University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that the sorority life was so slim.


That the school itself wasn't so bad its the disorganization of the staff and administrators that is frustrating! Also to do your own scheduling by the catalog you came in on via your major's concentration!!!


I wish I would of known that I wasn't able to recieve any financial help from this school due to my race, and that it is very expensive on my family and I.


I wish i had knowledge about accruing debt while in school and having plans in order to help pay for the loans I use while in school. Knowing that just six months following graduation payment is required would have forced me to put things in order financially.


i wish that i was properly informed during my tour about the lack of school spirit and the garbage they serve for food... the food they serve for campus tours is NOT the food you will be eating once admitted. i also wish i was informed about the care, or lack there of, that the staff and university as a whole has. there were signs in the begining (like not answering the phones) that i wish i would have paid more attention to.... if you notice anyting odd in the begining DO NOT ignore it... most likely its a warning.


Before matriculating at the University I wish that I would have known about the strong agricultural presence of the University and the work that the University does with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Purdue. I believe that I would have chosed a major dealing with agriculture because it is a thriving business and there are several opportunities that are presented to students majoring in Agriculture and Agricutural Sciences.


It is nothing that i wish i had known that may or may not have made my experonce here any different thatn what it is, i would say i knew anything that i may have needed to know.


I wish I knew more about different activities.


I wish I had known more about extra-curricular activities and financial aid opportunities.


Before attending the University of Maryland EasternShore, I should have broaden my internet usage and looked into the history of the school. Now that I am an actual student I am more aware.


How big the language barrier is between the teachers and students and students-students.


I wish I had a car before I came here. Everything is far away from the campus, by it being in the country region of Maryland. If I had a car things would be better.


I wish I had known about the benefits AP courses give to students so that I could have used them to my advantage. It would also be helpful to know about my major more in depth and what is required for it.


I wished I had known that there would be alot more distractions in college than it was in high school. Also in high school if I didn't allow small distractions to get in my way then I shouldn't of let big ones get in my way while attending college.


I wish I had known that playing a sport at the university level is very competitive. If I had known that then I would have participated in sports throughout my high school career instead of just my senior year.


I wish i had known how hard it is to get anything done with finaicial aid staff or other campus staff. You have to be ascertive and contantly rmind them of what you need done because most of the faculty is lazy. its really fustrating and sad that no one seems to know whats going on. There is a lack of communication and it needs to improve.


The lack of Finicial Aid that is avilable to good Students who do well. They mainly base your aid off of how much your family brings in. Also their lack of Pyschology classes and the fact that they dont have Psychology for a major, because I was very interested in that.




That time management was as important as it is! High school was so much more boring, but yet I managed to make honor roll. Here, it's fun and easy to slip into a bad routine.


How dead the campus is on weekends. The variety of food in the cafe.


Time management


Beforing comming to this university I wish I would have known about that the professors are nothing like your teachers in high school.