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What are the most popular student activities/groups?



Greek life from what i understand and humans v. zombies


The most popular activities include 1. Dancing: Which ranges from hip-hop, ballroom, cultural (ie Indian, African etc) or Liturgical. I am a part of a Liturgical Dance team called Perfected Praise and we worship God through prayer and dance movements. 2. Comedy/ Open Mic Night: There are a lot of stand up comedies and comedians on campus as well as monthly shows with just you, a mic and the crowd. 3. Modeling: The are 2 major modeling opportunities on campus. These are student run and Designers/ Model volunteers are sought to display outfits. I am currently modeling for a show and I am very excited. 4. Bands; There are numerous bands on campus and weekly performances.


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It's really easy to get involved on campus. Within a few weeks of my first semester I joined the Student Government Association's First Year Council and Senate as a First Year Ambassador. I've also made a few appearances to Rock Climbing Club meetings. At the start of each semester an event called Involvement Fest is held. Most of the university's student groups and organizations set up a table on the quad and try to recruit new members. It's an easy way to find out what's going on on campus, how to get involved, and discover an organization of which you want to be a part. Organizations and clubs cover a wide range of interests and the school makes it very easy to start your own club if you find that what you want isn't on campus yet. Both club and varsity sports are also fairly popular. Soccer, basketball, and volleyball games are usually well-attended. There are also a lot of free lecture series on campus that cover many fields of study. UMBC's art culture thrives through orchestra performances, open mic nights, the school's theater, a cappella performances, musical theatre club, and the Albin O. Kuhn Art Gallery in the library. Even if you decide not to join a club residence halls, dining halls, and majors periodically host fun and quirky events.


It's really easy to get involved on campus. Within a few weeks of my first semester I joined the Student Government Association's First Year Council and Senate as a First Year Ambassador. I've also made a few appearances to Rock Climbing Club meetings. At the start of each semester an event called Involvement Fest is held. Most of the university's student groups and organizations set up a table on the quad and try to recruit new members. It's an easy way to find out what's going on on campus, how to get involved, and discover an organization of which you want to be a part. Organizations and clubs cover a wide range of interests and the school makes it very easy to start your own club if you find that what you want isn't on campus yet. Both club and varsity sports are also fairly popular. Soccer, basketball, and volleyball games are usually well-attended. There are also a lot of free lecture series on campus that cover many fields of study. UMBC's art culture thrives through orchestra performances, open mic nights, the school's theater, a cappella performances, musical theatre club, and the Albin O. Kuhn Art Gallery in the library. Even if you decide not to join a club residence halls, dining halls, and majors periodically host fun and quirky events.


There is no popular group on campus in my opinion. We have so many organization that you are bound to find something to be in. I am personally in a sorority. Greek life on my campus is not a big deal but I enjoy being in one. I have new friends who can help with my schoolwork while joking around about life. It's fun and love that I am in one. At UMBC, we have sport teams but they do not really outshine other organizations. Everyone is pretty friendly in dorms and people just hang out in other peoples room or on the floors common room. People are pretty chill here.


If you asked me what the most popular student groups were here, I honestly couldn't tell you. I know we have a good soccer team which many students support so I suppose I would have to choose that as our most active group. However, I do see many guys and girls walking around with UMBC apparel on supporting our basketball, lacrosse, and swim/dive teams but I have yet to hear much about them. I do see though there are a lot of organizations that do have stands in the breezeway (a walkway by academic row) selling baked goods and raising money for whatever their club supports. Then, depending on which floor of the dorms you live on (whether its the designated quite floor or not), you'll see many people's doors fly open with people going in and out of them all the time. Even at 3 in the morning, the dorms are still lively and you're sure to pass by someone while walking in the hallways. It's also pretty customary for your friends to just let themselves into your room if its unlocked (but only if both the roommates agree because some roommates don't appreciate their bunk mates friends barging into the room unexpectedly). On the weekends here, even though UMBC isn't classified as a "party hardy school," if someone really wanted to go out, they could find a party to go to. There aren't that many off campus so most people have "dorm parties" and invite a bunch of friends over to do many "college associated activities." There is also a club near by called FIsh Bowl that many students go to during the weekends. However, many students go home on the weekend so the remainder that are here either party, or hang out in their room and watch T.V. or do homework. That's honestly pretty much all there is to do.


