University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of Maryland Eastern Shore?


Someone who is willing to stay on top of the staff to get what they need done, or doesn't need financial assistance.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes the country and enjoys being studious.


A person who isn't held back by the fear of failing or the anxiety of success. A person that searches for adversity regardless if it is positive or negative.


If you enjoy diversity and thought provoking lectures you will do well at UMES.


There is no one kind of person who should attend a certain school all people should be welcomed and able to go to any school they set there minds and time to.


Any one who needs school should attend at this school.


I person that is not looking to party should attend this school. An individual who is goal oritented but still needs direction and is not afraid to look for it in the professors should attend this school.


If someone was to attend The University of Maryland Eastern Shore they would have to love to party, have fun and but not get caught into the crowd. Being on the shore is boring because there is nothing in the area and most of the movie theaters, malls, and everything that is fun is at least twenty minutes away. It is also good to have a car because then you can get everywhere you need to go. The Eastern Shore does have the best program in Maryland for Physical Therapy, so if this is your major then go for it.


Someone who is looking to meet new people from a wide range of places and from different backgrounds. there are people and teachers here that are from countries all over the world.


The kind of people that hould attend this school are those who are very outgoing and ready to learn. Also they should be one who is ready to do or try new things. They should also be prepared to learn and also study hard for all the work that is given to them.