University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Without a doubt the opportunities it has provided me with and in addition the lifelong friendships I have made.


The variety of experience available is unparalleled. Also, its location in beautiful Amherst is alluring.


The large amount of major options is what i consider to be the best thing. It allows the school to offer a wide variety of classes and allow students to explore and figure out what they enjoy and want to do for a career.


I consider the best thing about this school to be the marching band. As a member, I was able to take a twenty-thousand plus-person university and shrink the number of people with whom I interact to just shy of four hundred. The band, aside from being an excellent musical ensemble, is also a giant family that is always there for everyone in it.


The school spirit is amazing. The community is so open to new ideas and all culutres. Amhert is a great town to be in with all sorts of people. The campus (after construction) is beautiful. Classes stimulate different thinking and we have some very qualified professors.


UMass is full of opportunities to get involved and meet people. This school is so diverse and accepting and caters to the interests of all students. I love the friendly environment here and how accepting everyone is.


I think the diversity and access to LGBTQ friendly resources are outstanding!


One of the greatest things about UMass for me was entering a school with such a large student population after going to high school in a small town with so few people. It helped me learn more about myself and other people, and how to be culturally sensitive and social in ways I had never been able to do before.


The people I met and the people who go there are the best thing about my school. Everyone is so helpful and so nice. They just made transition so easy and any questions I had or any worry there was always someone there willing and able to help.


I believe that the wide variety of majors and concentrations is the best feature of the school. Undecided students have many different subjects to explore, and the variety of majors attracts many different kinds of students to the university. I pursued a dual degree in animal science and journalism, something that I may not have been able to do at a small liberal arts school. Because UMass is a research university, there are a lot of opportunities for students to work hands-on with professors and get valuable experience.


The best thing about University of Massachusetts-Amherst is the libarary. due to the many floors that the buiding contain it is very easy to find a quiet place to study and do your homework. Another thing that is great about the campus is there is always something to do on and off campus. There is never a time during the school year that there is nothing to do.


I think the best part of my school is the fact that there are so many people on campus that it becomes very easy to meet people and make friends even if you aren't involved in the same area of study.


I love the career center. At some universities it's hard to get anyone to help you, here there are jobs posted on the walls. There's lists of people who have been recently placed and in what companies. There's a huge notebook for job hunting alone. There are job fairs every 3 months and companies are brought in to do interviews. Most importantly there is a more than competent staff who will work to make sure everyone gets a job.


everyone is always smiling. the campus is beautiful, and it's huge, but not too big that you can't walk everywhere! I haven't needed to take a bus to class yet!


The best thing about UMass is the wide variety of majors and minors. Not many people enter knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives; thus, changing majors is incredibly common. It is nice to have the range of options that UMass Amherst offers.


There are many various options for course studies and many highly educated and respected faculty members


Going to the University of Massachsetts gives students a place to live life on their own without just being thrown out into the big world. The diversity is so big that we can live our own lives and experience the lives of people we have never thought about before. To be honest the university offers anything you want. We have sports, food, academics, clubs, games, greek live, and even a quidditch team. We are so open minded to everyone and love to bring more of everything to our campus to make it more enjoyable for the students everyday.


The University Without Walls Program fit my needs exactly. My advisor was wonderful as well as most of my professors.


I love the teacher interaction, and the ability to get the help and insight i look for with every professor. as well the career services at UMass, it really helps and allows us (students) to gain resume building experiance and interview skills. Also the School has a lot of great options for food and study areas i love it.


The best thing about my school is the food at the dining commons. There is such a variety from a sushi bar, indian food, asian food, salad bar, vegetarian bar, pizza, and so much more! Aside from that, we also have Grab n' Go. Grab n' Go is a dining service that allows us to get food before or after classes when we are in a hire or on the go.


I consider the perfect balance between a quality education and a fun social life to be the greatest part about attending UMass Amherst. At this school I get the best of both worlds, a degree from a prestigious program, and the ability to socialize and have fun in my free time.


I like the wide variety of classes.


I consider the diversity and wide range of classes, majors, activities, and people to be the best thing about my school.


I would consider the best thing is how the faculty teaching is supportive, and you can always get help. The library is open 24 hours if you ever want to study. Also, the scenery in the spring and fall are beautiful with the mountains and farmland surrounding the campus.


Attending such a large University provides me with many opportunities. There are a lot of different majors and classes to choose from or take.


Umass Amherst is like a city; you can find practically anything there. As a resident of the town of Amherst, I love the contrast of going to school and being in such a metropolis and then heading home at the end of the day to my quiet little farmhouse next to a creek. I get to live in the country but have the opportunities and variety of a city.


