University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place where they give you tips and tricks to gain an edge regardless of it's status of public or private institution.


The University of Massachusetts Boston is a diverse college campus that truly provides and cares for it' students' personal and academic success.


The university is very welcoming and faculty and students are always eager to show what the school has to offer.


The classes tended to have good teachers but disruptive students who were indulged by the professors and took away learning from other more serious students.


My school is a great learning environment.


Bang for your buck, the college life even without the dorms.


UMass Boston is a culturally diverse, inner-city university that promotes a positive and didactic environment for all students


My school is very divers and though there are social cliques, theres is much room to grow and be part of the community as a whole.


UMass Boston is a constant headache, between ongoing construction all around the school sometimes right outside classes, unfriendly and careless staff, and the fact that the school was designed by an architect know for designing prisons, it is not a place I like to be.


University of Massachusetts-Boston is very eager to help you learn and understand.


My school is a commuter school, therefore it is full of students who are serious about their education and less concerned with socializing.


Umass-Boston is a just a school, nothing remarkable nor bad, just a place to learn if you so choose.


Commuter school.


Umass Boston is a commuter school, commonly said to be, "A four-year community college."