University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's close to my house


The best thing about my school is the seemingly infiinite opportunities that an education at UMD provides its students. In only my first semester, I have expanded my professional skills through activities and internships to a level that I did not think was possible in such a short time. The teachers here and the university as a whole truly want you to succeed. Along with the tools students are provided with to enhance their learning and careers, the campus's proximity to D.C. and Baltimore have opened up a realm of opportunities for UMD students.


Though initiailly I found the size of my school frustrating it's actually an aspect of the school I've come to love for so many reasons. With such a large student body there is much diversity. Students come from both different cultural backgrounds as well as different religious backgrounds. Along with this students at UMD also have a wide variety of academic interests because the school offers so many majors. As a student there I've felt like I've had the opportunity to meet a variety of people who have intoroduced me copious new aspects of life.


The reason I committed to the University of Maryland is because of the set up of the campus. The campus feels like its own little city that isn't completely cut off from the world, but provides an escape during the school year. This allows for me to focus on my schoolwork because while I am on campus I feel like school is my main focus, and that is what I am really there for. Additionally, the campus provides so many different quiet places to study, so I can study in a different place everyday.




The best thing about the University of Maryland is that there is a place for everyone. Regardless of where you were before coming to college, you are guaranteed to find a group in which you can fit in because there is such a wide variety of groups to participate in. Additionally, the academics are rigorous but not so much so that you feel bombarded. There is a healthy balance that anyone can find.


The people (students, faculty, and staff). Everyone is very friendly and helpful.


There is always something to do.


I enjoy all of the opportunities UMD provides its students with. I am in four very different clubs, 2 club sports teams, and I have an on campus job. Through all of these opportunities, I am able to meet new people and make I believe life lasting connections withe people. I enjoy being able to leverage the fact that UMD is a very large college to be able to have a very well rounded experience and be in all sorts of activities from hosting high school students to help doing the accounting for student organizations.


This University helped build strong patterns of positive behavior. The education intertwined strands of innovative models of thinking, which has strengthened my performance, built a strong deep confidence in my skills, and allowed me to live my purpose in a meaningful way and succeed after college.


The school represents 21st century America. We are diverse, understanding, and supportive. Every religion, race, and sexual orientation can be found on campus--no exageration. The academic environment is rigorous for those students looking for a challenge. There are opportunities available for those who strive to succeed. Success is not handed to students, they must work for it, and that is exactly how it should be. Being only a 7 mile train ride from the nation's capital and a 30 minute drive to Baltimore, it is not difficult to have fun either! The school is truly all-encompassing.


I think the best thing about my school is its athletic spirit, its focus on preparing it students for the workforce and its emphasis on providing them with resources that will help them succeed in their major and think outside the box in terms of creating their own major.


The best thing about University of Maryland College Park is its location and size. As a student here, you get a real college campus experience but you are only a few Metro stops away from Washington DC, which is filled with many opportunities like internships. The size of both the student body and the campus are also wonderful assets of the university, providing great exercise programmed into the day through walking to class and so many interesting people means opportunities for new friends everywhere you turn!


The professor and the classes. The professors want you to succeed and are willing to help you anyway and anytime. The classes are diverse allowing students find what works for them and explore interesting, fun classes that they may not have had the chance to at other schools.


I like the atmosphere of all of my classes I have taken thus far. I feel that there is a great desire for knowledge and growth and I enjoy it immensely. The teachers are informative and interested and students are all friendly. I look forward to class everyday and even occasionally enjoy the homeworks.


I consider the support system from all the different campus offices to be the best thing about this university. If a student is struggling, not only do their friends and RA get involved but the offices all over campus open their doors to help in whatever way they are able. The resources on campus are endless and the university is more than open to helping all students. I have never felt lost or confused for more than a few seconds because I always have a number or email address to contact the person who can help erradicate my fears.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is that since it is such a big school, there is a multitude of different clubs, groups, and activitites that everyone can find someting that they fit into. This gives more students the opputunity to find something they belong to.


The diversity and the opportunities that present themselves. I probably met my future wife here and I could not be more happy with the teaching and direction that my life is going in because of this school.


Campus life, activities, food, everything its a great school and people are nice .


The way it makes you feel welcome and loved


The best part about UMD is that there is literally every type of person with every type of interest. Because there are so many people, you will never feel out of place and will always have somewhere to go that interests you. It's a great place to explore and find out who you really are, and be accepted no matter what for that very reason.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit and the unlimited amounts of resources for students. The library is huge and there is so much study space and updated computers, laptops, ipads, headphones, etc for everyone. Most of the students that go here have the best school spirit and love being a terp!


The professors are so helpful and not only that, the environment is friendly. There would never be a problem about making new friends because there is always something going on on campus. There are many clubs and groups for the students to join.


The focus on setting students up for future careers. There are an abundent amount of services to help students take the next step in their future careers.


The best thing about my school is how diverse it is and the size. With such a large school there are so many oppurtunities to do anything you want to. My school has every single club you can find along with a wide variety of majors. My school definitely makes me feel at home and safe and that takes up a huge aspect.


The best thing about UMD is all the different and amazing opportunities it offers. Maryland is such a big school with a lot of majors that are not too difficult to switch between, and it has a lot of helpful resources. We have a great alumni base that helps current students every step of the way. There many different ways to get involved on campus and there is always networking oppotunities with anything you do for UMD.


