University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The meal plans are very expensive (about $10 each meal) but only let you claim food worth up to $5.65. In addition, the food there is very expensive, so a box of cereal will be $7. It is very frustrating because they know they can take advantage of us.


On the weekends, the campus is sometimes dead. Although recently, it has been begining to pick up it is still not as crazy and wild as other schools.


Fulfilling degree or graduation requirements can be a bit frustrating wthout proper guidance from your advisor or department. When I first got to UMBC, the person that helped me register for my first set of classes was not a professor or advisor in the department that I wanted to major in. So it was a bit hard to discuss my career and educational goals. I spoke to the department chair and executive assistant in my department and they were able to help and guide me from then on. Finding the right people and resources is easy if you approach anyone.


My school doesn't have a specific program for environmental engineering or a general Environmnetal program. I would need to either transfer or try to get a program to open (which is very unlikely)


The most frustrating thing about my school is our historical lack of school spirit. We're known for having very little school spirit since we don't have a football team and since not many people attend the basketball games (one of our best supports). Recently, the student organizations have been trying to spark the interest of students in regards to school spirit, and it has been working to some degree. I just wish my peers would take more pride in our great school.


At UMBC, the most frustrating aspect of the school is the lack of school spirit. Often, the school campus is empty on weekends, as many students return home or to nearby colleges to visit friends and attend sports events. The univeristy's Student Events Board attempts to plan exciting events for students - however, a lack of participation is often noticeable at these events such as decorating pumpkins on Halloween and creating gingerbread houses around Christmas.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the fact that the student body as a whole does not get proper attention. Certain Honor groups or other academic groups are focused on more precisely than the regular student body. The individuals who struggle to make the grade or have no type of mentor or poor academic advising are the ones who suffer the most. I dont believe that the way faculty treat students is right. The school doesnt help transfer students financially and they have poor welcome groups for transfer students who are just entering into school.


Nothing really.


Depending on your major, it can be very difficult to form study groups with other students. I was a Chemical Engineering major and was often ignored by other students when I asked them if they wanted to study with me.


small libray (but then again I am at a satalight campus)


The most frustrating thing about my school thus far is the fact that everyone always goes home for the weekend, and somethings are closed. It makes it harder to find something entertaining to do.


The counseling, you don't know your counselor before you have one after orientation. They then set you on the wrong path because this is their part time job and not their main focus. That makes things very frustrating because as you shift from this part-time counselor to an advisor, who really cares as his job, you are on track for disaster unless you get a third party to advise you in between, which is an always open option, just painstaking.


science classes are very tough


There's not enough parking, which is a huge problem because there's a very large commuter population.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the parking. There is not enough parking for commuters to get to class on time, and the parking for resident students is too far away to be convenient.