University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Jacqueline A.

My classmates are very helpfully if you are having trouble understanding something.


It is impossible to describe my classmates in one sentence, because all of them are so different, but the one thing that is true of all of them is that UMBC has a place, a niche, for all of them.


Weird, very few people are normal


The students at UMBC come from a variety of ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. I have not seen or heard a negative experience relating to those issues. They are also very open to LGBT groups. I have several LGBT friends, and they have not had any negative experience at UMBC. Students are very devoted to studying, and most of them are not very interested in fashion trends or styles. People do not really wear stylistic clothing. i think this is one of the reasons of why people assume that UMBC's students are nerdy. I think most of the students come from similar, middle-class backgrounds. I have not noticed a big gap between students' financial backgrounds.




Like the majority of schools, UMBC constantly boasts about its diverse student population. But I would venture to say that UMBC is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the country. The students are predominantly from the counties surrounding UMBC, but these students have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. I think students from any ethnic, religious, and socio-economic background are able to feel comfortable on campus.


The student body at UMBC is very diverse. There all different types of races and nationalities at my school. One of my closes is friends is Indian. I know people from Europe and other countries. There is also diversity in religion. I have friends who are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and other friends who just believe in higher power. No one can really feel left out at my school because there is so many different people, that you are bound to meet someone with similar interest to you. Most students dress down to class but we have the occasional people who dress up and we have people who wear their pajamas to class.


The UMBC campus is one of the most diverse campuses around Maryland. You will find people of every color, race, ethnicity, and religion. With this diversity comes acceptance and no one is ever shunned because of their beliefs or background. From my experience, no one has yet to feel out of place at UMBC. Even if you end up not liking the school, I can assure you with certainty that you will leave with many life-long friends under your wing. Students at UMBC, as I said, come from various backgrounds. So naturally we have those who need more financial help than others but be rest assured that no one is turned away due to financial difficulties. There is no hardset way of picking out the wealthier of them from the wise seeing as they are all in the end, college students. As goes for many college students, UMBC Retrievers dress in hoodies and sweatpants to jeans and t-shirt to dresses and slacks. You can wear whatever you want and be whoever you want. No one will care and you will definitely find many, many more people just like you on our campus. Apart from everyday attire, students do discuss their future plans with each other pretty often. From my view of things, I don't think the students at UMBC focus too much on how much they will be earning from their career path, rather they choose to do what will make then happy. I have seen many junior and seniors wanting to do outrageous and selfless things, which they ultimately end up doing and loving, only because of the sole fact that they whole-heartedly loved what they did. So do what you want to do. Dress how you want to dress. Be who you want to be. And be happy.


The student population here is actually very diverse and you'll find people from every type of "neighborhood." There is in fact a large religious population because at UMBC, they have varying clubs for those who are Jewish, Christian, African, and many others that have many active members. There is however a large population of Asian Americans (including Indian) if you're walking around campus but many of them aren't the stereotypical "geeky" ones; you'll find many Asians who try to be hipsters, preppy, or "gangster" if you want to call it that. It's kind of hard to feel out of place at UMBC unless you lock yourself up in your room and refuse to socialize because there's always a group you could fit into. While sitting in class, you'll find students wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt or people who got dressed up and in girl's cases, "look cute" with ugg's, a ralph lauren polo, and a tiffany's necklace on. Many students here follow whatever is fashionable or the "in thing" at the time but then there are many, as people would say "nerdy" guys and girls who don't care about their wardrobe and wear whatever was at the top of their drawer that day. Also, at UMBC, if you were rich or poor, I couldn't tell. The people I see don't flash their money around unless they were a freshman trying to impress a group of people he/she probably won't talk to at the end of the four years. I have noticed however that there are more people than you would expect who follow politics. You could easily overhear a deliberation between a few people in the dining hall who were arguing about last night democratic debate.


