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The engineering program is becoming very competative in the Maryland area. They've begun using gateway courses and projects to help students decide whether the career field is for them. The diversity of the school ensures that there is very little chance of monotony in personalities and cultures, whereas other schools in the area definitely draw students from similar backgrounds and environments. After I separated from the military, UMBC was the first school I checked out, and no other schools were able to compare. The administrators were great help with my application and proceessing. I have no regrets.


Small classes with dedicated faculty. Student body varies in enthusiasm, tending towards lethargy.


My decision to choose University of Maryland, Baltimore County was based on the opportunities for the students this college has to offer. UMBC is an honors college and recognizes students that have the drive to succeed. The institution constitutes of faculties such as engineering department and the necessary lab resources for the students who require assistant. This college takes pride in welcoming the diverse students by recommending more than 200 clubs and communities such as accounting, engineering and rugby club. By being the member of such communities and clubs, students are able to improve their networking and social skills.


Very Diversed


It offered both math education and art education, which many schools do not offer. The campus isn't overly crowded with buildings and trees. It's a good-sized campus: not too large and not too small.


My school is very focused on academics, so much so that we don't have a football team, Greek life exists but is on the back burner and on Friday and Saturday nights the library is packed. Others schools I looked at were much larger, farther away from where I grew up and didn't have as strong of an academic influence. Since my school is closer to home compared to other schools, it feels like the best transition from being a teenager to entering the adult world. I have independence and individuality while maintaining familiarity.


-Somehow get more funding (general budget) for the club teams. I can't tell you how much more club sports at other schools get -Use the freaking bus system kids! -Moar trees -Build that new student center already, bump those 2019 plans up to when I'm a senior! -Keep the scary elevators scary -Stop waisting money on flat screens -You're a pretty cool guy, I guess


Compared to the the other schools that I considered, my school is relatively smaller. My school was not my first choice college, I wanted to go to a much larger school. I ended up choosing UMBC because of its distance, far enough to live on campus yet close enough that I could travel home if need be.


The school was voted as the most diverse school in the country when I was atte deding it. If one was to ever visit the campus this characteristic would immediately stick out. Due to this diversity there was a great level of tolerance for others ethnicities and cultures. It also alloted students like myself the experience of trying new things which is one of my best sources of fun.


UMBC has a great science and math departments. One of the reasons I chose UMBC was for its strong engineering program. Though other universities like College Park have great science and math departments, UMBC is smaller and more close knit. Smaller classes give students the opportunity to really connect with professors. I also like the fact that we're a very green and eco-conscious school.


There are a wide variety of people here- not just racial and ethnic diversity. Personalities are different too, in a great way.


Most students receive some type of substantial scholarship or financial aid.


It is very diverse


This school is very divrse and the people get along with each for the most part. And there are many clubs the one can join to keep busy.


Top 10 colleges in undergraduate level colleges and a good mix of liberal arts and sciences as well with fine arts.


This school is extremely diverse, putting me in contact with all different kinds of people from diverse cultures. Most of the people who come to UMBC are average students with different perspectives and life experiences. The majority of the students are extremely academically focused and encourage studying. It is considered "cool" to do well in school, and people are not there to party, but to get an education.


My school is number two in diversity. You can meet a different person everyday and never meet every racial or ethnic group represented on campus.


Very ethnically diverse. Not too small and definitely not too big. Somewhat close to home. Has great art program.


Well I transferred to UMBC from Morgan State University. I can honestly say that there is more diversity at UMBC and the people you meet and the things you learn about them are more rewarding.


The campus is small but it definitely has a city feel to it. It is definitely the place to go if you want to focus on your studies and have minimal distractions


Our school has a wide variety of choices depending on your major.


My school is very heavy on research. The school is known for there research programs throughout the state. Many other schools around the area are not really up to par when it comes to research.


I think it is the most academic directed school out of all the schools I've considered. I really had to work hard for my grades and obtaining a "D" in one of my courses crushed me, just for the fact that I didn't even see a "C" in high school. But besides that, it is possiby one of the most culturally diverse school as well, but it seems like all of the different ethnic groups hang with each other though.


The Univeristy of Maryland, Baltimore County offers a very culturally diverse environment in which students are encouraged and motivated to succeed, voice their opinions, and put forth their best efforts. My school offers many professional opportunities and resources including undergraduated research opportunities and partnerships with affiliated companies.


My school is unique because it puts a lot of emphasis on our future and helping us mold ourselves into good people.


nothing really. it was more of a decision forced on my by the last minute. Its an okay school, considering the people there are friendly.


-Very small/academic...sort of like high school; lots of commuters


Location. Location. Location. It's right between Baltimore and DC so you get great city exposure and it was still close to home for me. Most of the other schools I applyed to and was accepted at were out of state schools.


hands on experience


Smaller campus, actually considered to be a "commuter's college".


It's incredibly diverse in terms of students, extracurriculars, and community involvement; not to mention that it's on the outskirts of Baltimore and only an hour away from DC and Annapolis.


The ethnic diversity.


Research, Diversity.


We are very diverse and multicultrual. For serious students there are unique opportunites for undergraduate research.




UMBC is whatever you make out it. If you sit in your room and refuse to interact with anyone, you will have nothing good to say. But if you actually meet people and get involved, there is so much potential and so much to learn.


Pretty much anyone can find something they love about UMBC. And I must say I DO LOVE IT! LETS GO DAWGS!


Overall, I like UMBC and I am an out of state student. However, I think the school leaves a lot to be desired.


I only came here because I got a substantial scholarship, but now I am glad that I came and excited about staying 2 or 3 more years :)


If you really want to know what UMBC is about, come and discover it for yourself. Don't listen to stereotypes and learn information about UMBC from people who ACTUALLY go there


I like UMBC. Then again, I don't mind the quiet.


They say it's not allowed, but you can use torrents. I do, but I don't use file sharing like limewire or Kazza.






yeah u didn't ask us how we would improve it.


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Don't live on campus past your freshman year. It'd good for experience but not for mental health. Get off campus as soon as possible, you will be happier.


I do not regret coming here and am happy here. I wish there was a bigger arabic program, but as it grows, I grow with it. We need healthier food here though and more flexibility with the dining hall meal uses.


My opinion may seem pretty negative towards UMBC, but I have always had an open mind about UMBC. They just have continued to let me down. I have had a few bad experiences, but even before my bad experiences, my opinions about the administration had already been formed. If you had asked me the same questions 2 years ago I would have answered the same, with the exception that now I have actual experiences to back up my bad feelings towards the university. I know many people that have the same feelings towards the school and they did not have anything bad happen to them ever. It is a general feeling that many of my friends as well as other students that I have heard say similar things have towards the school. When you enter UMBC you are promised the world, and you leave realizing, you never really got much of anything, but some life changing experiences that have made you more skeptical than ever about people who say they are there to help. This is not to take anything away from the few good teachers there are because the ones that are good are really great, but there are just so much bad that overshadows them. Also, many students only come to UMBC for a year or two and end up transferring.


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