The school spirit, no matter win or lose the students and fans still rally behind us!


The best thing would be the extracurriclar groups, because they give students a chance to communitcate with others who share the same majors as them aside from in the classroom.


To me, the best thing about the University of Maryland-College Park is the campus itself. The campus truly provides students with the so called "college experience". I find that the beauty and convenience of the campus makes me happy to be learning at this university everday. The dormitories on campus provides great living and learning programs for students and the shuttle systems also allows students to easily access buildings on and off campus throughout the academic semester. I cannot wait to live on campus again!


The academics, school spirit and student body.


I love the education offered at my school. There are so many opportunities to learn and educate ourselves to better our futures. The University of Maryland has almost any class you could ever imagine along with great faculty that really cares. I love our science departments in particular.


I think that the best thing at my school is the diversity. There are many individuals of many different races that attend the University of Maryland College Park. That allows me and all the other students of UMD to evolve and learn more about different cultures and become more aware of current events in the world.


I consider the best thing about my school is the James Clark School of Engineering. This engineering school is will allow me to complete my goal, which is to graduate from the University of Maryland with a degree in mechanical engineering. The engineering school is considered one of the best schools for engineering. The school teaches the students what they need to know, in order to accomplish what they want in life. The school also holds various events throughout the year to help the students. Finally without this school I would not be here at the University of Maryland.


The diversity of my school is one of its best things. You meet people not only from all over the country but also from different parts of the world. Having such strong diversity really allows students to grow as students and global citizens because they gain a sense of what life is like for those who come from different backgrounds.


Everything! I'm bleed red, gold, and black!


The best thing about my school is the diversity and numerous opportunities provided. I love being able to meet so many different people since College Park is such a large environment. I love the friends I have made and the classses I have been able to take. Internships in DC are readily available, and the school is extremely helpful in finding different opportunities for its students.


Our diversity is the best thing. From race to major to sports to religion, there is such a variety on this campus. It's great to be able to experience so many different cultures that I've never been around before.


all the activities to do.


The best thing about Maryland is the flipside to question 1: this school's diversity. Its size brings people from different backgrounds, views, and ideas. Some of them are bound to be interested in the same things you are. I've been lucky enough to find a group of people who are passionate about the same things I am and who have similar dreams and goals. Being surrounded by those people has made my time here meaningful and invaluable, and I may not have found them if this college didn't require you to discover its smaller communities within.


It is a highly respected research institution, we are doing cutting edge research that is published in magazines like Scientific American, and also because of this reputation there are a lot of famous intellectuals that come to give talks and lectures. Hearing from world famous individuals within academia is an opportunity that disappears once you leave school and not enough students take advantage of it. Between the close proximity to DC for internships and research opportunites, there is plenty of experience to be gained while one is still in school.


The best thing about the University of Maryland College Park is the security. For such a large campus, there are few crimes. As a young woman, I have always felt safe walking around campus, even when it is dark. There are always security measures near you.


I enjoy being a student at the university of Maryland because of the diverse student body and faculty. I am able to interact with a number of different people who have completely different experiences than I do. I believe that diversity is an important factor when choosing what schools to apply to. It not only shows that the school cares about underrepresented students but it also looks beyond grade point avergares and SAT scores. The school considers the experience of underrepsented students and


The best part about the University of Maryland is the atmosphere. Everyone there is so nice and welcoming, and it is very easy to make friends.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is it's copious resources. From the writing center, to campus jobs, eight libraries and internship opportunities, College Park has the resources necessary to prepare students to be successful in life. The university also provides students with a microcosm of the real world. With its diversity amongst students and teaching faculty, people are able to learn from eachother while receving a quality education.


Learning is one of the most important things in our human lives and getting an education can not only help a student get into a meaningful career but education can also enhance any student's life. The cost of a quality education does keep some students from being able to further their learning; however, at my college, Western Piedmont, an excellent education can be attainted without a lot of financial stress. The best thing about Western Piedmont is that it is easily affordable while still providing a higher education for those who wish to takes steps toward their dreams.


The University of Maryland is close enough to the city of Washington D.C. where you can enjoy political and historical environment of the city but far enough away to be able to focus on your studies. This school truly helps people on their path to a professional career. There are plenty of opportunites for internships, Co-ops and other forms of employment.


University of Maryland is a top-tier institution that provides students with a superb education, which gives them a competitive edge in any number of subject areas. Especially for in-state students, it is hard to find such a distinguished university as UMD that offers such advanced courses at such a low cost. I know that when I was applying for colleges, I fell in love with the variety of classes offered, the various academic programs available, and the countless opportunities for jobs and networking that are made available to the students.


The best thing about the University of Maryland is the ability to build upon the puzzle of what we can consider ourselves and establish the meaning of importance when acquiring an education.


I consider school spirit to be the best thing at my school, because it brings all the students together. There are numerous sporting events on campus throughout the year and they are great events that bring all the students together. Sporting events allow students to show their pride for the University of Maryland by cheering on and supporting the University of Maryland teams. The school spirit unifies this large campus and brings a sense of community to the diverse student body.


The student life is the best thing.