University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Maryland Eastern Shore?


I brag about the fact that it is near the Atlantic Ocean. The school is about 30 minutes from Ocean City, Maryland. It is close enough that we can go there on the weekend if we have a free weekend,


I always brag about the community in the classrooms and dorms. The professors are passionate about what they teach and make the information they give relevant to our life so we could better comprehend their lectures. Furthermore, the resident assistant and fellow students that stay in the housings are friendly and easy to get along with.


When i talk to my friends about my school i brag about all the friendly people that goes to the college and how its not to big and not that small so you kinda meet new people and also know some people also i always brag about our track team because i run track and alot of my friends do also and how we work as a team even tho we kinda a small school compared to some schools


"Hawk Pride" is what brag most to my friends. "Hawk Pride" is call that we shout and the response is "Catch It". School spirit is very high at the University of Maryland Eastern-Shore. Everyone who attends the university bleeds maroon and gray which are the school colors.


When bragging about my school I tend to talk about how family oriented we are and how we come together and have fun no matter what the circumstances may be. We love out school because we make it what it is. Thats what i normally tell others outsid of my school.


About school activities and how everyone is nice to you when you need help.a


Everything, I love my school.


I brag about how there is aways something to do at my school. You really cannot get bored because there is always an event going on. It doesnt even matter if it is during the week. I also brag about how we do not have a curfew. At my college everyone is allowed to stay out as long as they want and will not get in trouble or be questioned. Being a freshman i have to stay in an all girl dorm but the good thing about that is that i only have to share a bathroom with three people.


The value of my education experience and how the school is a great foundation for those discovering their destiny.


When i tell my friends about my school i brag most about our campus how big it is, and how good the cafeteria food is. I also let them know how many ne people you meet and how friendly they are.