Most popular student activities include going to parties, game nights, attending basketball and soccer games, karaoke nights in the Commons and study groups (of course)! :) Among different groups people enjoy going to the theater for a play, watching a dance recital, going to Erickson Field to play flag football or extreme frisbee. There are also numerous numbers of sororities and fraternities that people like to join based on their interests or backgrounds. The two biggest events that everyone looks forward to is Quadmania and Homecoming where everyone's school spirit is shining and there are concerts, free food, and fun!


The more popular activities and groups here are the sports clubs and fraternities/sororities. There is a specific type of fraternity/sorority for almost everybody if you look and there are so many different sports teams. The best part is though we have so many activities and groups and if you would like to do something that is not available then you are more than capable of starting the group yourself. Plus as I have said on previous questions, if you want to meet people there are so many ways to do it and so many ways to have fun and make friends.


One of the most popular groups/organizations/club activities at UMBC are joining the sorority or fraternity group. Most students are usually very involved with their group activities with their sisters and brothers after joining them. Students usually never ever leave their doors open in their dorms probably not because it is unsafe to do so, but purely because nobody else does it, and we take other people's privacy and our own privacy very seriously. I love the guest speakers, exhibits, concerts, theatre, shows, dance shows, and all the events that are constantly going on-campus. We have so many different events during the school year that I actually find it utterly impossible to even go to every single on of them! Due to the fact that UMBC is a big commuter school and students live off-campus most of the time, it is not at all a big party school be it during the week, or on weekends. I personally have lived off-campus nearby UMBC and before doing so, I always went back home during the weekends, so I never was really involved with drinking during Saturday nights. For those who do not go back home during the weekends and stays on campus all-year around usually have a part-time job at the nearby grocery stores, Arundel Mills Mall, or dedicate their time doing internships or volunteer work.


Because UMBC is known for the sciences, the biggest campus organization in my opinion would be the Pre-Medical Society. I started when I was getting active when I was a freshman and now I am the Vice President of Student Involvement. We have hundreds of members that come to meetings to hear speakers and to plan events. We have many other organizations on campus that show a variety of interests. We have over 200 organizations that include a boating club, many dance clubs, and religious and cultural organizations. We are very open to anybody and everybody. With the amount of diversity on this campus, each organizations allow students to work with one another. A lot of what organizations focus on is community service. Every week, you can see organizations tabling for a cause or promoting a service project for any student to be a part of. I met my closest friends in my dorm and my study groups. You create bonds that go beyond the classroom. I wouldn't say there is a huge dating scene on campus but people are involved with each other. At 2 am I am usually either studying for an exam or hanging with people on my floor. Although the weekends here are pretty empty on campus, UMBC provides a shuttle to Arundel Mills mall where there is a movie theater and restaurants. There are also many ways to get to downtown Baltimore.


The most popular student groups and organizations are the Greeks. UMBC is full of Greek Organizations(Fraternities and Sororities). There are multiple types of organizations to join here at UMBC


Athletics here on campus are more popular then ever. With the success of the men's soccer team, women's basketball and lacrosse teams, and others, students usually come out in bulk to these events, none being more popular then our men's basketball games. Every weekend there is a movie shown in one of the lecture halls and there is usually something to do on campus. Certain dorms are more social then others because some have people who leave their door's open while other's don't (and some of the dorms don't even have doors you can leave open.) Guest speakers and performers make appearances for special occasions and there are many places off campus you can visit. We're located in Catonsville/Arbutus with Baltimore City and the Inner Harbor no more then ten minutes away. The dating scene is great, I met my girlfriend in my dorm last year which was one of the most social dorms on campus. Frats and sororities are very popular and can be seen around campus a lot.


