University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What are the academics like at University of Maryland Eastern Shore?


Academics are moderate in terms of difficulty.


The level of the classes range from very easy to very difficult. Some teachers care enough to push us while others don't.


The academics at this school are good. Students have to realize though that they have to take full responsibilities when it comes to their education. Many students complain about their classes and professors, but you will find people like that at any University. Your education is not a free easy pass and it is important to keep that in mind. This is not a place where you can skip classes and expect to pass. You have to apply yourself at all times.


academics are okay... some professors care about you & others care about their paycheck. most of them are NOT fluent in english so if you wish to learn anything i would suggest you teach yourself.


Yes our professors know each students by names. All my classes are my favorites, Don't have any least favorite. Pretty often, Yes class participation is very common. Yes our students are very intellectual and there are conversation being held outside. Students are very competitive. student centered and highly supportive learning environment where our students benefit from a uniquely intimate setting supported by a student to faculty ratio of 14 to Our departments prepare the curriculum very well so all the classes are very unique and fun, My major is Business Administration with the concentration in Marketing.. It is AACSB accredited.


We ahve alot of great programs at our school, but many students do not know about alot of them. Our school is ranked good as far as programs, but there should be more of a notice of what they have to offer.


Due to the good student population, the teacher to student ratio is wonderful. All the professors are very personal with each other their students, and are much more easier to cooperate with in comparison to larger campus'. Honestly, I have managed to by a full-time worker at Verizon Wireless, while being a honor roll full-time student at UMES. Teachers do not provide a massive work load, but instead, focus on much more key topics so that the students actualy walk out of that class with knowledge on key materials needed later on in life. The curriculum of all the classes are very thought out, and intense at times, but are supported by great help from each and every professor. All students that are here may show to the face that they just want to party and enjoy college, but when it comes down to the end of the semester, every student passes classes with higher then C averages, because of their desire.


the professors do know their student's names, my favorite class was my Maths 109 because it was hard but it made me want to work harder to get an A in the class. students study very often because if you don't study, you will fail the class. class participation is a grade so yes it is common. some students do have intellectual conversations outside of class and some are competitive because it help us to work harder. my most unique class is my engineering 150 class. my major is not as easy as it seems, there is alot of maths and science involved in it. there is a private lab set aside for the engineering students to use for their projects and works. the professors do spend time with their students outside of class if they need to. the schools academic requirement is high but it is for the students own good. the education is geared towards helping the students get a really good job.