University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I can honestly say my school is know for academics being that were are an honors university in Maryland. We're very big on studying and consantly staying focus.


The school is best known for the dedication each professor has in getting their students to go above and beyond in their studies, hence why UMBC is known as the "Honors University" of Maryland.


UMBC is best known for its ambition to stay as one of the country's highest ranked schools in this area. Professors here are focused on education before anything, and prepare students for the outside world. While there are two campuses, one is just for those who are in specific majors and cannot make it to the main campus. Both have the same teachers, and the same curriculum. It is a great name to add to anyone's resume, and the counselors are geared toward helping you.


-welcome week -fall festival -homecoming -quadmania -midnight breakfast -soccer & basketball whiteout games -Earth day (with the trash monster) -flash mobs -various sport club rookie initiations


-welcome week -fall festival -homecoming -quadmania -midnight breakfast -soccer & basketball whiteout games -Earth day (with the trash monster) -flash mobs -various sport club rookie initiations


I am not aware of what this school is best known for, the social work program that I am enrolled in is a very respected program of study. Recently this school has been profiled on the news program sixty minutes for its inovative and dynamic programs of study. This school has been recognised as one of the rising reserch colleges in the United States


UMBC is an engineering institute and has many research opportunities in that field. If one were to attend UMBC in search of a refined liberal arts program they should reconsider and search elsewhere. UMBC provides an exceptional level of education and rational thought to students for a relatively low price.


UMBC is known for its amazing science and math deparments. It's also ranked #4 in IT degrees and one of the top 5 Up and Coming schools in the nation. We also have a diverse student body and student life.


Top Up-and-Coming National University


They are best known as an honors college. Being as such they are known for their good academics.


My school is best known for its mathematics and science programs. Research is highly encouraged by the staff, so it is often a priority to the students. UMBC is also highly known for being the Number One Up and Coming University in America which is a great honor.


Our College is best known for being "An Honors University" and "Culturally Diverse". We have many cultures on our campus, and over 100 languages are spoken here. Everyone's opinion is highly respected and the Administration values your time. This is a very competitive college for financial aid and excellence of learning. Most students at UMBC have a GPA of 3.4 or higher.


The school specializes in technology degrees, particularly Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. The school has been noted in several publications as an up-and-coming university for undergraduates.


I almost always walk into a classroom/lecture hall full of calm, benevolent, and vibrant classmates that gives me such a warm welcome and a sense that I belong there.


Science classes


Our school is best known for diversity, and having the best for every hard working student.


We are best known for our excited alumni who are always willing to give back. As well as our high academic success in Engineering. Along, with our sport programs which are very successful.


Dr. Freeman Hrawbowski, the president of the university, is a nationally recognized for his excellence as the head of UMBC.


UMBC is best known for its academics, gaining knowledge, career-related goals, and research. If you're looking for a party school, this is not it. The students here, most of them anyway, come here to learn and they take their majors seriously and studying is a big part of this school. Almost all of the teachers are very supportive of the students and are willing to help them learn and succeed.


The right size, science and engineering program, hip-hop dance team, and its diversity


UMBC is best known for the Meyerhoff prgram as well as the research that it conducts.


It is known for its environmental friendliness.


diversity and academics


Engineering and Science fields.


Academic achievement


We have a great basketball team boys and girls. We so could have been the final four!=) But what were best known for is producing students who are hard workers with lots of experience in thier choosen career field. It really is a school for those who strive in their academics and want to go on to get a great job or enter an amazing graduate program. We are well respected as an honor learning institution.

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