The UMBC Jazz Big Band performs "Killer Jo…


The Student Government ssocaition really makes an effort to represent every student on campus and to make significant changes for the students. Students in dorms do leave their doors open. Athletic events have recently become more popular. There are always guest speakers such as Al Gore, etc. I meant my closest friends through other friends, you keep meeting people all the time, it's amazing.


Now look; you may be thinking after all of this that UMBC is a fun, laid-back university. This is true, but it also has a reputation for being one of the best colleges in Maryland. It has a lot to offer. So don't get me wrong, there are parties at UMBC. But if your goal when you go to college is to stay out all night drinking and having a great time, think again. UMBC is a great place to party, but it's not the kind of school that has a reputation of "no academics, parties every night." There are a lot of fun things to do around campus: there's an athletic facility open to all students, there are sports events, there are guest speakers, theater productions, movie nights, and game rooms. UMBC is located in Baltimore County, and there are a lot of fun spots to hit near the campus. But UMBC is not ALL about the party. Students do study, and you meet a lot of your best friends in class, not at the party scene. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday - yeah, you could be partying. But you might also be having a study session with a couple of friends because of that test tomorrow, or you may just be hanging with a couple friends eating pizza and watching a movie.


UMBC has been gaining more activities and social aspects. We do not have a football team but we make up for tailgating at almost every other sporting event. We have a theater, which I havent been to but my roommates have. Every weekend there are movies on campus that were just in the theaters. There are frats and sororities but they are not a major part of the campus. They throw a fishbowl on Thursday nights. Fishbowl is a local club that is 18 to enter. It is pretty much where you will see everyone on a Thursday night. Fridays are usually pretty relaxed. My friends and I play manhunt to rest the liver and get some outdoors fun, and because we have 6:00am practice on Saturday. So the big nights are Thursday and Saturday.


The best social activity many UMBC students go to is Fishbowl on Thursdays or Loafers on Wednesdays. Both are off campus.


On campus activities can be sort of a joke. Its really sad, they’ll have some great event planed, and only 6 or 7 people will show up. Its like its uncool to go to school sponsored events. That bugs me. Also people go home way to much on the weekends. Its kinda sad that the campus gets so dead on Saturday and Sunday.


Honestly, there's not enough stuff to do on campus during the weekends. SEB (student events board) tries to put something on every weekend, but often resident students will go home for some odd reason, and commuters will stay home. (home isn't very fun in my opinion... if you want to stay home, go to community college or take online classes.) However, if you stay on the weekends you will find people who are bored and looking for something to do. Make friends with those people!!!


Being involved with athletics gave me the best opportunity to meet people. Other ways of meeting people are through classes, study groups or other random events that take place on campus during the year. The dting scene at UMBC isn't too bad, you jsut have to know what you're looking for, and if you can't find them on our ccampus, there are so many other schools close by. Partying within athletics happens a good amount of time, you just have to get in with them, Frats and sororities are big within themselves and not too much more, they are not your typical frats no matter how hard they try. Saturday nights you cna go see a movie on campus or go down to the inner harbor for dinner or ssomething else fun.


There are organizations to meet everyone's interest and if you can't find an organization to meet you interest all you have to do is gather a group of friends with same interest and create your own organization! As much importance UMBC places on academics, it places equal importance on social life.


AS stated above--almost all activities can be found.


Most of the older dorms (Chesapeake, Susquehanna, Potomac, Patapsco) are pretty social & people on the hall tend to know each other & keep doors open. If you want to study you'd be better off in Harbor or Erickson, where doors are kept more closed and you probably won't know your hall mates.


