University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


As mentioned in some of my videos (I will restate...) -Nerdy -Asian -No party kids -Boaring -UMBC (You're Muslim, Black or Chinese; You might be Chinese; University of math before chicks)


We are nerdy and nothing happens here.


Nerds, chessy, non parting


UMBC is a nerd school and the students are all dorks who are awkward and play chess.


That classes are extra difficult, and because UMBC is a research institute, that it is a very boring university, with boring students.


That we are all Asian and nerdy. Most people in Pennsylvania ask me why I don't go to main campus. They are not the same thing people!


UMBC has a very diverse student body.


nerdy, weirdos


That we are all nerds and spend all of our time studying. That no one stays on weekends and the campus is dead and boring.


That were all asian and all commuters. UMBC = U Must Be Chinese. People also thing that we have no school spirit and are just the science nerds and rejects from other schools.


Everyone has heard of the phrase "U Must Be Crazy" when referring to UMBC. It's known as a commuter school where everyone is too busy doing work to have fun, and that everyone goes home on the weekends.


Often people think UMBC is for chess players, nerds, asians, and people who could not get accepted into college park.


One major stereotype is that the entire student population is all of Asian decent, which of course is false. Another steretype is that UMBC is a total commuter school.


UMBC: 1) That it is boring 2) There are no parties 3) There is nothing to do on campus UMBC STUDENTS: 1) They have no life beyond classroom


They study all the time, mostly Asians/South Asians


Stereotypes: 1) a lot of minority students, especially Asian & African/African American students 2) UMBC Students are geeky: better in the classroom than on the courts/fields 3) UMBC Students are ugly 4) UMBC Students are smart and high-performing academically high-performing


Nerds All Asians and Black No parties Boring No fun


quite, science and computer geeks, commuter college




They ar all nerds. The school never has parties.


That there is not enough diversity


That everyone is Chinese, or a math/science/technology major.


People assume that UMBC students all commute, don't know how to have fun, didn't get into any very good colleges (not very strong academically), and have no school spirit.


I've heard a lot of acronyms over the past 3 years while at UMBC, such as You Must be Chinese which I think is false. There is a lot of diversity on campus, however I have not met a lot of students who are Chinese. Another popular acronym I've heard from students is You Made a Bad Choice. However, on the first day of freshman my orientation, I was told by many staff members that "You have Made the Best Choice".


Some say we are a very desolate campus that is overly obsessed with academics and with a no party atmosphere.


"There's nothing to do around here" - and those come from the students who do not search for events or activities to go to. Events are advertised everywhere on campus and online, like in-your-face advertisements. There's plenty of stuff to do. "Students are all study and no play" - We are an academically-oriented university and our majors aren't pieces of cakes so therefore we study. A lot. But we also have a lot of fun in our spare time. You just have to know who to talk to, where to go, and if all else fails, take the initiative to start your own fun!


U Must Be Crazy U Must Be Chinese U Made a Bad Choice People think we're all computer science nerds who have no social lives. They think UMBC is a school for people who didn't get into UMCP.


Your either a nerd or asian. We are hard workers.


UMBC students are seen as anti-social, and as boring people who never party or have fun. UMBC students are only focused on academics.


there are lots of asians.


Boring nerds who play a lot of chess... which I am not Also we apparently have a high asian population. UMBC stands for U Must Be Chinese according to some people. According to others it stands for U Made a Bad Choice.


-UMBC is a boring campus, that students study all of the time and do not have social lives


We're either really motivated and studious or jocks.


That the athletes are clickish and don't associate with anyone else. That the school population is made up of a lot of Asians. That it is a suitcase school with nothing to do on the weekends. That it's not a real school and everyone is a dork.


1. That UMBC is filled with Asian students. 2. That the weekends suck. 3. That is it not a party school. 3a. That a UMBC party consists of students sitting around in a circle in their dorm and drink enough until they get drunk and pass out. 4. That UMBC is a science and math school. 5. That we are all nerds.


We're nerds and have no fun.


There really aren't a lot of stereotypes of UMBC from people outside of UMBC, most people have either never heard of it, think it is a branch campus of College Park, or think it is a community college. Stereotype that it is largely asian.


All of my years here at UMBC I have heard people complain about campus is boring, there is nothing to do, there are never cool parties, sports programs suck, etc.


They play World of Warcraft. They are asian. They are not social. Academics are very important.


There is no school spirit at UMBC. UMBC is a commuter school.


Its a study school, No one is there on weekends, There is nothing to do.


UMBC is boring, everybody goes home on the weekends, we're a commuter school, there's nothing to do on campus, college park is better, the food sucks, everybody's a nerd


That despite having on-campus housing, we're a commuter school. That we don't have sports.


UMBC students are nerds who love chess and have no social life. Most students only attend UMBC because they couldn't get into College Park. Also that it is primarily an oriental school.


UMBC is often characterized as a comuter school whose students would rather spend there time clocking hours in the school library instead of partying, going out for a night on the town or engaging in other social activities. UMBC is also known predominantly for its technical programs. UMBC students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.