University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of Massachusetts-Amherst?


People who are not afraid of a large campus and want to have many different opportunities presented to them. There are tons of majors, clubs, and organizations that students can choose from. Also, people who are looking to make a lot of new friends and enjoy the benefits of being around a large social community.


There is not a specific "kind of person" that should attend this school. At the University of Massachusetts in Amherst I have met a variety of people. People who are interested in art, business, biology, agriculture, the list goes on. Everyone has a place at UMASS Amherst.


Honestly, I think anybody could attend this school. Because of the large size, there is a place for everyone. Most of my friends have completely different majors than me and my closest friends are international students from Australia. The variety of opportunites, majors and minors offered cater to every kind of person and every kind of interest. The diversity is my favorite aspect of UMass Amherst because it exposes each student to ideas, cultures and experiences they may not be exposed to otherwise.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is driven and focused. They need to want to work hard for their degree. They need to be able to pinpoint exactly what direction they want to take in their degrees and career. You need to be focused so that you are able to graduate in the amount of years that it should take someone.


Honestly, I'd recommend this school to almost anyone. There are opportunities for every type of student, and if you come in undeclared, there's plenty of chances and ways to discover what you like. The environment is great, with highly accepting professors and students from all different backgrounds. Also, with the bustling cultural towns of Amherst and Northampton, as well as the country sides of Amherst and Hadley, there really is always something to do.


This school is ideal for just about anyone, but especially so for those seeking degrees in the sciences or business. Those programs are world-class and extremely well-funded. For those not interested in those subjects, this school is still outstanding and caters to everyone where they are able. The school is best for those who want a loose environment in a big school.


Someone who is liberal and it okay with bike riders all over campus. Also someone who is good at not getting lost in a 300 person class.


Anyone can attent this school. It is open to everyone and that is just another great thing about it.


If you are a person who wants a great college education without sacrificing the amazing "college experience," Umass Amherst is for you. The food is delicious, the campus is large and exciting, and the classes are engaging and worth all the work. You have the option to take classes at the surrounding colleges without extra fees which further increases the depth of knowledge one can obtain. There are an immense number of clubs and groups to join leaving few people bored while attending classes.


UMass is great for people who want to work hard during the week but are not willing to sacrifice their youth on the weekends. Coming to this university means always keeping an open mind and involving yourself in the unversity. There are too many people on campus to avoid making friends and the atmoshphere, in the classroom and socially, can really open a person up and let them shine.