The only thing that me and my friends do is party. When it's class hours though we leave our doors open and have music on welcoming strangers in to visit and hang out. We always have a video game running in the background and at night we close our doors and pull out the party games for fun times. This is typical every night of the week and on weekends many students leave campus to go to College Park or to off-campus parties. Many of the parties stay underground between friends so getting in trouble is less likely if you stay in a dorm just be careful because RESLIFE is out to get everyone. Almost every Thursday of the semester is Fishbowl night and a lot of the wilder students go to the club down the street for live music and drinks. We dont have many greek life options and many of them are looked down upon for being snobs. If you asked me what i did last weekend then all I can say is went to the spot to get munchies and then went to some dorm or apartment to party and the rest is a blur. If you dont like partying you can go to the Saturday night on campus movie, sometimes we have concerts and plays, and open mic nights. Off campus we have Frederick road which has some awesome music stores, restaurants, and shops. Also 10 minutes away is the harbor and 20 minutes away are several other colleges to visit friends at. If I was awake at 2am on a Tuesday I would either be writing a last minute paper or partying with friends.


Frats and sorrorities do exist, but as they dont have campus housing, you can pretty much avoid them if you want to. I met my closest friends through the musical groups i am involved in. If you play a musical instrument deffinetly join pep band, we are soooo much fun and every one is extremely friendly, we love new people!!


Students in dorms generally leave their doors open, fostering some interaction. However, athletics are not highly popular, but guest speakers and theatre events are pretty populated. Sororities and fraternitites exist on campus, and I am actually a member of one, but they are not very important on campus, I didn't really know anything about Greek life until my sophomore year, when I had to go looking into it on my own. Off campus, you can go to the Inner Harbor or a few malls that are near campus. There is a ton of things within 20 or 30 minutes of campus to do. People who go to UMBC generally do not party a ton, but if you are looking for it, you can find it, but it will not be super wild and crazy.


The doors in some of the nicer dorm halls close automatically, and "tampering" with the mechanism that causes this is forbidden, even if you could fix it in all of five seconds. The utility floor of Erickson Hall, 1 West, has only four suites, making for antisocial neighbors. Met more friends in classes than in my dorm hall, also became close friends with roommates. Parties take place every weekend, at least, but they are hard to find at times, especially if your floor is antisocial. There is no "Greek Row" or anything comparable. Fraternities/sororities are tolerated by the administration at best. The Game Room is also an interesting place to meet people, if you are not interested in alcohol or other substances.


Who would have guessed that UMBC would have such a great year. As always we are undefeated in football (since there is no team) but we were honestly, champs in both lacrosse and basketball. The Commons is nice. There is always something going on between Quadmania, art shows, speaker series and guest lecturers, Flat Tuesdays for drinks, pool and gaming tournaments...


I have no idea what clubs are the most popular. I personally am involved with Orthodox Christian Fellowship (a religious group), Rock for Life (a political advocacy group), and the Shakespeare Reading and Performing Group. To my knowledge most students leave their doors open. The sports events are not terribly popular. My closest friends are the people who live on my floor. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm mostly likely talking with friends online or in my common room. I have no idea how often people party because I'm not a partier. Fraternities and sororities are not terribly important because their housing is all off campus- they sit together at lunch and usually have some sort of fundraiser going on. On a Saturday night you can go watch a movie in one of the lecture halls, play pool or something in the game room, of attend a club event. Off campus you can visit Baltimore or other nearby cities/towns for food, entertainment, or shopping.


The only activity that I know that everyone respect and enjoy is quadmania.


