University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is looking to be immersed with a great diversity of people. Everyone at this school cares about their future, which brings much academic competition but at a level where the students still respect each other. There is a variety of majors, so she would not have to have her mind made up about her future as soon as she accepts. Also, there is a great amount of clubs to join and a two gyms to stay healthy. All of her academic, health, and social needs will be met.


Students that want to attend the University of Maryland should be open-minded, willing to try and experience new things, and ambitious enough to want to go out and seek the many opportunities that the university has to offer. The University of Maryland is filled with a mass amount of opportunities to venture out and gain experiences that impact you on a personal and academic level. Prospective students should be people who are consciously working towards a goal for their future and see no limits on how they get there.


A pragmatic student who wants lots of options, and room to grow and change and they progress through school. A go-getter who will make the most of their opportunities, reach out to professors, and get involved in clubs. UMD is a big school and students need to find their own place within it.


A person who can afford the tuition and does not get caught up in social life to the point where they neglect their school work.


I person who is looking for stronge bouts of cultural diversity, room to grow socially and academically, acceptance for who they are, and opportunity will fit in at the University of Maryland. The campus community is large enough, both physically and spiritually, for everyone to find their niche. It is not an understatement to state that there is something for everyone. While it might sound cliche, it is the profound beauty of a school which has 26,000 undergraduate students. It is small for those who want something cozy and large for those who want open choice.


The perfect University of Maryland student is someone who is hardworking, enthusiastic about learning, sociable, and ready to engage in some serious school spirit. There are so many different niches to find and be a part of, from varsity sports to Greek life to academic societies, and everything in between. There is no limit to what a Terp can contribute on and off campus. Be ready for challenging academics, amazing professors, and outgoing peers.


Students who take their education seriously because the courses in the university of maryland are rigorous. Also students who plan on attending this school should not let the rigor of the school defeat them regardless. Do the work and study to your fullest potential and you will do fine.


Someone career focused, willing to do research and ready to work hard.


University of Maryland is an extremely diverse campus- filled with students from a wide range of backgrounds. The opportunities available on this campus are immense, thanks to both its varying students and their interests, and its prime location near D.C. That being said, in order to truly take advantage of everything UMD has to offer, you have to be open-minded and willing to try new things. You have to want to get involved with all the different activies on campus. The ideal student here is just that: open-minded, interested and connected.


I believe there is no right type of person who should attend this school. It's soo big and diverse that anyone shuold attend this school. I have friends who come from small high schools and towns and say they love it here.


Anyone who is looking for an opportunity to suceed, however the responsibility is soley in their hands. I was in the enigneering program and can say that their are plenty of opportunities in that field after graduation. I know alot of my friends have jobs and there are alot of connections through the alumni and career services provided by the university.


Almost anybody can attend this school. If you are looking for a great academic school, Maryland is a great choice. If you love school spirit and love watching collegiate sports, Maryland has great tradition with both as well. If you want to be somewhere with a lot of people, Maryland has 25,000 undergraduates. And even if you are an introvert, there are plenty of activities and clubs at Maryland that will get you to branch out an meet new peoplem creating friendships that you will covet forever.


Any kind of person should attend this school


Somebody who can be serious about their studies, get stellar grades, yet stilll know how to kick back with close friends to attend campus functions and athletic competitions.


Anyone who wants to continue their education.


Someone who is interested in a competative, critical-thinking environment with a focus in the sciences. Someone interesting in research, and wants a diverse class would be happy here as well.


A person looking to advance to the next level of their education.


If you want to attend a college with a huge, diverse student body, I would whole-heartedly recommend UMCP. I've never felt lost here, or like I didn't matter. Instead, I've experienced viewpoints I've never even considered. Being from a small town in the South, the diversity here is truly amazing.


Someone who would enjoy a big school atmosphere would love to attend UMCP. On top of that, UMCP has a vast amount of resources available to students because of it being a large state school as well as being close to Washington D.C.. UMCP is a great school academically as well as socially as it offers an abundance of clubs and organizations for all types of individuals. Even though it is a large school, it has a small school feel that everyone attending enjoys.


Someone who is willing to expose their true interests and personality to anyone they possibly can to not only meet and learn about new people but to learn about themselves. One must be open-minded because Maryland is a large school and if you don't get yourself out there you can end up feeling lonely and lost despite the large student body. One must be a fearless leader, a fearless scholar, and a fearless student just like the University of Maryland's ad campaign.


Anyone who is eager to reap the benefits of a large state school with lots of opportunities


A student that is determined to put social/family life to the side and focus strictly on school work. UMD is a very difficult university. The work load is extreme for most and stressful.


The type of person attend this school should be determined with what they want to achieve , passionate with what they want to study, and should never give up no matter what kind of difficulty they have to been through. Also who knows how to balance social life with academic time, and knows how to wisely managing their time and money.


The atmosphere at Maryland is fantastic. The students, the professors, the staff, everyone is friendly and open to talk. The academics are top-notch, and there is always an intellectual atmosphere. There really is no one I would not recommend the University of Maryland to (unless you are specifically looking for a small school).


