University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


i wish I had known exactly what I wanted to study because I was thinking about nursing, but since i didn't get into the college and my advisor told me it wasn't easy to get into the nursing college, I started looking around for other majors. I wish I didn't listen to my advisor and I wish I would've been more strict on my decision to do nursing because it's still on my mind, but it seems too late since I focused on Biology.


I wish I had known what a great school UMass Boston was before I came here because I would have enrolled here my freshman year year of college as opposed to transferring my junior year.


I wish I had known just what a "commuter school" implied--the sense of community is strong, however, I didn't form as strong of friendships as a result of all of us living off-campus. I've gotten much closer to the people in high school and in Ross University (where I'm working on my DVM). Even when getting involved with clubs and societies, it seems much more isolated because of the school's sheer size and the lack of people spending extra time on campus outside of the classroom time.


That this was more of a commuter school and lacks the sort of real college community where people are social and interact with each other.