The best thing about UMass is that there are plenty of athletic, theatrical, and musical events to attend.


Umass has very well developed student run organizations. The galleries, clubs, and restaurants that have been formed by the students create a fun and interesting environment on campus and also give the student body a sense of community. The support that students get from faculty and staff has also been one of the best things about Umass. In my experience professors have always been excited and eager to teach students who express a strong desire to learn. There is a very active and hands on approach to education at this school.


Closeness to home, lots of people to make new friends, good teachers, excellent opportunities for training and fun.


At the University of Massachusetts Amherst I consider the professors to be the best quality of my university. I have yet to meet a professor at my university that isn't willing to help adapt their teaching style to my learning style, is unfriendly towards me or any student, and isn't always trying to convey their information to students so that they may understand the subject. My professors are always willing to help students in and out of class. Although a professor may be the professional in class they are always willing to come down to the students level.


The best thing is the spacious library and all of its resources


I really love this area, Amherst and Northampton. The land is beautiful, for the most part, and to me it's amazing how independent and community-owned business are thriving here. The people are generally very nice, and this being a "college town", there are so mant resources available to students.


The best thing about UMass are the resources that are available to the students. We have an amazing library with free tutoring, writing help and wonderful helpful staff.


The best thing about my school, The UMass Amherst, is it keen on education, they want students to succed in college, work and life. My school has an attendance of more than 20,0000 students. There are very many students from my school that are from very different culture. You will meet a lot of exciting new people. The other best thing about my school is the library, Our libarary consist of 26 floors and is open 24 hours a day. Our library is also named after one of the founders of the NAACP W.E.B. Dubois Library.


I've always been into trying new things, and this school brings "trying new things" to a whole new level. The campus is very diverse and the administration allows them to show it, from all of the culture nights, to the organizations and even events at the dining centers showcasing food from around the world.


The school's emphasis on ensuring its students find a job after they graduate.


There are so many peopel so there's always something to do and someone to hang out with. If you're bored it's your own fault.


There is so much going on that it is impossible to be bored.


There's a terrifi school spirit, and if you put the effort in the classes can be really rewarding. Always things to do and new people to meet on campus.


The best thing about my school is the hockey games. There is so much school spirit involved, and coming from an unspirited high school, the hockey games are the perfect remedy. It's a competitive league, so students get really into the games.


Umass is big- I mean BIG. Coming from a small town was quite a transition, and at first the size of the campus intimidated me. However, I soon realized that Umass is a large community made up of lots of smaller communities. Unlike my hometown, I was actually able to choose the groups that I spent time in. It happened naturally: similar interests, dorm-buddies, classmates, and friends of friends all became part of my unique mini-community. What is great about Umass is that everyone creates their own experience from a huge pool of possibilities.


The best thing about the school is that the students are all very friendly and accepting of all different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Study groups are very ofter, and the professors are always available for an appointment if the office hours don"t work out for you.


The best aspect about UMass Amherst is its size and community. The campus is large enough so that first year students are able to explore and discover their own identitie within a large community and then are able to identify with the smaller communities on campus. There are so many student formed communities that make up UMass that everyone has a place to fit in, and I truly do mean everyone.


The best thing about U-Mass is the great diversity offered in fields of study. There are lots of opportunity to explore possible majors here. Also, the campus as a while is very active and there is so much to do all the time. The population of students is generally very friendly and helpful. I have been able to participate in volunteer work that I otherwise would not have known about anywhere else. The surrounding area is beautiful with many hiking trails and there are a fair number of businesses where shopping needs are easily met and close by.


The best thing is that there are so many people, it's easy to meet different folks and get along with them. There are so many different opportunities on campus. Since it's such a big school there are so many resources and people wanting to help you.


The best thing about UMASS is all the opportunities students are given. The opportunities range from social life to academics. Socially, students have so many different opportunities to meet new and different people from all over the United States and even from Europe. There are so many different clubs and organizations on campus that there is literally something for everyone. Academically, UMASS offers challenging courses that really get all students involved. UMASS holds career fairs anually, which allows UMASS students to explore different career paths. Overall, UMASS really takes the best interest of every student into consideration.


We know how to have a good time! Because the student body is usually easy-going and open about different people. And we know how to party hard.


Only the faclities of dining are the best because the school wants to attract students based on what they want to eat rather than education.


The best thing about this school is the ability to develop one's identity while at the same time establishing oneself in the real world (with the end goal being finding a job).


umass has such a wide variety of majors, and if you dont find the one you like, you can create your own with their self designed major program. the build your own major allows you to draw from at least 3 different majors. Great for someone who likes to think outside the box