A Marylander. This is the best deal you can get if you are in state. As good an education as anywhere, at much less cost. With 30,000 students, anyone can find the group of friends to their liking. I am into very niche things (such as Dungeons & Dragons, UMD Whovians, the UMD Nerf Activities Society, UMD Nerdfighters, and coop housing) and I have made plenty of friends with such. If such as drinking, sports, groups without boarders, fashon, or anything else is your thing, there are tons of people here for that.


The University of Maryland - College Park is for motivated students who like to have fun. I have found that it is quite easy to challenge myself while still being able to have the full college experience. I have worked hard for my education at this school, and it has been well worth it. It is also a very social environment, so it is important for students who attend this school to be outgoing and willing to meet new people of all backgrounds.


A person who isn't too sure what they want to do with their life. This is because the school is huge enough to have almost all of the majors.


Definitely an outgoing person, who can handle a big school. There is a lot of school spirit and sports are a big part of the culture here.


The University of Maryland is a school open to any type of student from all backgrounds and culture. Anyone is able to blend in the school life, and has many choices as to what major to pursue. I believe there is no correct or wrong answer for knowing which students should attend UMD. Everyone is different at the university and have their own personality that allows them to be unique in their own way. In other words, no matter where you come from, you’ll be sure that you will come across someone who is no different from others.


Anyone really. You have to work hard, but there is a great deal of support to help you suceed.


Everyone - students of all kinds - should consider attending College Park. The thing that makes this school so amazing is the diversity of the students who come here, from all different backgrounds. Come here, and you'll find the whole world. Those who are strong academically will succeed, and those who want to get stronger will be helped along and strengthened.


I believe the dedicated and determined students should attend this school. University of Maryland is a fast-paced kind of school and they always have opportunities for people to go job searching and join so many clubs. This school really does have a lot to offer and it prepares you for the real world. It is important to know what you want to do with your life. If you know what you want to do, University of Maryland will help put you on the right track to graduating on time and earning a high quality job.


A person that loves being around people. A person that do not like being in a small classroom




People who wants to go to a big university


Anyone. Everyone has a place they feel they can fit in.


The people who attend this school want to belong to an institution where they get to meet a large number of students, have access to a large variety of career studies, and feel great pride for their state. University of Maryland allows numerous job opportunities after graduation because of its closeness to the Washington area. The varsity sports teams are also very successful. And there is a large alumni base that allows graduates to feel connected to the university for the rest of their time after graduation.


I think a person who loves to explore diversity and work toward expanding diversity on campus should attend this school. The individual should also love big campuses that offer a lot of programs, extra-curricular activities, and clubs.


Anyone really, there is so much to do and so many different kinds of people, there is really something for everyone


A person who is dependent, motivated, and extroverted would do very well at this school. Also, people who like the idea of having a school with a great reputation to back them.


If you are a person that is outgoing and enthusiastic you would be a good fit. You should be up for a challenge in the classroom because courses are very robust and challenging. You should be able to stay focused. The population of University of Maryland is very diverse so you should be a person who is willing to meet and interact with all types of people. One more thinh, you must like sports!


I believe that students who challenge themselves and enrich their circle of friends and connections should attend this school. Truly, every school is unique but University of Maryland is not only unique it's a second home because of the people one meets and the challenges one faces. At the end of the day, whether it is home or at school, it is a part of who you are. People who are also persevering should definitely attend this school because you truly reach your full potential of being the best to your capability.


Students who are love living in a college town, are willing to attend large classes/lectures that could consist of 100+ students. Students who are eager to participate in a variety of organizations, because there are several opportunities and also enjoy supporting their sports teams.


Due to the large size of the UMD campus, I believe the kind of person that should attend this school is one who loves meeting new people, exploring cultures outside of their own, and exercise discipline in managing extra curricular activities with studies. UMD always has fascinating cultural events happening, and it can be easy to neglect homework and studying.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is interested in getting a very good education. They should have drive and ambition, and they will be very successful.


Everyone no matter who you are is allowed to attend the school.


Someone who is determined and prepared for a challenge. Attending the University of Maryland will push you towards success and great opportunity. The surrounding area offers great interaction with prospective employers and internships.


No one kind of person can be correlated to the University of Maryland. The school is so diverse in academics, extracurricular activities, perspectives, and ethnicity that everyone can find their own unique niche. In fact, during my one year at the University of Maryland I have noticed all kinds of people ranging from determined football players to technological geniuses. Generally, any student that is accepted to the University of Maryland should attend because of the university’s incredible diversity and opportunity.


Someone who doesn't mind large campuses. One of the benefits of having a large campus is the large number of resources for our education, but it can take quite a while to walk certain places, sometimes you will get lost before you get a real feel for the campus, and other times, it can be overwhelming to be around so many different students. It's as big as a town, when it comes to population.


someone who prefers to major in engineering, computer science, or business