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What's the Greek scene like?

Fraternities and Sororities are not very large nor a large part of campus life. From my experience with them, most of the communities are very welcoming and have stands, fundraisers and community service trips fairly regular on and off of camus. I read on this page that there are 6 of each? That could be correct. I figured that there were a larger number, just that they were not too well known. They are not always seen as the party sources as they are on a lot of (especially larger) campuses. I don't know what their academics are like but I have heard that they are (like most schools) collectively lower than the average students GPA, but a lot better than most schools. There is no designated housing for Greek life so most communities are either spread out across on-campus housing or in off-campus houses. Their step dance competitions are pretty cool... saw a bunch of them before Snoop Dogg last Spring.

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There are quite a few fraternities and sororities, but it's not a huge part of campus life. You'll see a Greek t-shirt, walk through a Greek bake sale, or hear about a Greek party every so often, but there isn't any pressure to join a fraternity or sorority. If you do decide to rush, though, there's a variety of chapters to choose from and most everyone I've met who is a part of Greek life is really nice!

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There is an active Greek life on campus. I'm not a part of any sorority, but I always see fraternity and sorority members sitting together. They host a ton of events, especially fundraisers. If you want to participate, you definitely can. But Greek life is not so overwhelming. If you don't want to join, you can still have an active social life.

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