Greek life is there, but minor. There are not any frat houses, but they do hold some of the apartments for their own benefit. There is not much to do on a week night, and most students go home or out on the weekend. Intense parties or like activities are away for the inner campus. In apartments or more distance houses, or out in some clubs and bars in the city. Baltimore is a great, real city to head to for a good time. D.C. can also offer some nice shows in a few of it's venues. The Ottobar is the number one spot for late light shows and partying. But there are a number of other spots, or you could head to the mall, or just hang out down down with some friends. There have been no notable guest speakers this year. There have been a few theater productions put on that didn't interest me very much. There are weekly movies that come out a few weeks before the DVD release of such titles. The dating scene is kind of tight, you have to have some luck, still when you consider the medium population there are a number of couples to be seen around. Most students in my dorm keep their doors shut, but the newer, larger dorms seem much more friendly and I'm moving to one of those next year. I am proud to say that the Anime society of UMBC is technically the number one student group. It is also the largest anime club in Maryland! The UAS is also the only organization I currently belong to. Attendance is around 15 to 30. Meetings are from 6pm to 11 pm each friday night. After, the meeting anyone can join the core members to go out to Applebees or some other restaurant for an after party. There is a pizza or ice cream social at the start of each semester, free ice cream, free games, and an anime movie. There is a BBQ at the end of the year. Also, each semester there is a 24 hour anime Marathon! In the hall outside the theater/lecture hall there are video games, a lan party and other activates such as the juggling and DDR club. Peak attendance this semester was 125, total attendance was 150. I met most of my friends through the club.


I'm actually the current president for the Asian Student Connection. This year, we've done a date auction, brought a comedian (Eliot Chang) to campus, planned and executed a large cultural show that had a turnout of around 300 people, and are doing a field day for our ethnic clubs on campus to participate in. To be honest, it is much easier to meet people if you actually live on campus as opposed to commuting. But a little time and effort, and friendliness, goes a long way. I probably know more people on campus than most dormers do. I do know that doors in dorms are usually open (at reasonable times of course) and everyone's welcoming. If I'm awake on 2am on a Tuesday, I'm probably studying, to be honest. That or "studying" meaning goofing off and trying to study but not succeeding very well. People party often enough on campus, you just have to know people who know people who know people haha Fraternities and sororities are not as well-known on campus but they are such an integral part of our community. They do a lot of things around campus as well as philanthropic efforts as well! I actually went to a Jimmy Eat World/Paramore concert in DC thanks to an invitation from my Big Sister of my sorority. I also did the Walk to Cure Diabetes as a philanthropy for my sorority (we raised $386 total).


Lots of greek life and things to join.


There are all sorts of social groups at UMBC. If you want strict academics with no socialization, you can find it here. If you want to party every night of the week, you can do that too. There are a lot of worlds in this campus, and if you can't find one to fit you then you can build one. There are a lot of people who crave excitement and socialization but who simply don't know where to find it here.


pretty boring and undertoned....and they don't seem to be very involved.


I would say that many of the ethnic/cultural groups are very popular amongst people who fall into those categories. Also, I would say that men's lacrosse, men's basketball, and women's volleyball are among the most popular varsity sporting teams on campus. Men's rugby is also pretty well-known. Some students in dorms leave their doors open, others don't. Athletic events are semi-popular, but interest is growing due to recent successes of men's and women's swimming and diving, men's lacrosse, men's basketball, and women's basketball. I think guest speakers are pretty well attended. I have no idea about theater productions. Every year we have Quadmania which consists of a carnival type scene and a big concert. People party frequently, you just have to seek them out and find them. It is not all over campus like many other universities. Fraternities and sororities are pretty important to those involved with them. I think they are not as big on our campus because they are not allowed to have sorority/frat houses on campus or in the neighboring community. Last weekend I just relaxed and hung out with friends, nothing too exciting. On a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking... hang out with friends, watch others drink, go to the movies, relax. Off campus I go into downtown Baltimore and visit some of the social spots down there, go to the mall, go to the movies, and visit friends who live off campus.


