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What is the stereotype of students at University of Massachusetts-Amherst?


This s the stereotype at ANY large state university, but we do have the nickname "zoomass slamherst"...


UMass is a too big party school that no one ever gets to know each other at. It's too much like being thrown into a big city, and students don't feel connected enough to their professors and administrators.


We all know what they are: loud, drunk, partying. But this seems most prevalent in Massachusetts! When I traveled overseas, and to other states, people were impressed that I had attended UMass. Why else would students at the other 5-College campuses pay top dollar only take so many courses at "lowly" Umass? It's an excellent education!


We party too much.


Party School.Easy Classes.Riots.


Some stereotypes include that UMass is just a party school and its students love to drink and aren't concerned with their education.


The main stereotype is that it is a continuous crazy party with no control and complete lack of guidance and enforcement. All the students are drunks in Southwest, potheads in Central, stem from Asian decent in Northeast, unlucky freshmen in Orchard Hill, and hermits in Sylvan; these are the stereotypes for each different living area around campus.


Some people think that we like to party and drink when we're not in class.


part - goers and red sox fans fill an "enormous" campus of wild animals


That is an easy college, that it is in a great area, and that it is a party school