University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


University of Massachusetts Amherst is best known for it's diversity in learning as well as students. The campus provides a wide variety of activities and classes for students to become involved in as well as a large student population that allows each and every student to find their own place in the university.


Outside of campus the school is famous for sustainability and pro-enviornmentalism. The school focuses on first protecting our world and then protecting our people. On campus however, the school is all about the food. Dining is a common topic of conversation and--with something for everyone--there is always debate about what locations are best.


UMass has so much to offer college students. It has majors in nearly every field, clubs and organizations for every type of individual, and if there isn't a club or major that interests you then they allow you to create your own.


Id have the academics. The school is can be competitive and I really like how helpful the professors are.


Being academically challenging, and a great place for personal growth. And for having incredible food!


Our food!


UMass, to me, is best known for it's diversity and cultural appreciation of the students' differences in background. It was wonderful to work with students from all walks of life. Many people appreciate this about UMass the most.


Umass is probably best known for its great college town and the atmosphere on campus. Amherst, MA was voted to be the number one college town a few years ago. Amherst center is just a few minutes away, walking or taking the bus and is always a great time. It may seem like UMass is out in the middle of nowhere, but in reality there is so much to doo here. There are so many clubs and teams and places to go that there is always something fun going on for students.


I would say the award winning food.


Being one of the best state schools in the country. One of the best business programs in the world. A phenominal hockey and basketball team. Being one of the largest campuses including the best dining.