University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at University of Maryland Eastern Shore? Is this stereotype accurate?


I do not know of any stereotypes at my university.


Black students that could not get in any other college. Truth is, the school is no longer an all black university and some of the students are very intelligent and chose the school specifically to challenge that stereotype.


that everyone goes here because its cheap. & the students that go here are dumb and ghetto... its known to be a party school. ARE THESE TRUE? yes. they are all true except the partying part. UMES is one of the dryest campuses i've ever been on & should be ashamed to call itself an HBCU.


The stereotype is that students that come here are not serious about their educations and that it is more of a party school then a academic school. This stereotype is not true, University of Maryland Eastern Shore is a place that has great majors and programs so that you can excel here and graduate.


The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is a university under the Maryland university systems. It is one of the top 25 historically black universities . Since its African American schools people that attend other colleges thinks we don't learn as much and there is no type of competition with the students because everyone is a gang bang or students that can't compete with the elite school. It is not true at all. I gave up schools like UMBC and Penn State to attend UMES because of the 1on 1 interaction I have with my professors. Friendly and beautiful campus that we have. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you reach your dream. Class are very competitive and all my classmates have the hunger for success..


We have Jocks, Frat kids, every college has geeks who happen to be honor students. This stereotype in very accurate


Many people believe that if you play sports you get all the girls. Plus at my university there are more girls than men so many men come to this university with high hopes of getting in many girls pants.


people stereotype based on a persons weight, etc. some of the student's in the school consider some Africans to be rude, uneducated, etc.


The stereotype at this school is that all students are from relativly poor backrounds, with little-to-no positive education history. Being that the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), is a historically black institution, the majority of the students are of African American race, but that does not neccesarly imply that these students are of poor, or uneducated backrounds. The African American students that attend UMES are those who have desire and passion for succeeding in life.


people stereotype based on a persons weight, etc. they call people nerd brain, africans are rude, i eat you for breakfast, etc.