University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


too many to list.




the most popular student organizations to join at UMES are Diamonds (the dance team) DMT (the modeling team) Human Ecology Club (fashion) & frats for guys.


There are different groups and activities. There are also different fraternities and clubs in the school. I am an honors student and also in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). Athletic events are pretty held in high esteem because its one way which some students fund their way through college such as basket ball, beach volleyball, and football. Some other activities are the annual homecoming event which usually spans about 1-2weeks, the international day on which different people from different countries showcase the rich heritage of their culture.


The most popular things are campus are the sporst teams, maily mens basketball. Then the male greeks.


SGA, ASA, NSCS are the popular groups on campus. i am involve in ASA, NSCS, ASME. they help me to reach my goal. ASA is for me to meet my fellow africans, NSCS is for me to get up and have the chance to tell incoming students about the good things about staying in school, and ASME is to get hands on for engineering and get the chance to to for competitions. The athletic events are popular. people love going to watch the basketball games and volleyball tournaments. Wednesday is movie night on campus. we get guest speaker often. we need somebody older to let us know what to do because we are all learning. i met my closest friend in class and we were just working as parners on a group assignment and we found out that we have alot in common. if i am awake at 2am on a tuesday night, i would be studying or doing my homeworks. Homecoming, Red ribbons for cancer, HIV awareness, ETC. We party every week either on campus or of campus, we also go to Salisbury to party. last week i went to a party with my friends and i even got to meet new people while at the party. on a saturday night, one can hang out with friends and watch a movie or even go to a party that doesn't involve drinking or smoking. off campus i party, go to the mall, go to the movies or go to church.