The only thing you can say about UMBC is that everyone is so diverse. Our main student building "the Commons" has I think over 100 flags from various countries representing all of the places the students are from. There is no way to list every different "variety" of student I can only say that if you think it, we have it. There are student groups representing almost any type of situation you can imagine: religious, political, ethnicity, sports, arts, sciences, and the list goes on. The only trouble you will have fitting in is deciding when to stop joining groups!


The students at UMBC are some of the most intelligent, quirky, innovative, fun-loving people I have ever met. Even though it is an honors university, we love to have fun! Almost every night something is going's just your job to find out what and where. Most events are posted on our homepage, but also checking Facebook and checking bulletin boards in the dorms will get you hip! The most denomination is Caucasian and Asian, next would be African American and Latinos. As a previous member of the Black Student Union of UMBC, there are strong ties between every African American that is involved and you will find that they will be some of your biggest supporters as well as closest friends. Overall, there are infinite numbers of interacial friendships and relationships that bring us all closer. Each student that attends UMBC is very goal oriented and speaks of their futures in good light because they know they are working hard for what they want to achieve!


The students at the school vary. We are known as one of the most diverse schools in the nation. However, so long as I've been here, all the students have been nice. As long as you try, I think anybody can make friends at this school. Plus this school is known for being full of geniuses because a big reason a lot of people come here is the great academic opportunities. So the students are whatever you want them to be because they are so diverse, in both race and character.


I consider UMBC having a rather diverse types of students be it racially, religiously, LGBT related, or socio-economically. I don't think there are any kind of students who would feel out of place at this school, because we are so used to having so many different students from diverse background, where we are generally very accepting of students from another country, from a different state, of course different race, your sexual-orientation (we have a pretty populous LGBTQ community and activities). Most students never ever attend classes in their pajamas, and they are usually in casual clothing. Most of the students attending UMBC are from Maryland; however, we have an English-learning program so we also have a lot of Korean and Middle Eastern students and students from all over the world. In terms of student inteactions, most people are usually clustered together with their friends from the same major programs, club activities, atheletic clubs, honor society activities, if not, their sorority or fraternity sisters and brothers. I wish there is more occasions where students from all majors and all clubs socialized together in some way so the campus body feels more united, and students would make friends outside of their interest and major programs.


The student here are very diverse. We are rated as one of the most diverse schools in the US. This is definitely a positive aspect because meeting people from other countries, from other religions or nationalities expands your knowledge and appreciation for the world and life in general. UMBC is a very open and welcoming community, however, those students who want a school with a football team or who like to party a lot will not feel comfortable here. Students that are similar in ethnicity and religion do tend to sit with one another but UMBC provides many opportunities and events to bring everyone together! With that said, I don't think I could categorize four tables in the dining hall. Students here are very diverse and come from very diverse backgrounds. While some might be wealthier and smarter than others we all fit together. In my opinion, this is a liberal campus.


The students at my school are some of the most diverse on any campus in the country. There are people from more countries then I can name and they all interact well while still mingling with others from similar cultures. It gives you a chance to see many different aspects of the world and each culture has their own club or something of the sort. At UMBC you get to see different cultures and people that you may otherwise wouldn't get to.


The students at my school are some of the most diverse on any campus in the country. There are people from more countries then I can name and they all interact well while still mingling with others from similar cultures. It gives you a chance to see many different aspects of the world and each culture has their own club or something of the sort. At UMBC you get to see different cultures and people that you may otherwise wouldn't get to.


There is definitely a diverse community here, and a lot of people are very friendly and easy to talk to. I love the diversity on campus, and how open everyone is about who they are and their beliefs. UMBC students aren't the biggest party crowd, but the people you meet are can definitely help you in working towards a successful future.


My classmates are eccentric and willing to learn.


They are very approachable, willing to help especially when it comes to studies.


They are diverse and excited to learn.


everyone is very goal oriented.


Friendly, accepting, happy, goal-oriented, focused, hard-working, pleasant, funny, engaging, memorable, helpful, selfless, opinionated, intelligent, nice, understanding, and fun to be around


My classmate are all very intelligent people who want only the highest in life and study hard to achieve such.


