University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students seeking diversity (the school is one of the most diverse in the country) and the best bang-for-your-buck are suited for UMBC. Half of the student body lives off campus, but with so many commons areas, clubs, and activities, there is never a shortage of ways to meet others and gain wisdom and growth. There is a new arts center and everything is centrally located in a small area.


Someone who likes to get involved in the community as well as succeed academically.


If you like small schools, UMBC is the place for you. People are unique and aren't afraid to express themselves in whatever way they choose. Most classes are small, only a few are big lectures with several hundred people. UMBC is a great school if you want to focus on academics. There are only a few sororities and fraternities, but students who are part of Greek Life are very passionate about it. Dorms are nice and clean, and everyone is super friendly. Age is not a factor that determines who your friends are.


If you are invested in putting your all into doing your work and conducting research, this is the place for you.


Smart and motivated individuals should attend this university because it is very cut throat.


A person who is career-oriented and is hard-working.


People should attend this school if their main focus is on academics and not to much on any kind of social aspect. It is a great academic school and the classes aren't to far of a walk. You should attend this school if you want to get a good education and still see NCAA division 1 sports.


Students that are serious about thier studies


In my opinion, I think anyone who would like to learn more about other cultures and those who are serious about their future should attend UMBC. The facilities are spectacular and there are plenty of fun things to do in between studying or doing other extracurricular activities.


Someone who is of above average intelligence and who can work well under large amounts of academic strain. It would be perferable if you don't have a social life or can easily balance a social life and your education at the same time.


UMBC is a university for individuals who are extremely dedicated to learning and the academic environment. Typically known in the Baltimore-Washington metro area as a school of the sciences, students who are focusing in the natural, health, and applied sciences are expected to be most successful at the university. UMBC, unlike the nearby colleges such as UMCP and Towson, is not school that is heavily influenced by sports teams. UMBC is a good fit for students who are interested in a future of research and graduate/doctorate degrees.


Those who are enthusiastic , focused and self determined. University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) embraces people from all walks of life but, you have to know your strenghts, as nobody can be able to assist anyone without determination. Those with good morals, respect and high goals are also encouraged to attend the college , because they will be able to meet people with similar ideals, thus, together they sky is the limit.


UMBC is an ideal fit for a compassionate, intellectual, and somewhat socialable (but a little shy) person who desires and strives for a career in scientific research. The person may not have reached his intellectual potential but strives to attain it through supportive students at peer study sessions and the approachable and helpful faculty. He should prefer quiet dorm and campus life and the relatively small, compact campus structure.


focused career-goal orientated


A person who is driven to succeed and wants to go to graduate school. There's a really good art and theatre program, too. Also, a person who likes a smaller campus near the city, but not in the city. Someone who likes a lot of diversity and to work hard.


An ideal person for this school is someone who is not shy. You have to be willing to talk to other people and professors. This school is better for science- and technology-oriented people.


This school is very science, technology, and graphic design oriented so anyone who is interested in those things should attend. I have heard that about 80% of the people major in computer science.


A academic oriented student, looking for leadership experience and connections to both the workplace and graduate school


The kind who wants to learn, have research opportunities and be at a medium sized school


An open-minded, dedicated person looking for a biology-based career.


A high achiever.


Someone who is independent and curious, interested in research and doing their own thing, friendly and outgoing.


a person who will be easily molded into someone who will not question authority in any way (or if the university really had its way, a person who will not think outside of the box)


Anyone who likes a medium sized school, with a lot of spirit and is willing to work hard the moment they step into a classroom. Open minded ness is also another good quality that students who are looking at this school should have.

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