University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about University of Massachusetts-Amherst? Why?


One of the best things about this school is also among its greatest flaws, and that is the size. While the size can mean there are a lot of options and resources, UMass is so vast that it's easy to get lost, and it's also very easy to get caught up in the many bureacracies when you're trying to get something done. You are also competing with over 20,000 other people for financial aid and class space, which increases the likelihood that you won't get the aid you need or the class you want.


The worst part of my school is that the students lose focus. I am someone who is extremely ambitious, and students seem to rush to get classwork done so they can go out on the weekends. I wish there were more people that would want to sit down and have philosophical discussions instead of going out drinking.


My school has garnered a reputation as a major party school, which it is not, but that doesn't stop the student body and their guests from trying to assimilate scenes of utter chaos in order to sate our misguided moniker. In short: we try too hard to live up to expectations that shouldn't even be considered acceptable, nevermind respectable.


UMass Amherst is by no means perfect but overall it is very good. However, the school tends to have a political bias to liberalism. Even mildly conservative views will be discriminated. As a student be prepared to see clubs condoning socialism but never speak a word of support for the second ammendment. Although many professors will surprise you and will approach political views openly, the overall vibe is liberal.


I wish there was more emphasis on the liberal arts; all recent building projects/amenities have gone into the research sciences and business, despite the fact that the liberal arts here (I've been in French, History, English, and Anthropology) are really excellent.


UMass Amherst is a large school, so it can be easy a student to fall through the cracks if he/she doesn't stay on top of not only academics but administrative affairs. As an off-campus transfer student I have interacted with UMass only remotely, and it can be difficult to find necessary information through their webpages. However, their staff is fairly prompt in their correspondence when assistance is needed.


I dont really consider anything about Umass Amherst "the worst" because everything the campus offers is very good, but if I did have one complaint it would be that the student-professor relationship can feel more like a boss to worker relationship, although I understand that due to the fact there are so many students that its almost impossible to have this, I feel like it could help in the overall learning experience and understanding of the material taught.


Some of the classes are far too big containing over 200 students. Class selection can be a real pain because classes fill up sp quickly




The worst thing about the school is the distance from home.