The students at UMBC are very goal-oriented and driven individuals who serious about their coursework.


Laid back and seemingl apathetic but gererally interseted in what they are learning despite what they say and usually are willing to give help when needed.


My classmates are very competitive, but not at a cut throat level. Most of my classmates are outgoing, and everyone is extremely motivated and intelligent.


Very school/grade oriented.


The students at UMBC are very intelligent, knowing what they want as an individual, and finding the resources to achieve thier dreams and goals.


My classmates at UMBC are Student Supermen: outside of the classroom, their Clark Kent is the engaging, helpful friend who I hang out with regularly, but inside the classroom, they morph into their version of Superman, the dedicated, hardworking students that they are, with great aspirations of how they will positively impact the world in the future.


They are easy to talk to, but sometimes so focused they won't help you even though they know they are capable of helping.


A group of well diverse individuals, from all different cultures and backgrounds, that are open minded to new ways of thoughts and new information.


My classmates are friendly, engaging in their studies and activities, and are interactive with the coursework.


My classmates are very diverse and friendly. We are all there to get an education that will lead us to a career so we remain focused and try to help eachother in accomplishing our common goals.


Friendly and very studious. Willing to help at all cost and very engaging in all activites


The school is small and everyone knows everyone


My classmates are hard-working individuals who want to go to graduate school for something science-related.




My classmates were extremely intelligent, friendly and willing to help others.




They are awesome peers that motivate you to think outside the box regarding materials learnt in class and applications to real life experiences.


My classmates are generally as smart and capable as myself, but not many of them are graduating on time.


The classmates at this school are relatively friendly but very studious, so form the right study groups and work hard.


Spontaneous and random, just like it should be.


UMBC has all the groups you can think of, and we all live happily together. I don't think anyone would feel out of place, you just need to find your group. Students wear many different things to class. But most students are wearing T-shirts and jeans or sweats. Even though you see students grouped up in their separate groups, these students interact in class and in the dorms. Again, there are all different types of students, the apathetic students or politically active ones. The ones that do talk about making money and the ones that don't really care.


There is one rule about UMBC: if you don't like diversity, UMBC is not for you. There are people at UMBC from so many different backgrounds. In my first semester at UMBC, I met Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, Agnostics, Atheists, Whites, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Indians, Arabs, Russians, Europeans, Poor people, Rich people, Middle class people, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Straight people, among many others. UMBC has a place for everyone, except people who want the closed-mindedness of an entire campus of people who think exactly like they do. On the other hand, I find it much more interesting to discuss life experiences with someone who has led a completely different life than I have. Imagine this: You are sitting at a dining hall table at some random college. You are an 18-year old white, straight, Christian male who grew up in an upper-middle class family in some random suburb. The three people sitting around you are all around the same age, all white, all straight, all Christian, and they all grew up in similar circumstances. Now imagine this: You are sitting at a dining hall table at UMBC. You are a 19-year old, white, bisexual, Agnostic female who grew up in a middle class family in Baltimore County. Sitting across from you is a 20-year old, African American, straight, Christian male who grew up in a poor family in downtown Baltimore City. To the left of you is a 40-year old, Indian, straight, Muslim female who grew up in a relatively well-off family in India. Across from her is a 26-year old, English, gay, Wiccan male who grew up in a rich Indiana suburb. Which group would be more interesting to talk to? If you picked the second, UMBC is for you.


UMBC is the 2nd most diverse campus in the US I heard once. There is a group of people for everyone here and everyone pretty much mixes together and hangs out. UMBC is not very political I dont think.


UMBC is very diverse. I don't think anyone would feel completely out of place at UMBC. Most UMBC students are from Maryland.


The down side of UMBC: There are a TON of commuters. I think particularly for freshman its detrimental. The commuters don’t really interact with the on campus people so there is kind of a divide there. Other than that, just the athletes think there all that ( which I guess happens at every school).