University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those whom should attend University of MA Boston should be well prepared time wise, be able to meet the challenges of being a commuter school and, finally, motivated to get up to do something different everyday. This could be a change in lunch, hanging out with different people or talking to someone you didn't know five minutes ago. This is due to the fact there are no dorms and being social is 100 percent on the student, therefore the student or person wanting or considering being there should be prepared for a lot of conversation.


biomajors , nursing program is good. General Education programs to get those out of the way are good. Commuting students although the housing closeby are nicer than most dorms.


A person who likes to try new things and be engaged.


The people who attend this school should be interested in learning, self-motivated, disciplined and committed to their studies.


A student who wants to experience life on their own but still has at home feeling. Students have to work hard because it is a lot of work to be done!


If you want to hold down a steady job while going to school, this is definitely the place for you--there are classes in all subjects offered at all times of the day (and week for that matter, as well). It's better for people who don't want the typical college-frat-dorm life that you see in the movies. It's a much more mature group of students.


Although this school does not have a strong reputation compares to schools such as Harvard or Boston University, but it's quite affordable for many people. This school offer a decent financial aid package as well as a comfordable learning enviroment. Even though this school is quite small, but it have all necessities for learning (such as library, computer lab, online database etc. ). For those whom would like to seek for a higher education but have a limited financial budget, this school would be an acceptable choice.


A person who has an interest in working with real people, and solving real problems, because U Mass Boston supports hungry students who are driven for success. What is fascinating is that most of the students who attend U Mass Boston have other commitments outside of school, such as work, family, interests, and hobbies. These students have busy lifestyles compared to the average college student. Any student who wants real experience in the real world should attend this school. The cultural diversity is also a profound learning experience. Attending public schools has taught me the importance of cultural integration.


Any kind of person can attend UMASS Boston. Because it is a commuter campus, it caters not only to the schedules of the typical aged college student, it can also cater to the needs of those who have hectic lives outside of school. UMASS Boston isn't for any kind of person, it's for EVERY kind of person.


The kind of person who really just wants to get their degree and get out.