University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Commute is great , its only 4 stops to Boston. Great view of the Ocean. - The beacon beginnings volunteer program and the honors program are good programs to meet people.


It's affordable which helps a lot of students.


The University of Massachusetts Boston is extremely diverse. They welcome different cultures and backgrounds. The students are extremely friendly and it is easy to meet people and get help if needed. The class sizes are small although about 12,000 students attend UMass Boston. I appreciate the diversity and the small classroom size.


I adore the amazing liberal arts program and the amazing professors. Every class is fascinating and it's obvious just how passionate the educators are for their work.


The best thing about UMASS Boston is the view of the harbor from the campus center. Also i enjoy the small classrooms and the fact that they have starbucks coffee!


I love a lot of things about this school like the size and the campus. But the location is the best feature. It is located on the waterfront to Boston. The view is amazing from anywhere on campus. We are easily accesible to anywhere in Boston, I think it's ideal for students in my age range.


Diversity of students and teaching staff, variety of choices for degrees, classes and other experiences available to the student community . This is a campus that promotes open discussion, expanding horizons and widening world views.