University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who would not enjoy attending The University of Maryland would be have to have one of three preferences: being located in a city, attending a small school, or hoping for comfortable housing amenities. College Park, MD is a suburban campus more-or-less, with a metro station close, and a stores scattered about. But it's not Columbia or NYU; there are no sprawling skyscrapers. UMD is also home to more than 30,000 undergrads, easily qualifying it as the largest university in Maryland. Lastly, the dorms are 50 years old, so don't expect much.


As suggested by my first answer, I don't believe there is a single person that should not attend this school. There is a place for everyone here and everyone has a place. It is a very welcoming place where one can find their niche.


Someone who isn't focused

Hyun Jung

Students who prefer a smaller student body and faculty would feel overwhelmed, but is able to find a group of people to socially and academically be affiliated with due to the diversity and the seemingly friendly and open-minded individuals while attending the University. Along with concern with the larger student and faculty population, the campus is just as large. Students that are not interested in more than the bare minium for the walking distance from class to class, this campus would not be a good idea.


Anyone who is uncomfortable in a large campus setting or around a diverse and competitive student population should consider not attending the University of Maryland.


If you are a person that does not handle structure and pressure well then you should not attend UMD. If need a more hands off approach to learning and strive to explore topics on a more individual basis then UMD is not for you. There is a great emphasis on a systematic improvement of scholastic standing citizenship at UMD so if you aren't about being influenced by authority you should avoid UMD.


There is a big disconnect between the student body of this school. There are all sorts of people no matter what kind of person you are, you just have to find your clique, which may happen instantly, or take a little while longer. If you like to party and go out, you can attend this school, but also if you like popcorn and netflix nights, you can do that too. There is a wide array. However, if you're looking for a small school, absolutely do not go here, because you won't feel special here.


Someone who does not like the "big campus feel" should probably not attend this school. As all colleges say, the University of Maryland tries to give you the "small campus feel", but there is no way to ignore the size of the university. If you want to get a taste of both the big and small campus feels, then this would be a good fit. They are a large enough institution, but they still have plenty of ways for you to get acquainted with smaller groups.


If you're somebody who prefers smaller environments with the minumum People You Went To High School With, this would probably not be the school for you. It's important to acknowledge that Maryland is a big school, and that could be too overwhelming for some people.


If you don't like big schools or campuses, Maryland isn't for you. It's like it's own little city, which is one of the reasons I love it. You can't walk around without seeing someone you've never seen before. If you like walking around and knowing mostly everyone you see, Maryland is not the school for you.


A person that doesn't like large school atomsphere with tons of school pride! Who wouldnt want to attend College Park!


Basically any student can attend this school. Students looking to pursue a major in the area of Forensics should not because that isn't offered at UMD.


The type of students who is used to being a big fish in a small pond and prefers a more engaging, student-teacher discussion based classroom enviornment


Someone close-minded, more conservative would not fit in well here. If you want an easy degree, or want to just scrape by, it is not a good idea to come here either. You have to work hard to maintain your gpa, often even the 'smart' science kids have to take longer to graduate or drop, then retake a class. That the only 'second chance' you get. There aren't many handouts.


If you want a small, liberal arts college experience, I definitely wouldn't recommend UMCP. At first, that's what I thought I wanted: a small private college filled with like-minded people. When I decided to attend the University of Maryland, I was afraid that it would feel too big for me--like I was lost in a huge sea of people. I'm glad to say that's not true. The University is one of the most diverse places I've ever been, and I'm so glad I chose to come here.


It is difficult to pinpoint what kind of person should not attend this school because the university has something to offer for everyone. Strictly speaking about academics, however, I would say that someone in the mindset that state schools are easier should not attend this school. There are very challenging courses offered and a plus minus grading system has also been implemented which has made classes more rigorous.


University of Maryland-College Park is like a small city; anyone found on campus is related to the school in some way. Although Washington DC is but a metro stop away, most full-time students rarely make it off campus. The person who shouldn't attend my school is the person who seeks a more integrated and expansive college experience rather than one where campus life is quite literally his or her entire life. Students coming from a rural or suburban high school may not gain the valuable life experiences at UMD that they would in an urban-based school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend UMD is someone who does not like a big campus because other than being a big school, this school has everything from sports, to arts to journalism and much more in between that everyone would enjoy.


A person that thinks college is easy and that they can slip by like they might have in high school. A person that does not want to put in the time and work that it takes to earn a college degree. A person that wants to go to party's all the time, instead of focusing on their school work. That person would end up failing all of his or her classes and eventually get kicked out of University of Maryland.


I believe someone who isn't accustomed to the large campus as it is a lot of walking and it can be confusing but even then you would get used to it.


Any person who is not dedicatyed and motivated towards achieving higher and excelling should not attend this school. Being part of the engineering program at Maryland, i find myself competing and striving for success everyday inside and outside the classroom. A person who is not organized or neat will find themselves drifting aimlessly. Overall, any person who is serious about their academics will fit right into Maryland.


