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There are several unique factors of my school, one being are record breaking mall that is the longest recorded mall at a university in the united states. Also the university has their own ice cream shop that is made from the milk provided from the dairy farm on campus. Another factor that I find unique is that students are allowed to attend big ten conference games free of charge , this includes some of our most popular sports such as basketball and football games. Most schools who are in the the big ten conference charge their students a small fee.


It's proximity to DC offers numerous opportunities to get involved with, and cultivate individual interests beyond one's academic focus of study. Being close to DC also offers many opportunities for internships and possible job offerings in various fields.


The University of Maryland-College Park is located in the perfect location. It is near Washington D.C., which has plenty of entertainment for college students. The fun is only a metro ride away! As for the uniqueness found on the University of Maryland, you would find a farm which makes it's own ice cream. Yummy. Most importantly, our mascot is a terrapin. An adorable little turtle.


University of Maryland College Park has a wonderful lanuage department and was particularly intriguing to me when I applied due to the Living and Learning programs offered at the university. As a Spanish major, I was drawn to the Language House in particular, in which there are various language clusters and the members of each language cluster live together in the language house and are restircted to speaking only in the language of the language cluster that they belong to. Other unique Living and Learning programs at UMD include Flexus (for women engineers), Global Communities, and Beyond the Classroom.


University of Maryland is the perfect size for the college experience. It is large enough to where you and your friends can always find something to do, yet it is not overwhelmingly huge like other big name universities. Terps have tremendous school spirit, always expect to leave a sporting event with a shot voice seeing as how everyone will be cheering for our team.


The entire state seems to support this school. Everywhere I go people are Terp fans. I also have a family legacy here.


My university is actually a total upgrade from my previous university in florida. Their standards are higher and expect way more from us. I like to be challenged, so i can be the best i can be and survive once i graduate.


It is a large school so there are many different people to get to know and various clubs and organizations that you can get involved in. It is also relatively close to Washington DC and has metro access.


We were voted "worst sports fans" by other universities. Whenever there is a sporting event, students go all out in Maryland gear to pack the sporta arena. Even before the sports event starts, there is massive tailagting and amusement.


My school is unique in my perspective because it is close to my sister's school, and so my Mother was able to relocate to Bethesda, Maryland to stay close together and help me with finances by earning In-State tuition


University of Maryland is close to home and is an outstanding school. We have amazing professors, endless academic/professional opportunities, and one-of-a-kind school spirit.


The University of Maryland has a wonderful location with its proximity to both Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. It's nice, though, because the cost of living is cheaper, because it is just outside these major cities.


University of Maryland College Park is the college experience portrayed in movies and T.V. shows. D1 athletics, fraternity row, dozens of restaurants, and the grass mall in the middle of campus sum up what University of Maryland has to offer. Coming to a school as big as UMD is, for most, a step out of their comfort zone but being in the presence of so many students who are a part of the same experience makes College Park feel like home very quickly.


The location was the most important aspect since I am a commuter.


What makes Maryland stand out from the rest, its dedication to making sure that everyone leaves their campus with a sense of accomplishment.


One great thing about Maryland (and the main reason I picked it) is its Criminology and Criminal Justice major. It isn't a common major for schools to have, and Maryland was the only school I applied to that had it. I have always wanted a job in law enforcement, and it helps that I'm learning what I need to know from brilliant professors who know what they're talking about. It also helps that D.C. is a quick metro ride away, meaning I can visit the museums there whenever I want.


I chose to go to the University of Maryland-College Park because it had everything I wanted and stood out from my five other prospective schools. The large campus and population fit my personality and need to explore and be exposed to a wide range of people and thoughts. It is unique because of the atmosphere around campus and especially in the dorms. There is a sense of family and community that is able to support one another socially and academically. There are also hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus which make it extremely easy to find your niche.


The staff here really wants you to succeed; they will push you to your limit.


I choose to become a student at the University of Maryland mainly because of their freshmen connection program. The university of Maryland has a large number of applicants and therefore cannot accept all students into the fall semester. Although a majority of schools may offer acceptance into their spring semester, Maryland is different. Through the existing freshmen connection program, students who have been accepted into the spring semester are also able to take classes at the university of Maryland during the fall semester. Students are offered the same resources and experience as regular fall semester students.


I wanted to attend a large state school and be near a city. With UMD I got the best of both worlds. I was able to go to football games, participate in greek life ans student government and get to explore DC.


There is always something to do. We are surrounded by fun experiences with everything in a close distant, whether it be D.C., a beach, mountains, anything really. No where else has everything I want to do, see, and experience around it.


My school provides the highest quality of education in the state. They have the best facilities and staff to provide the student's with the best learning experience. Many review sessions and mentors are some few examples that proved that UMCP cares about their students. The staff are willing to help you with any of your concerns. The competition between students show how experienced they can perform as they move on to the workforce.


The number of opportunities available for me at College Park exceed the amounts of any of the other colleges I considered. It is a short distance away from DC, making finding internships and jobs in the nation's capital infinitely easier. Also, UMD has a top-notch German program, which gives me a great opportunity to study abroad at one of several satellite campuses in Germany.


It has a lot of Maryland pride and is extremely diverse


This school has an architecture program that allows me to apply right after undergraduate studies to a graduate program. Its architecture program is NAAB accredited so it qualifies for many graduate schools. This school is also close enough to my home so I have the opportunity to spend more time with my family while also experiencing life outside of my home at my apartment as well. This school also offers different opportunities for me to share with others my beliefs about life and feel respected about who I am and what I believe in.


