University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Disorganization. Frustration. Being out in the middle of nowhere and having semi-rude dining services workers and too strict security.


at UMES they have something called "midnight breakfast" which is always fun. also "midnight madness" which i think they changed to "Hawk Hysteria" also amazing


One of my favorite campus traditions are the intramurals sports and homecoming!


i dont have one because i like them all the same


My school is best known for its beautiful campus and accepting almost everyone. Also, for its great academic programs.


before i attended the university of maryland eastern shore the most commen statment of this school i hear was that is a party school. alot of parties take place on campus atleast 2 to three day in a week. however, the school is much better than just parites. there are many student activities constantly taking place on campus more activities than just parties. the activities are available to supply students with a wide vairity of opportunities for succes especially for leadership development. the university of maryland eastern shore supplies many information for students to take advantage of to go far


University of Matyland Eastern Shore is best known for there Criminal Justice and Hotel Management.


UMES is best know for its beautiful campus, 2nd in the Nation. Our phenominal history in football. The track team here is amazing and our bowling team won the NCAA Championships Last Year. In addition to our sports, UMES is know for our international Relations with African, India, and other countries such as the Virgin Islands.


My school is best known for the campus's beauty and the warm welcome you get from all the friendly staff members.


My is best known for their prestigious hotel and restaurant management program and the abundance of females who attend the school. Every male who does not attend the school knows that the school has many females who attend it and all look forward for that only. The hotel and restaurant program at the school is supposed to be one of the best on the east coast and has the highest graduating rate at the school. We are also known for having a terrible male basketball program and no football team.