Catholic Studies Program is awesome, and we get the opportunity to study in Rome, Italy! Some of our favorite high school teachers work out here too!


I would have to say the atmosphere and the size of the school is the best thing about the University of Mary. I attended the University of North Dakota my first semester and did not like the atmosphere. The opposite is here at the University of Mary. I like the atmospher, the size of the school, and just the way everyone reacts here. A lot of people can be met here at Mary and that is what I like more about the atmosphere.


What i think is the best aspect of the University of Mary is that they give you real world experiences in your classes. In each class especially ones that are geared toward your major you have to do a project where you put what you have learned in that class to the test. For example in my Income Tax class we have to prepare tax returns for people that we qualify to file for.


The teachers are so willing to help even if you aren't willing to get the help. Most of them act like they want to see you go further in life.


The best thing about the University of Mary are the teachers. Teachers here try very hard to get to know their students on a deeper level. It really makes me feel welcome and not afraid to ask questions.


the people are very friendly.


The best thing about the University of Mary is the focus on the Benedictine Values and on leadership. Our Benedictine Values include community, hospitality, service, moderation, respect for persons, and prayer. All of these values are present on campus, in classes, and at campus activities. All students practice these values in their everyday lives. The focus on leadership is also very important. The Harold Schafer Leadership Academy was created to help students learn very important leadership skills that are needed in today's world. All of this helps students prepare for their future after the University of Mary.


The best thing about the University of Mary is the group of friends and teachers I get to work with every day.


The best thing about the University of Mary are the professors and their dedication to the student. We also have an incredible president who truly reaches out to the students and staff in extraordinary ways. I feel very at home at the University of Mary and it has provided me with opportunities I never dreamt were possible, such as the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy! I love my University and am blessed to be here.


The faculty is helpful and personable.


What I consider the bet aspect of the school is the 98% after graduation placement rates. That's a high number compared to a lot of colleges, meaning they're going to give you a good education so that you can get a job after graduation.


I think the best thing about my school are the faith enriching activities here because they help one grow closer to God. These activities also help people interact with others and learn about accepting people for who they are. I also like that mass is offered everyday because it gives me a chance to take a break from studies but at the same time it helps me grow closer to God.


My university is Catholic base university that incourages involvement, faith and committment to serve each other and our community. I enjoy my classes and professors they are knowledgeable and dedicated in helping the students and I feel I can ask for help in all of my classes. I enjoy campus life and their are activities I can join to met new people.


It is a smaller teacher to student ratio. It gives you a change to get to know your teachers a lot better. The teachers are always available to help you when you have a problem with homework or something else you just need to talk to them about.


- Classes are small, so the professors know you. This makes it easier for you to get a hold of them with questions on school work. -Fairly friendly -Many Opportunities to get involved -Safe