University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag to my friends about my school, I tell them how great of a community there is at UMD. The school-spirit is unlike any that I have ever seen and there's always activities and clubs to take part in. The saying "you can't make a small school big, but you can make a big school small" truly applies to my college.


I tell my friends that the University of Maryland is one of the most environmentally friendly campuses in the country. I'm also very proud of UMD's athletic program, as the school just entered the Big Ten conference and the men's basketball team is currently ranked eleventh in the NCAA. UMD is also one of the top colleges in the country according to Forbes.


When I tell my friends about UMD I mostly describe the feeling of community. There is so much school spirit and people are outside all the time so it really feels like a tight-knit family. I also always tell people about how beautiful the campus is. The landscape is so well maintained and you just can't help but want to be outside.


The language house program having up to 10 language clusters and that it offers Korean language courses.


I like to tell my friends that they are missing out because the people that atten umd are usually really cool people to hang out with. Also the food is not as bad as you may think. Another thing about umd is that there are so much things to do in and outside of campus. Washington D.C and Baltimore are both loctaed less than an hour away from campus. This makes it easy to do things in and around the cities.


Tha amazing classes that are offered here and the wonderful professors.


I really enjoy how it is a very respectable school but it is also not incredibly competitive or exclusive. I also think one of the better things about the University of Maryland is how much diversity there is on campus. There are so many clubs and activities and I have been able to meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds. Occasionally I can brag about sports, but that can be a rarity.


I brag about the sense of community I feel at the University of Maryland and all of the amazing opportunities I have experienced. As a student in the Business, Society, and the Economy scholars program, I feel very well connected with my peers and professors. I get to be a part of a living and learning community that benefits my ability to build relationships and network. In addition, there are so many clubs and organizations I have a chance to be a part of. In my first semester alone I participated in club soccer, intramural volleyball, and Relay for Life.


As a student at the University of Maryland, I often find myself bragging about the amazing location of the school. UMD is a picturesque campus, with sprawling grassy malls, tall oak trees and large brick buildings. The campus has nearby streams and lakes that make for beautiful jogging trails or areas to relax. Yet despite the natural beauty of the campus, UMD is located just 10 minutes outside of Washington D.C., affording students amazing internship and job opportunities, as well as the opportunity to experience world class museums, restaurants and concerts. UMD is the best of both worlds.


Just the fact that I am going to such a good school is bragging in itself.


the education quality


Mostly, I brag about the social life. UMD has a great social scene and it is so much fun and everyone is extremely prideful to be at Maryland. There is a huge greek community, however, the experience is the same and just as fun if you are not a part of greek life. There is always something to do and a variety of opptions every night for everyone.


Our campus is beautiful and one of the best things about Maryland. Walking around campus and taking in the scenery is a great stress reliever. In addition, going to athletic events is exciting and a great experience.


I brag about our school spirit. I tell my friends about the electric atmosphere of our basketball, football, and soccer games. I brag about being at the Comcast Center when we beat Duke, being part of the flash mob that went viral on the internet, what it was like to storm the court and meet Scott Van Pelt after the game, and how fun the celebration was. I don't just brag about our sports, though. I also love to brag about about the tradition of leaving Testudo food offerings and rubbing his nose for good luck during finals week.


One major aspect about UMCP that I brag about is the school being in the top 100 in the world according to Times Higher Education, and it also being a top school in many major news publications. Although it is well known by it's academics, it is also has a lot of opportunities for all students. I love telling people all the types of clubs that I'm a part of, as well as the opportunities and benefits I receive by being a part of those organizations.


University of Maryland- College Park has a beautiful campus! There are an endless amount of "perfect" outside spots to study, reflect or relax. When the weather is nice most students can be found on the mall playing various sports, eating or reading and it creates a great environment.


Maryland is an excellent value for money school with a lot of opportunities to do many different things and meet many different types of people.


To be honest, after two years, the vast majority of the friends I talk to go here. I have made just that much of higher quality friends, I guess. I would say that I actually love the size. I couldn't imagine going to a small school. There just wouldn't be enough people to do things with! Also the fact that even though I have to get loans, tuition is cheap enough that I can pay it off within 3 years of starting work as an Engineer. Also, the campus is beautiful and enjoyable to be on.


The amount of diversity exhibitied within the campus, its wide range of activities and opportunities available for students aspiring in whatever it is they would lie to pursue. Many ways to get involved and make a difference! The fact that it's so close to Washington D.C and is in the DMV travel and internship opportunities are available almost everywhiere!


It is a great place to live and learn.


I never brag, but if I were to brag... I would definitely mention our gym facility. We have an indoor track, an indoor pool, AND an outdoor pool.


I love the sports team here. The people here are very friendly for the most part. Academically, the school is very respectable and continues to get better.


