University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Massachusetts-Amherst?


A socially ignorant person should not attend this school. There is much diversity within social groups. Social ingroup lines are not defenitive and are not divided by any factors such as style, sexuality, race or other boundraries.


I think Umass Amherst is a wonderful school that nobody should not attend this school.


The type of person that should not attend University of Massachusetts Amherst is someone who is not willing to work hard to achieve their degree. I think this is the same for almost every College or University. When attending college you need to be driven and you need to be focused on the work that you are doing in your four or more years of being there.


UMass is very diverse in both its population and academic offerings. Students that prefer a smaller campus might prefer to attend a college elsewhere, although I have met students who thought they would feel lost and overwhelmed at the school only to find that with all it has to offer they were very happy with their choice.


Someone who doesn't like the cold or from somewhere that is very diverse .


The campus at UMass is always busy and bustling with students. There are so many options of activities that students can do, and I will admit it is a bit overwhelming. With over 22,000 undergraduate students it is easy to become just another face in the crowd, which is why I feel it is important to not become one. Getting involved is key. Students that attend the UMass should be active, social, and motivated. I think this school has something to offer for any type of personality, as long as they are willing to be invloved.


University of Massachusetts-Amherst is not for a person who wants a small campus. There are over 20 thousand students at this campus, so classroom size is also large. If a person desires city life, Amherst is not for them . Although the campus is large, the area favors a country life, surrounded by cow and horse farms.


The person who should not attend this school is a person who thinks they will not need hard work and dedication to complete a four year degree.


Someone who requires alot of one-on-one leaning may not excell at this school. Lecture halls can range from 50-300 students, so individual time with teachers must be seeked out.


Someone who isn't constantly partying.