University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of them are friendly and honest once you make the effort to get to know them.


My classmates are competent and willing to learn new things.


variety of ethnic groups, mostly commuters from Boston with only a few that live next to campus on the housing program.


They're friendly


The classroom is very diverse.


The most hardworking and interesting and diverse people I've ever met in my life. We all bond over the experiences from the classroom, and I look forward to seeing everyone every class. I think the students realize that they are lucky to be at Umass, and I've recieved nothing but welcoming from all of them. They tell the best jokes and have widened my veiw on so many new things. I love learning about my new friends' lives.


helpful, friendly and diverse.


A load of helping hands whenever you need them.


The students at UMass Boston are much more mature than I had expected when entering college, and by mature I mean that the students are years older than me, some with spouses, most with children, and I've even met several divorcees.


My classmates are very friendly, helpful and intelligent.


My classmates are hard working and independent


Fascinating world commentators with varied experiences.

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