University of Maryland Eastern Shore Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the open door of opportunities that are offered. We have so many programs, organizations, and outreach actives on campus that not only strength student’s interpersonal skills but they help prepare for adulthood. UMES has seminars, and meetings that help with college life, and adaption to the real world. The opportunities here help you become more successful, more organize and helps with maturity broad field of innovations and teachings, sorority clubs and organization all that which are offered to me and that I have and will continue to take full advantage


It is very family-orientated. There are great networking opportunities. I landed an internship at a national media company from networking with alumni.


My school is extremely diverse even though it is a HBCU and offers a different intake on education. There is always something to do on campus including educational and recreational. The teachers are helpful and extremely useful in the student pursuit in achieving a degree. Its location is also key in what makes my school special, it takes you out your element. And forces you to focuse on what is important; your education.


We are small and like a family. Most people come looking for a close knit type of enviroment and UMES is perferct for that


The diversity of the school. You can see so many different cultures and races and try to understand them better.


its like a little family


it campus it really good. has places for people to hang out and get to know each other as well as have fun doing what you love. the campus is big and it is the cleanest campus that i have seen. i just love the campus.


it campus it really good. has places for people to hang out and get to know each other as well as have fun doing what you love. the campus is big and it is the cleanest campus that i have seen. i just love the campus.


Our campus is one of the biggest and most beautiful campuses in the USA.


The best thing about UMES is the faculty, staff and administration. The Department of Academic Affairs goes above and beyond to ensure that the students are comfortable and given every opportunity to learn within the classrooms. The Staff; including Dining Services, Student Affairs and entities like that ensured that the student experience was a memorable one.


The best thing i consider about my school is that the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore is very rich in history. Its a hostorically black college that started in 1886 with three instructors and nine students. Today the academic staff is three hundred-ten memebers strong and there are three thousand nine-hundred twenty-two students. To me this shows growth as well as progress which are two key ingredients for excellence.


I enjoy the availability to work ina lab for hands on experience. I also like the small classes, which allows me to get to know my professors better.


The hotel and restaurant management program which is catered to future hospitality leaders is quite amazing. The learning materials and the hands on experience gives this school a prestigous status among many HBCU's in the United States. University of Maryland Eastern shore is one of the best hospitality schools in the East coast that has many student runned bodies operating within the program such as IFSEA ( International Food service Executives Association) and NSMH (National society for minorities in hospitality). These well known organisations gives my school national and global recognition.


The student body, everyone is genuinely friendly.


The best thing about my school is, the school unity. At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, there is always someone to lend you a helping hand. For example, on the first day of classes I was lost and had no idea where to go, a fellow student stopped what they were doing and asked me if I needed help. From that point on, I didn't feel like I was at a school with a lot of random people, but I was at a school with family.


The best thing about my school is that the majority of the faculty are truly there to help you succeed in all areas of academics. This allows students to realize that they have support even while away from home.


There are so many great things about my school, that it is too hard to summaries in 100 words. Some of the best things about my school are, the campus life, the fact that we are rated, 2nd most beautiful campus in the Us, our curriculum and how professors work with you to become successful, and all the activities that go on day to day to keep us busy. Lastly, although we are a Historically Black College we still have a very diverse campus.


The best thing about my school is the size. The size of classes and activites are perfect, each student is able to interact with one another as well as their professors.


I believe that the best thing about my school would have to be the fact that it's in a rural area, therefore there isn't as many distractions. As for a school in a city area. Also the students are self motivated, enjoy, appricate their school.


The campus itself because there are so many activites to take part in such as playin pool, table tennis, joining a bible study, playing basketball, going to the gym to workout, campus hosted events and parties, so pretty much anything you can think of to do at college is available here .


the best thing at my school is knowing that there are all kinds of resources to help me start building toward my career. There is tutoring on campus, the career center holds functions to show students the benefits of receiving help from resume building to internships. There is also counselors and programs like HIV awareness, and drug abuse awarness on campus that comein handy.


its pretty. bc they mow the lawn everyday


The diversity and the friendly atmosphere of the campus. It offers excellent programs, especially in healthcare. I know that I made the right choice by attending this college. It was the right fit for sure.


The people.


I think the best thing about my school is that because it is small it can cater to the needs of every student. The professors are skilled in their fields and always have the answers to your question. To me, the professors make it fun to learn vs. to being bored to death. Because the classroom only has a maximum of 20 students your profressor knows you by your name instead of just a number.


The best thing about University of Maryland Eastern Shore is the class settings. The majority of the class settings usually have no more than 20 to 30 students. This allows for a closer relationship with the professors, because they can actually put a face to the name that is on their roster. With the small amount of students,there are less distractions and it makes it easier and more comfortable to ask questions when one is confused.


That they go out of there way to help you suceed....


The best thing about my school is the location. Being in a mostly rural area helps students stay focused because there is a lack of distraction from things outside of the campus.


Small, friendly, excellent teaching... graduate well rounded in your major.


I believe that the best thing at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is the family oriented atmosphere. Professors, faculty, and other staff memgers care about your education but more importantly, your overall well being.


The best thing about UMES is its participation in the community. There is no shortage of canned-food drives, clothing drives, Habitat for Humanity projects, or student involvement at city meetings. Giving back to the community is the most altruisitc, and respectable characteristic any one person or group of people can have because, if we can't do that, we can't succeed as a people.


We have really good sports teams and the class sizes are a little smaller so they have more one on one time with the teacher


The best thing about my school is my major. My major is agribusiness and there is only one other school that offers it in the state. This is the reason I chose to come here. The school is small and my major makes my classes even smaller allowing for very good teacher to student ratios.


School sprit because during games even if the teams are losing the school still cheers them on till game time is over. We never give up on anybody here.


The best thing about my school is its campus life. The campus is fun when they provide activities like springfest and homecoming.


The class are the best thing because this is where you learn. If you have a problem everyone is there to help you.


The music department because they care about you well being and it feels like i'm more with my family than teachers.


The best thing about this school is it gave me an opportunity to grow closer with Christ for real. Education is key but its really nothing without him. It really showed me all the things on campus that will lead you on the path of destruction. When I came as a freshman I met up with the wrong people and made bad decisions that may effect me later on down the line. Then I heard about this Christian oragnization and they exposed my dirt and hypocrisy. Now I live for him just because I chose this school over other choices.