University of Maryland is a school with everything. If you want to get involved, there are clubs, organizations, multi-ethnic groups, what seems like every type of religious service, volunteer groups, club athletics, non-major music programs, fraternities and sororities, student community centers and much more. If you need help with careers, there is a career center, academic advising, internship/job fairs, and research opportunities for both graduate and even undergraduates. If you go to the University of Maryland, you can explore any interest, travel down any avenue of opportunity of which you can think.


University of Maryland is amazing! One of the many things I love about my school is how diversed it is. There are alot of oppourtunities to meet many different people with different personalities, interests, talents and cultural backgrounds. The University of Maryland is not only diversed in the people that attend, but it's large size makes it possible for the vast number of clubs and organizations that any student can join. I garuntee that any student can find an organization to join that is of interest to them. There is a lot of school spirit, and other fun events.


I brag about the weather and the different seasons. Living in Florida doe snot give you a true perception of the different seasons; however, Mayland has a lot to offer in the weather department.


The people you meet and opportunities afforded by a school as big as Maryland.


College life is just fantastic. There is a great balance between hard work and fun. There are incredible professors and classes, but there are great parties as well.


I brag about the diversity.


The happy feeling I get walking around campus is the biggest aspect of school that I brag about the most. The university's large campus, consisting of a wide array of buildings, several fields and a mall, gets me so mesmorized by its beauty. The mall is a feature that I love the most because when I walk along its path, I enjoy seeing other students walk by or take part in different activities like simply lying on the grass during breaks or taking part in activites like frisbee or catch. The mall is a place where everyone feels united.


The University of Maryland is one of the top public universities in the world, and the access that it provides its students to various resources as such are impossible to count, because there are so many. These span from international connections to online databases to state-of-the-art equipment to top-notch professors and courses. Overall, it is an amazing university that should never be overlooked.


From the countless extracurricular and opportunities provided by the school, Maryland is a great place to try new things, meet new people, and truly enjoy the entire undergraduate experience. In addition, UMD has an ideal campus location near the nation’s capital that allows students to explore the city conveniently via the metro while also having a tight-knit suburban community feel. I really believe that the quality and diversity of campus life is unbeatable at UMD.


we have one of the best psychology and computer science departments in the nation.


I tell my friends that the University of Maryland is a gorgeous campus with the most amazing schhol pride and the greatest fans. I love to brag about how many students attend the university. I also mention that our Engineering schoolis top 10 in the nation up there with thte likes of Cal-Tech and MIT. I am proud to be a Terp!


I describe the University of Maryland as a very diverse university where people of different ethnicities and backgrounds can come together and function as a unified student body.


The people here are really great. It's easy to make friends and there are plenty of clubs to be involved in, no matter what your interests are.


It is a big univeristy with lots to do.


Maryland boasts an incredibly diverse campus, and coming from a tiny, homogenous town, it's a welcome change. Many of my friends went to colleges similar in size as our high school, and thus they miss out on meeting people from all different backgrounds. It's great to make friends with stories completely different than my own. It expands my horizons by taking me out of the "bubble" of my hometown and high school.


nice campus


It's right next to Washington D.C., which means I have access to museums, nightclubs, fancy restaurants, the government, and I can get there using nothing but public transportation.


The thing I brag about the most is the fact that there's always something going on on campus and that there is a club for everyone.


I talk most about how great my professors are. Being a double degree, I don't have a lot of time to access other materials outside of my typical class work, so I depend a lot on my professors. Most of my professors have been excellent and have an amazing amount of knowledge about the course material, making my time in class (and in the course itself) much easier, and much more managable.


I definitley brag about our amazing campus and great campus atmosphere. There is something here for everybody no matter what you may be interested in and if you can't find it you can take the initative and create it yourself, whether it be a club or even a totally new major.


I brag about Maryland's dedicated teachers, who come to class enthusiastic and leave you feeling the same way about the material. I brag about the beautiful campus, encompassing renovated sport facilities, the best gym facility for a college nationally, a renown performing arts center, and many other hidden gems. I brag about the over-the-top, scream-your-heart out school spirit that electrifies every sports game played. Finally, I brag about the respected reputation you gain upon graduating, and the many doors in life that open beacuse of graduating from one of the nation's top universities.


I am in one of the top special education programs in the country and many of my professors are experts in their fields. I brag to my friends about the opportunity I have to learn from some of the top experts in special education and about the fact that I have the opportunity to learn about teaching special education first-hand through internships overseen by those professors.


I brag about how good our girls lacrosse team is because they are the NCAA champs for 2010.


I brag about the Arabic Flagship program.


Enjoying math and science so much even since I was a student in middle school. I tell every one about the excelent engineering program the University of Maryland CP has. The teacher always try to help as long as you put effort in.


Robert H. Smith School of Business.


The school is progressive and teaches Latin-American history with an approach that is not the official. In other words, the school is not always reflecting the political agenda or point of view of the administration. I also like the infrastructure of the school and library.


I have developed and maintained friends since orientation that I will have for the rest of my life.