U of M may not be your top choice if you're a small town kind of person. It boasts over 20,000 undergraduate students and to say it can be a bit overwhelming at times is an understatement. I have walked all over the entire campus hundreds of times and still find myself getting lost or happening upon new buildings I'd never seen before. I enjoy walking (not to mention, fast-walking to class wakes me up in the mornings when I'm running late), but for some the twenty minute hike to class is less than ideal.


If you do not like big universities. A lot of students go here!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend the University of Maryland-College Park is the person that is intimidated by a large campus and large group of students. If they are not open to new ideas and cultures then they would have a difficult time living and learning with people that are so different and should not go to UMD.


I feel that everyone and anyone can find something that fits them in this school's atmosphere. Whether you are a straight A student or a student who doesn't care for the academic side of things, there is a group who understands you and even just like you.




The University of Maryland is not a party school, so individuals searching for a school where they can party all the time should not attend this school.


People who like small schools should notr attend this university.


Someone who has a difficult time making friends, doesn't like to drink or party, and isn't good at advocating for themselves. There are many opportunities available on campus, but it is completely up to the students to take advantage of them and to look for them. Making relationships with professors is also very important, and if someone prefers a small class where that relationship happens naturally, Maryland may not be the best fit for them.


This school has a very large campus. Those who feel they require a more personal experience, and would do better in a smaller environment and in smaller classes should probably not attend this school. You need to be ok with being in classes with sometimes over 200 students in them.


Anyone who is after an elite degree and is accepted into a better school. Apart from a more prestigious university, I see no reason I would advise and prospective students not to attend here. The large and diverse population of College Park means that services and activities are provided for people of all interests, sociall as well as academically.


People who are looking for small class sizes, and a small campus should not attent this school.


If you are someone who is lazy and has no thrive to become involved in any activities outside the classroom do not attend this university.


Someone who cares about integrity.


There's no one person that shouldn't. If you dont like larger classes, then you can't apply to many colleges and universities in general because you cant avoid large class sizes. Some thing with the opposite, good and bad food, easy and hard teachers. Everyone goes through it at one point. It's only a matter of "Is college for you?" and, if it isn't, "What should you do instead?"


I would not recommend this school to anyone with non-research based interests, such as those interested in liberal arts should seek elsewhere for their higher education due to the minimal funding, attention, and resources available to students who are in the arts and humanities, behavioral and social sciences, and non-STEM fields. Also, someone who would like intimate and personal engagement with their professors would be more likely to receive this type of attention at a smaller university setting. One receives more attentions from TA's and must inquire and do one's own research for many things.


I do not recommend UMD to students who drifted by in high school- for such students will more likely lose than gain momentum.


It is the perfect college for everyone who needs a bright future, so no one is excluded from attending the school.


If you are a person who really can't handle big lecture halls then this is not the place for you. Also, though not the biggest University space wise, some walks to class will take up 20minutes depending on what part you are on and where you are going.


If the student is lazy and thinks that just because Maryland is a public school they can fly by with there classes, that is not the type of student that wants to come to Maryland. University of Maryland is very challenging even down to the art and communication classes. They trick students by making it seem like the class is easy by giving the class an eye catching name, but usually the class is extremely hard, so no lazy students is what I would suggest.


Our school is open and embracing of students with various backgrounds and interests. As a state university, the sheer size of UMD (30,000 students) is large enough for students to find friends who share common interests as well as common cultural backgrounds.


Anyone who believes they are of a higher class of human should not attend this school. Anyone who is not comfortable constantly being surrounded by 100 people would also not like Maryland.


People from Maryland who wanted to go away for school should not attend this school because they feel like they never got the chance to go away.


Univeristy of Maryland is a school for everyone. With it's divese atmosphere and accepting environment anyone who comes to Maryland will fully enjoy their four years at the university; furthermore because of Maryland's considerable amount of club activites along with different organizations there is something for anyone and everyone.


A kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who like smaller and more conservative colleges.


When I first came to the University of Maryland, I would have said that a student needing personal attention from professors should not attend such a large school. Now that I have met with my teaching staff, explored the campus resources, and began to understand the wonderful opportunities that are offered here, I think any student who is willing to learn and accept a challenge should attend this school. Only those who do not take initiative, fear diversity, or hesitate to interact with a unique representation of individuals should not attend the school that I think represents many interesting students.


The one thing that I brag the most about University of Maryland is the outstanding faculty. It is truly amazing to get to know all these award-winning professors and researchers and being able to get involved with their work. The faculty desire to mentor and advise the students in their educational endeavor is also something that deserves to be brag about.


You should not attend this school if you dont like big schools. There are over 40,000 students at this university. If you dont lke the city then dont attend this university. It is in college park in PG county. Off campus housing is typically expensive apartments so if you are looking for a low cost of living this is not a good university.


People who don't take school seriously at all shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who isn't fond of large crowds and big classrooms. There are A LOT of people at Maryland and it's a huge school. If someone liked a more intimate setting with a smaller student to teacher ratio, then UMD wouldn't be the right school for them.