1. Lacrosse, Rugby, Basketball (for now). I was involved with the Cigar Enthusiasts for awhile. 2. some do. 3. Athletics get more popular the closer we get to tournaments. The theatre isn't to popular, and guest speakers are hit-or-miss, 4. Dating scene? That's whatever someone makes of it on their own individual level. Personally, it's been just fine for me. 5. Random parties that turned into friendships. 6. Staring at the ceiling, trying to go to sleep because I've got to get up at 7:30. 7. Drunken football, crab feast at the end of spring semester, steak and stogie with the bros. quadmania. 8. Depends. Sometimes once a week, sometimes every night, sometimes once a month, sometimes it's a question of whether or not the party ever ends. 9. To me: not very. I despise the organizations themselves but generally get along with the frat guys that aren't total douches. Same with the sorority sisters. I get along with the ones that aren't stuck up. 10. Last weekend was Easter, so I was in Gettysburg visiting my grandparents. 11. Movies, cards, paintball, explosives, racing, game night, go home, sleep, have sex, go shopping, smoke cigars, read a book, fix something that reslife should've taken care of, clean the apartment, the list goes on... 12. Pretty much the same thing as above.


Since UMBC is such a young school, it struggles in the sense of tradition. There is also no football team- so if you want that traditional experience of tailgating and going to games- UMBC isn't for you. That doesn't exist. I don't know what the most popular clubs are. And athletic events arent very popular unless a team (mainly lax or bball) is doing really well. I've been told our theatre is amazing, and I've been a few times, but I don't think it is overly popular. There are a lot of guest speakers, but often at times I can't attend. Homecoming happens every year- which is centered around the mens soccer game. It is usually a big deal and a lot of people come out for that. I don't know about the dating scene- I met my boyfriend in a class, but I don't think that is common. UMBC is certainly not overflowing with beautiful people- not at all. If you are awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, you are either alone or at The Spot- a place to get food late at night. That is another prob with UMBC-few things are open late at night. Frats/Soroities aren't as important as they seem at other campuses. At any normal school I'd say there are normal people partying and having a good time, that don't belong to Greek Life. But at UMBC- If you are drinking and partying, you most likely belong to Greek Life or are an athlete. It seems that the majority of the population doesn't really care about the Greek system and doesn't want to be involved in those drinking activities, and therefore, doesnt deem it important. I have no idea what you can do on a saturday that doesnot involve drinking- you would have to go off campus to have fun- and that is like 15 min to the nearest mall/movie theatre. The majority of people who go out on weekends go downtown to bars- there are four main hot spots- Powerplant, Fells Point, Federal Hill, and Canton. Most people go to either powerplant or federal hill. There are tons of bars for w/e you desire and tons of college kids. There is no local bar that isnt a complete dive and a piece of shit. I think a local bar would be cool as well.


If I am awake on Tuesday at 2am I am either frantically finishing a paper, or hanging out in the common room watching a movie, talking, or stretching with a group of friends. Usually it is the latter because on our floor someone is usually always up. If not then, I am asleep because I have class at 10. On a saturday without drinking? You can do numerous things. There are parties on our floor every once in a while but mostly it would be watching movies, going into baltimore, or just hanging out with friends. UMBC groups hold activiites and sponsor 3 times a week movie nights. I go home to my family, go into Arbutus or Catonsville for food. Lots of people like to go to Double TT diner late at night or for me Sorenntos. There is a lot that goes on in the city, but other people than I usually do that.


Sports and Greek life are the most popular extra-curricular activities on campus. I'm in Phi Mu and it rocks.


Students in dorms do leave their doors open. Athletic events have not been popular until recently, perhaps a change in the school spirit, but only time will tell. Theater is not incredibly popular but I have been to a few plays and they are quite good, if you ever get a chance you should go see one, very talented people!! My closest friends were my teammates. Studying, or eating at late night, or possibly at a party, but not likely. Each year there is quadmania which is an event that occurs in the spring and has a musical guest, sometimes a comedian, and basically is a carnival, another weekend in which UMBC acts like a real college and it is pretty fun!! Groups of people party at different rates, some never party, some party 3 times a week, pretty rare for anyone to party much more than that but it has happened. Frats/sororities are somewhat important, they are not typical at UMBC though. Went to the America East Conference Championships to watch UMBC win!! Nothing to do on a saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, with the exception of the weekly movie in a lecture hall. Off campus you can go down to the inner harbor or other places downtown.


