University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are very diverse, but are generally very nice. It is very easy to come up to someone and start a conversation.




Everyone is very friendly and polite. The school is unified through sports in my opinion, which is great if you enjoy watching school sports like I do. Clothing is very casual and very few people care about things like clothes or brands.


My classmates are incredibly enthusiastic and so full of Maryland Pride; the campus is alive with school spirit.


My classmates were hardworking, focused, friendly, helpful, and fun to be around.


The students come from all walks of life. Some are the stereotypical Greeks, jocks, or nerds, and others are some of the most unique people you'll meet in your life. Everyone has a chance to stand out somewhere, but you can also be lost in the crowd just as easily. For the most part, UMD has a great campus community.


Everyone on campus is generally very friendly. My school is supposed to be one of the most diverse in the country, but in all of my STEM classes there does not seem to be much diversity. Especially in my field of engineering, the majority of people are white males. I do not know how the other classes are because I haven't had time to take any electives yet, but there doesn't seem to be as much diversity as is advertised. Despite this the people on campus are welcoming and accepting.


Most appeared to be curious and interested but others seemed bothered or going through the motions of college.


My classmates are a variety of different individual with similar interests. They all bring a different view on the various topics covered and are rather helpful to those who are struggling with the course material. Everyone shows at least some respect to the proffessors and their peers in regards to learning.


Down to earth, fun-loving, and enthusiastic.


My peers in classes at UMD are generally driven and passionate in a diversity of areas. I encounter great stories and backgrounds in talking to students here at UMD and see how the school is a home for many different types of people. Most of my classmates are academically focused and strive for scholastic and career success. Most however, balance these aspects of their lives with social lives and extracurricular pursuits that are equally diverse.


My classmates are extremely diverse, generally intelligent, and acquaintence-level friendly.


If you are in a huge lecture class and you intend on paying attention, sit in the first few rows, which is a given. Because UMD is such a big school, there are people who work really hard at their grades, and there are people who don't take academics seriously at all. However, all of the classes at UMD, you will get the grade as a result of how much work you put in.


My classmates are as diverse and unique much like the University of Maryland led me to believe.


My classmates are interesting and motivated individuals - they help me realize what is truly important and encourage me to stay focused.


Most of my classmates are attentive and ask the instructor questions throughout the duration of class.


My classmates at the moment are a lot of focused individuals where i can see have a great mind set of the future ahead of them.


My classmates in College Park were diverse in their backgrounds and all different in their way of approaching their future goals.


At UMD, my classmates are warm, engaging, and supportive while sustaining a strong sense of friendly competition.


My classmates are all unique students in their own way, each with their own academic goals and much to offer the class.


Your classmates will differ from class to class. But in general, you are in class with people who really are dedicated to learning. Thinking back on high school, I took some classes with kids who essentially just showed up to school, took easy classes, and got by with D's because they didn't care and just wanted to get that diploma and be done. But in college, everybody cares about how they are doing in class and want to succeed. Thus, they are much more likely to show up and participate in class and respect other students.


It's so cool to be able to walk even just a few minutes across campus and be able to see tens of different kinds of people: different ethnicities, races, religions. Maryland is like it's own little melting pot of cultures. Everyone is so friendly and so happy to be studying in College Park, which makes for a warm campus environment.


My classmates represent a wide spectrum of motivated, intellectually curious, athletic, and socially involved students. Their interests are as diverse as their backgrounds. On the whole, they desire to enrich themselves as individuals as well as participate in furthering the interests of their community. I've developed a new appreciation for students who participate in the arts as well as school government. They make our campus community not only more and fun, but they teach their fellow students about the importance of becoming involved in something larger than themselves. I've learned so much about myself from my fellow classmates!


My classmates are friendly however most of students who are in organizations typically hang with eachother. Most classes offer group projects and give oppurtunities for students to socialize and meet new friends.


very smart


My fellow students were mostly young adults who were working full-time and going to school for their Bachelors with a number of them married with kids (as I was) while some were active duty military (as I also was) with the students being racially diverse with a number of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians and a smaller number of Asian students, though most were citizens of the United States, but all of us were focused on our education.


My classmates are an array of students and diversity.


My classmates were smart, talented, and interesting.


Focussed in the classroom, but fun and outgoing outside of it.


The students are well-educated and dedicated in their studies no matter what area they are studying.


My classmates cannot be described in one sentence, and that is precisely the point--that is how I describe them in once sentence. The students at the University of Maryland are so vastly diverse, it's beautiful.


I am in a mixture of classes, some classes are honors and some are regular classes. With that there many different types of people who make each class unique in its own way. There are some classes that are just so boring because they don't involve any group conversations or activities, but there are also classes that I actually enjoy going to.


My classmates are passionate, supportive, and proud to be terrapins.


Funny, quiet, big, short, athletic, nerdy, gamers, “preppy”, surfers, Asian, African American, White, and so on; there are too many personalities/traits you could find in word classroom at College Park that it is impossible to describe them all together.


Everyone is friendly and it's up to you if want to make friends with them.


we are diverse and intermixed


As a current freshman, most of my classes are with other undergraduate students who are eager to experience college; I have met many people and made many friends including some from Egypt, India, and Barbados!


My classmates are driven and competitive, yet still enjoy the social and extracurricular elements of Maryland.


Open to work collaborativelly and friendly.


My classmates are open-minded, eager to learn, enthusiastic, welcoming, friendly; they challenge you to do your best, as you challenge them to do the same; and they become your friends for life.


I have not yet started attending University of Maryland. I will be in January of 2013


My classmates are friendly and approchable.


My classmates vary but from what I gathered from the majority of them, they are incredibly talented but at this time they care mostly about the opposite sex, partying, alcohol and drugs.


Competitive, willing to learn and help.


Classmates are usually shy and keep to themselves until midterms and finals; we then all begin to help each other more often.


My classmates are open to a broad range of various ideas and thoughts.


Students are very academically focused.


There are a lot of people here, no matter your type, you will find a niche that you fit in.


My classmates are very diverse, and many are outgoing and open to giving their opinions in class.


I don't think I can describe a typical Maryland student's personality. People here have variety of interests and come from a variety of backgrounds. The important thing is find what you're passionate about and get involved. There are a few categories on which I would say a majority of the students fall into: about two thirds of the students are in-state, white is the most predominate race, and politics tend to be more liberal. However, if you don't fall into one of these categories, don't worry! Because the school is so large, even groups not in the "majority" have a lot of people belonging to them. Overall students are friendly and helpful. Don't be afraid to just say hi to the person sitting next you in class.