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Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

A day on campus that I will never forget: The second day of welcome week was fantastic. After talking to a lot of friends form other schools, I knew that my day had ben ten times better than their entire welcome week combined. UMBC does a great job making new students feel welcome. To get over the stereotype that there is no social life or that the school dies on the weekends, Reslife (which often times is difficult to deal with), SEB and the SGA along with the school itself put together fantastic events. After a day of free food (wavers for the dining hall, BBQ buffet on the Quad for lunch and snacks for the movie screening) there was a huge bon fire on Erickson field followed by a foam pit dance party and millions of carnival activities in the Commons like karaoke, bootcamp inflatable races, carnival games and a whole lot more. It was a fantastic day because I felt so relieved even though I was going back to school. I felt like I was stepping into a whole new life with new freedoms and responsibilities I never knew that I didn't have. It was fantastic.

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Donald Glover (AKA "Troy" from Community AKA Childish Gambino) came to UMBC for Homecoming 2011. One of UMBC's Homecoming traditions is the comedy show and I was excited to hear one of my favorite new comedians was going to be here. Donald starts out doing a comedy show, then says halfway through that he will also be rapping (because of the Tweets and Facebook messages we sent him) and that we should come up to the stage. Needless to say, I grabbed my belongings and ran up like the building was on fire. I managed to be 10 feet away from him and I got a ton of awesome pictures and videos of the night.

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One day I will never forget is when SEB was selling Snoop Dogg tickets and students were actually missing class to wait in line for a ticket to see Snoop Dogg.

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