-Greek life is relatively popular. Rugby is by far the most organized and largest club sport on campus and turns out the largest crowds. I have been VP of the rugby club for almost a year and I have gained great leadership experience and was part of the team as it evolved from a screw-around club to the powerhouse it is today. We started a scholarship fund, began volunteering at an orphanage, held BBQ's for all of our home games, built bleachers for the club sports field, renovated the sports clubhouse, and the list goes on. -students usually close their doors -athletic events are getting very popular -guest speakers are not popular -theater is not so popular, but I don't run with that crowd so idk for sure -met my closest friends through rugby or partying -2am on a Tuesday I am doing some sort of hw, rarely will I might be drinking. Most often i will be sleeping -UMBC BBQ bash, rugby has a huge event with prizes, free Tshirts, etc. RAC in BLACK is for the basketball team's opening season. -Depends on who you know. Some people party every day and normally fail. Some party on weekends and have straight As. Some never party and just hang out. Some never do anything but play WoW. -Personally I don't think greek life is important. You pay lots of money to drink beer with your 'bros'. Once in a blue moon a frat will throw a big party which is always appreciated but that hasn't happened in months. -Last weekend I was home for Easter. The weekend before I was in Savannah, GA for a rugby tournament and to partake in the nations largest St. Patricks Day celebration -Watch a movie in a lecture hall, play pool, fingerpaint maybe? I'm not sure, I am a drinker -I live off campus, party off campus, eat off campus


The most popular organizations on campus are cultural clubs and greek life. I am the Vice President of Operations of Delta Phi Epsilon. Joining DPhiE is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, and it has made me grow as an individual. DPhiE has also changed my first impressions of the social scene at UMBC and has inspired me to be more involved on campus. Athletic events do not get much support, and professors persuade students to attend guest speaker lectures by offering to give extra credit for attendance. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am hanging out with my sisters or studying. The only tradition that is prevalent in my mind is Quadmania. There are some people that party more than half of the weeek, and there are other students who do not party at all. Sororities and fraternities create a more unified community through community service, fundraising, and philanthropy events. Last weekend, I went to Good Friday service at church, and on Saturday I went to Easter service. I also spent time with my family and sisters. I can go bowling, go to Dave and Busters, watch a movie, eat, study, workout, and go to the mall on a Saturday night instead of drink.


Hypnosis is awesome. always have a decent block party. Quadmania always brings a well known musical artist to the school. LOTS of guest speakers and presentations and lots to do. lots of plays and all going on. On a tuesday well i sleep because im cranky otherwise! in dorms doors are open a lot! closet friends are room mates suite mates hall mates dorm mates class mates and peopel i know through them! people party more than people thing for UMBC. last weekend I had part of an inteview for a job, caught up on some sleep, and went into baltimore to B-Body Worlds. Saturday nights see a movie, SEB (students event board) almost ALWAYS has something going on. throw your own non drinking party (so much fun!)


South Asian Students Association, Go Club, intramural sports. Student Government has been amazing as I have had the opportunity to really advocate for my fellow students and change things on the campus for the better. In general, people leave their doors open in the residence halls. This year we've been packing the arena for the men's basketball games. Speakers and theater are popular as well. We're pretty close to 50:50 so you've got a good shot - chances are the people you meet are going to be smart in some way. I met my closest friends through classes and doing homework together afterward, as well as people who lived on my dorm floor. Probably on the computer and talking to my roommates. Homecoming, some cultural events, Quadmania (school carnival). There are parties going on if you know the right people and where to look, but generally I'd say there is less of that than at other schools. It depends on what you're looking for in your college experience. Greek life is pretty active here but they don't have their own housing options. Visited my fiancee, edited some video footage for SGA, and went in to work. You can visit Baltimore, watch the campus movie, hang out with your friends playing Guitar Hero...