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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


In general, I believe the previously stated stereotypes are very representative of the UMD student population but remember, stereotypes are simply that...just stereotypes!


In general, I believe the previously stated stereotypes are very representative of the UMD student population but remember, stereotypes are simply that...just stereotypes!


Pretty much. There will always be people who want to go out with you, but on the other hand you can always find those who will chill and watch a movie or spend the night studying with you.


YES....yet there is a lot more to UMD.


Not too far off, as stereotypes go.


They are all true but they're only part of the truth. If you live in the freshman dorms, with the exception perhaps of the dorm for Gemstone students, the super-honors program, or possibly certain pockets of the dorm for Scholars, the then-lowest on the UMD-CP honors ranking totem pole, or Honors Humanities (a not-quite-Gemstone ranking) you'll notice the entire building empty out as students head to Frat Row. I remember many depressing weekends before I made close friends where my entire hallway was desolate--and this was in the Honors (mid-range, ranking-wise) building. On the other hand, the school is big enough that alternative cultures are within. They can just be hard to find.


Those types of students certainly exist (as I'm sure they exist at almost every large school) but more importantly, the school is so huge and the student body so diverse that you can also find lots of brilliant and wonderful students if you look in the right places.


A majority of people do come from suburban Maryland, especially Montgomery and Howard County (wealthy counties in the state). MD students definitely like to party and go to football and basketball games but we get our work done too.


yes and no. it can be a party school if you want it to be, the bar scene is kind of lame if you ask me but I'm ACTUALLY 21. There are a LOT of New York and New Jersey kids, but there are a LOT of students! Like I said, there are a lot of students, so you can find yourself in the most active and socially conscious bubble of students who are the opposite of apathetic, but then also it holds true in a lot of ways as well.


I admit that there are parts of Maryland that aren't particularly safe, but that can be with any campus. I think we have awesome fans and that there is a very clear distinction from highschool and college life at UMD. I definitely don't see us as a party school compared to other schools though.


There are a diverse group of students on this campus, so I imagine whatever stereotypes that are out there are likely untrue, or misrepresent our student body.


Somewhat. There are a lot of students who drink because its a big sports school and a lot of tailgating, but you can always find people who don't drink so obviously not everyone does. Including me.


They are generalizations and I can understand why some would believe them, though they are definitely inaccurate on the whole. I've seen plenty of students who uphold themselves appropriately and are academically focused.


I think that students at this school do like to party, but most students do what they got to do before they go out.


That is just simply not true. Of course it depends on your major and how much you push yourself, but Maryland is a highly respected institution.


Not totally but it is still kind of a party school


Most Maryland students are Terp fans for life. A lot of my friends have wanted to come here since they were little. I'm an out-of-stater and it's in my blood. How our teams do determine how your day will be. Sports, of course, is huge. But you also need things to do when you're not at a football or basketball game. There are hundreds of clubs to join. And yes, the school is diverse in numbers, but those groups tend to self-segregate themselves. It's getting better, though.


Sure, but there are plenty of kids involved in Greek Life or GEMSTONE who break the mold, not to mention, not to mention all the other kids out there who are involved in neither.