University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the social life. Because it is a commuter school, I usually only see the people in my courses during the course itself. Most people at this school have other responsibilities such as work or family that prohibits them to spend more time on campus to create more of a social life. It is the worst thing because this doesn't enable students to create life-long relationships with the students they share their college experience with.


The administration could be more organized. Many times if students have questions regarding scholarships or financial aid, they receive different answers. The answers are not consistent.


I consider the food because i feel that they could offer students better food. The prices are also very expensive so sometimes it would be better to just save your money and eat elsewhere.


No on-campus housing makes it harder to make friends. It is also harder to find off campus housing that is affordable/close.


It is a commuter school and does not have dorms yet so it is hard to make life long friends. The average age is higher than a college campus with dorms and frats. All it is really known for is its nursing program and its school for business management. Otherwise I have been told it is pretty much a joke.


The worst thing about University of Massachusetts Boston is it seems to be overcrowded. The classes have minimal "elbow room" due to the chairs being extremely close together.