My school is very close to Washington, D.C., which is excellent because the city is beautiful, with many free museums and parks, both of which provide me with nearly infinite entertainment. The proximity to D.C. is great for career opportunities, especially for science majors. NASA Goddard and many other government and private science organizations are located very close to campus, enhancing and enriching the learning experience I get in the classroom.


Maryland is an enormous school, with well over 30,000 students. At times, this can feel overwhelming, but mostly, it's a source of school pride and a way to make constant connections. At sports games, it's exhilarating to be surrounded by thousands of people dressed identically in red. Unlike some other big schools, Maryland still keeps a sense of community, uniting us through campus-wide events and specialized programs.


The location to both Baltimore and Washington D.C, as well as three major airports, beaches, and the mountains!!


It's centrally located between two big cities and the classes are difficult


I think that the most unique thing about my school are all the clubs and organizations that are on campus. The campus supports any activity that the students are interested in. My school has over 500 clubs and organizations, anything that you can imagine, there is a club for it.


The University of Maryland has an amazing diverse community that allows for many opportunities to meet new types of people. The location is also very beneficial when it comes to getting internships because of its close distance to Washington D.C.


It's more cost efficient, and has a really solid engineering program.


It was very big, but that meant that there were a LOT of courses to choose from and a huge, beautiful campus to explore.




What is unique about this university is how close the university is to two major cities: Washington DC and Baltimore. For this reason, UMD is very career focused and prides itself in the number of students offered jobs upon graduation due to the high number of job offerings in the nearby areas.


The University of Maryland leaves their students with a lot of pride. I personally love that there is a lot of school spirit at UMD, it connects the students with the campus and each other and makes you feel proud to attend this University. Although it may not be located in the best town (college park), the surrounding areas have a ton of opportunities, D.C., Balitmore, Bethesda, Silver Spring, etc. There are also so many ways to get involved, no matter what your interested is. They have hundreds of clubs, the best athletic facilities, etc.


This school is extremely big. The population of the school can be sometimes overwhelming, especially to incoming freshman. It is very easy to get lost the first few weeks of school. But after you have adjusted to the growing amount of students and large campus, the campus will be a joy to see everyday. You are bound to see something new everyday.


Maryland is a large research university that feels like a much smaller school. It is also just a short metro ride away from Washington DC. What sets Maryland apart from other large universities is in how approachable the faculty are, and how willing the university is to provide help to any students who need it. Essentially Maryland has the feel of a small liberal arts college while having the facilities of a large research university. Maryland is dedicated to providing a unique learning experience to every student that extends far beyond the borders of a classroom.


The other schools I've considered did not offer a five year masters program for students enrolled in the College of Education. I am double majoring in Secondary Education and English. With this masters program it is possible for students to recieve a Masters degree from the college of education during thier fifth year attending the university. This is a huge advantage because I will work for a local school and be able to gain two degrees in five years.


Maryland is one of the most diverse schools that I considered. It has a wide variety of students from all over the world, and there are an immense amount of cultural groups on campus to encourage students to learn about other cultures. You are also able to get involved in any type of organization you are considering, as hundreds are available on campus. I think it encourages personal growth as well as academic learning.


It's in the middle of absolutely everything! Drive an hour in any direction and you could be in the city, or in the mountains!


A unique aspect of the UMD experience is that we enjoy the comraderie of a small school while also taking advantage of all the different and exciting opportunities that a large school provides. There are programs called Living and Learning programs where you get to live amongst other people studying your concentration which is a hugely rewarding experience that supplements your in-class learning with out of class colloboration and discourse among your peers, which is all happening in the comfort of your own dormitory! Another great feature of UMD is its proximity to D.C. and Baltimore.


UMD has a good reputation for academics and athletics; thus, it is a top school for recruiters to visit. It is a huge school; however, there are always chances to meet people. There is a lot of school spirit.


Bottom line, UMD is absolutely amazing. I can not imagine myself anywhere else or with any other friends. I can't believe I'm already a sophomore. Make sure you visit. Trust me, I wanted an all urban campus like GWU or NYU... and here I am at Maryland with a massive campus.


The diversity. The University of Maryland attracts kids from all over the world, from all races, religions, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is a great place to meet a lot of people very different from myself and be exposed to a wide variety of perspectives and ideas. This has really broadened my horizons and ideas about people and cultures. I feel as if this will help to make me a better person as an adult.


I believe Maryland is unique being that it remains the classic picture book image of how a person grows up thinking of college to be. The campus has stretches of long green grass and old buildings made out of brick. There are always students walking along "the mall," or playing sports, studying in the library or anything else that was used to envision college life in an 80's movie.


The large size.


The rest of the schools I applied for were all smaller liberal art colleges, because I like the close-knit spirit of togetherness that smaller schools have. UMD was the only state school I applied for, and it was also the most reknown school out of all the ones I considered.


Has a vast number of programs, multicultural, diverse, i feel protected, one of the best research institutes in the country and people from around the world had recomended it to me. the campus is huge and everything is accessable. the services cannot compare to anything i can describe in words.


A lot of my high school friends attended Maryland, so it has a small school feeling because you saw the same people everywhere, but you also always saw new people.